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The Top 10 Cardiology EHR

Mar. 4

Choose the right cardiology EHR for your practice! An EHR is a huge investment for cardiology billing service centers. You cannot afford to go wrong as it would mean compliance issues, interoperability hassles and templates you can make no sense of. Most EHRs that are supposed to offer features that are “specific� to your specialty, offer just a handful of straight out of a can templates. To help you make a choice you will not regret MBSC list out the 10 most popular cardiology EHRs. 1. gCardio offers several heartwarming features for cardiologists. Cardiology specific problem forms, patient questionnaires, physical exam reviews, billing features and electronic links to laboratories and clinical tests. 2. SRS soft is Drummond certified and offers great operational efficiency for cardiology practices. The easy to understand information about PQRI, meaningful use and eprescribing makes it a user friendly EHR. 3. PracticeStudioX11 solves the first major headache of physicians, interoperability. It helps cardiology practices to communicate with other entities in the care continuum. It also helps that all lab related information is in one single folder. 4. AllegienceMD is a certified EHR and makes clinical documentation easy with its hybrid progress notes and searchable E&M. The diagnostic and referral features it offers are insightful and extensive. 5. Vitera is clearly a market leader. It offers documentation features that are structured and follow a, flexible blended model. It helps cardiologists capture cardiovascular measurements and generates reports for ecgs and vascular studies.

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THe Best cardiology EHR Software For Your Practices  

MBSC list out ten ehrs that have gained a toehold in the industry for the cardiology specific features they offer! MBSC is a medical billin...