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Creating a public aesthetic: As members of the press, the staff of The Easterner needed a professional image to present to the public. I created interlocking badges for each section that fit together as one, symbolizing the interaction and interdependence of the newspaper sections while functioning independently.

Corporate Branding

Client: The Easterner Student newspaper of Eastern Washington University

The badge shapes were created with paper and scissors, then combined as vector shapes.

Playing on a theme:

The clubs and organizations special section needed a theme to set it apart from the rest of the newspaper. Operating from the initial concept of “clubs,� a playing card theme developed.

Product Concept

Possible markets: Schools / Sports teams / Casinos

Building on the conceptual basis of playing cards, soon these will be marketed and sold as a physical product.

Coal trains, research. Oh, my... In order to present both sides of the controversial topic of coal trains in the Pacific Northwest without bias, we needed to produce an organic and intuitive design. Provided with research done by Lorna Hartman, a staff writer at the newspaper, I interpreted the data as an infographic.


Client: The Easterner Student newspaper of Eastern Washington University

This infographic required a distinct style, complete with lettering and custom illustrations created by hand and later vectorized.

Evan Sykes - Print portfolio  

Excerpt from my portfolio, showcasing my work in illustration, photography and graphic design.

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