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Project: Australia

Map of Australia In Australia people speak english. In Australia there are 21 million of people

The shark ●

The sark is very big. The sark is very dagerous It has got two smalls eyes

It lives in the sea.

It has got long teeths

The koala ●

The kola is very beautifull. It has got a bag in the stomage It can climbing. It has got two big ears.

The kangaroo ●

The kangaroo has got a bag in the stomage.

It has got a short legs.

It has got two long legs.

It can jump.

It has got a long tail

It lives in the sabana

It eats grass and leaves.

It can´t run.

The dingos ●

The dingo is brown and white. It has got two big ears.

It can swimming.

It can´t climbing.

The platypus ●

The platypus is bronw and blak. It can swin and snorrkeling. The platypus has got 4 shorts legs The patypus has got a long peak.

The aborigines

The aborigines The aborigines has got a big nouse. Their has got curly hair. They paint their bodys. They are live in trives.





How kangaroo got his tail A long time ago, some animals looked different to the way they look now. Kangaroos had no tails and wombats had high, round heads. Mirram the Kangaroo and Warreen the Wombat were good friends. They lived together in a hut that Warreen had built from tree bark. They liked being with each other, but Mirram liked to sleep outside at night and he made fun of Warreen who always wanted to sleep inside.

project australia  
project australia  

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