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The Top 10 Cardiology EHR

Mar. 4

6. Carecloud is one of the best designed and secure EHRS in the market. It helps in seamlessly communicating with pharmacies, referring physicians, labs and helps in patients easily viewing their health information. 7. Waitingroomsolutions has a slew of options that are cardiology centered. It can order several tests with one click and offers charting for cardiology conditions. The surgical workflow in the EHR is streamlined and it offers a billing cycle that is robust. 8. PracticeFusion is free is one big reason to go for it! It offers lab integration options, a secure messaging feature and e prescribing facility. Cardiologists choose to work with it because of its no frills, no hang ups features and support. 9. Medios offers an extensive audit log which is very important when it comes to solving and meeting documentation and compliance needs. The inter-office messaging feature can help you communicate with staff easily. 10. Allscripts is offers what a cardiologist needs! Complete and comprehensive revenue cycle management options. It helps keep simple, the most dreaded aspect of running a practice, the business side of it! It also offers cardiology specific services and options.

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THe Best cardiology EHR Software For Your Practices  

MBSC list out ten ehrs that have gained a toehold in the industry for the cardiology specific features they offer! MBSC is a medical billin...