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Susan Trieschmann Celebrating 5 Years of Building a Community


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hat a great way to begin the summer with The Race Against Hate. This was my first year attending, and I was in awe with the amount of support from our Evanston community. From attendees, sponsors, vendors, and the team behind the organization who work so very hard to put this event together each year. It’s amazing to see the number of moving pieces that go into the event prior and the day of. Julie McBratney, Trimmy Starnell, Karen Singer, the entire team/volunteers at the YWCA, and The Race Against Hate, hats off to each of you. Thank you for the continued inspiration and placing our community first.

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Have you clicked on your shoes to cycle? I have, and LOVED it! CYCLEBAR Evanston is a unique and awesome cycle class that will take you on a spin like never before! On page 5, meet Cyclestar Instructor, Alison Rundall and find out about the benefits on this great low impact workout. Take a free spin class today at CYCLEBAR Evanston! Celebrating 5 years of building the community, Founder and Executive Director of Curt’s Café, Susan Trieschmann understands the importance of a community. Her passion to bridge our young adults, both men and women, and provide resources that will enable each of them a brighter and secured future begins at the core of Susan’s heart. Thank you Susan for your dedication and commitment to our community. Thank you to Dana Pearl for being a wonderful Ambassador for Curt’s Café, and The Board of Directors for your continued support and endless efforts to provide Curt’s Café a solid foundation for our young adults. XOXO!

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7 FEATURES 4 Help Navigate Your Adoption Journey with Becca Gruenspan, Founder of RG Adoption. 9 Shining Star with School of Rock.


12 be Realty Opens Their Doors in Evanston!

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DEPARTMENTS 1 Editor’s Corner 5 TRUEHEALTH with CYCLEBAR Evanston. 7 Susan Trieschmann, Celebrating 5 Years of Building a Community.

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What Truly Makes a Home...

HOUSE + LOVE = HOME with Coldwell Banker of Evanston

Coldwell Banker Evanston teamed up with the Evanston Animal Shelter to create What Truly Makes a Home .... House + Love = Home on June 3 at Coldwell Banker in Evanston.

evans to nwo man.o rg

At Coldwell Banker Evanston, We believe that sometimes event the smallest things can fill your four walls and roof with a lifetime of love.



doption is a beautiful way to build your family. Understanding the journey of adoption can seem daunting and confusing. The good news is, there IS an easy button! With the right guide, a good strategy, and an open heart, the path to bringing home your baby just got a bit easier. Adoption Consultants are becoming more popular, saving prospective parents time, money and a lot of stress and aggravation when it comes to navigating their adoption journey. Think of an adoption consultant as a tour guide in a foreign country, helping to guide and prepare you for each stop along the way. The first stop is education. Before jumping in with two feet, you should know a little bit about where you are going, what you can expect and what the possible risks are. Besides, adoption agencies love when a client comes in educated about the adoption process. Second stop is putting together your adoption profile. A profile is essentially a storybook of your life with pictures, stories and letters, which will give an expectant mother a clear picture of who you are and how her baby will fit into your life. The profile is a crucial piece for adoption matching. A consultant will work closely with you in putting together a profile that you are proud of, and that will get the attention of an expectant mother. The third stop in your journey is to choose the adop-

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tion agencies you will work with. Adoption consultants are usually well networked with various agencies across the country. Typically, the model of an adoption consultant is to have prospective parents work with multiple agencies with low up front fees, and in states with favorable adoption laws, which, in most cases, leads to a much quicker adoption. Last stop, but certainly not least, is the support and resources you will receive from your consultant, someone who is there solely for YOU every step of your journey. I’ve never met a perfect adoption situation, so this support is invaluable as you try to navigate and make the best decisions. There are many routes to take when exploring adoption. You want to make sure to weigh your options to see which feels best for you. Perhaps an adoption consultant can help you get that clarity and reduce some of that anxiety you are feeling. Rebecca Gruenspan, MSW, a resident of Evanston, is the Founder of RG Adoption Consulting. A single adoptive parent herself, Rebecca works with hopeful adoptive parents from across the United States, to educate, guide and be a hand to hold through the domestic adoption process. For more information on adoption consultant services, go to

Meet CycleStar instructor, Alison Rundall with Cyclebar Evanston



eet CycleStar instructor, Alison Rundall, an athlete her entire life, and a positive, selfless, fun-loving, non stop kinda girl who left her front row spinner to take things to another level and became an instructor to share her passion with others. Out of the studio, Alison is constantly ‘on-thego’ with her 3 young children and enjoys date nights, family travels, and entertaining with friends. Q What are the benefits of Cyclebar? A Cyclebar is a unique experience, more than just another workout. You know you’re in a special place the minute you walk in; everything is catered for you and your workout. The CycleStar instructors incorporate the greatest music with a world-class audio, video, and lighting system in a tiered theater style studio that will transform your workout into a multi-sensory experience, and above all have FUN! Q How easy is it to spin? Do you need cycle training? A At first, you may not think spinning is for you... or you’ve heard spinning is too hard. In fact, spinning is the perfect workout for everyone. It is a high cardio, low-impact, low injury risk workout that anyone can do. You can burn a lot of calories, set your own pace, improve your cardiovascular strength for a healthy heart. You can embrace being stationary - the beauty of pedaling and not moving is that nobody cares how fast you are going because it doesn’t impact them, it is not a race. Spinning is not only great for you physically, it can build mental strength, help you develop a ‘can-do’ attitude that lend to other areas of life.

There are a variety of classes offered ranging from classic rides working on strength and endurance, to high performance group challenges and competitions, to charity rides. As of now, Cyclebar Evanston has raised over $15,000 for local charities in the last 6 months.

You will leave her classes saying, “Wow... not sure how I just did that, but it was awesome!” Positive, Selfless, Fun-loving, & Non Stop Kinda Girl!! Her upbeat personality and creative music not only energizes the room, but gives you the confidence in YOU. She will push you past your boundaries, ask for little bit more, and always make you leave with a smile on your face.

Join Alison for a ride!

E VA N S TO N W O M A N . O R G 5

Susan Trieschmann Celebrating 5 Years of Building a Community BY CARRIE JACKSON


ew people know better then Founder and Executive Director of Curt’s Café, Susan Trieschmann, the importance of building a community. Trieschmann, who has worked in the food service industry for most of her life, saw a need to help her community and support social justice. “The students need to know there’s an alternative to incarceration, and that they do have options. They need someone to believe in them and to provide opportunities for success,” says Trieschmann.

anger management, and nonviolent reconciliation,” says Trieschmann. The students, age range are from 15 to 24, are primarily from Evanston and are referred by probation officers, social services agencies, the States Attorney, and the Youth Job Center. A majority have already been incarcerated or are heading in that direction, and many are homeless or abandoned by their families. Trieschmann sees it as a unique community and a natural location for Curt’s Café. She acknowledges that Evanston Police Chief Richard Eddington and Former Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl were instrumental in getting the program up and going. “Their radical commitment to restorative justice and helping underserved youth gave me the encouragement to move forward,” says Trieschmann.

Curt’s Café enrolls students that attend a three-month intensive training program. Most of the training is held at the cafes, with the addition of experiential learning trips to explore the neighborhoods around them. Recent trips have included visiting the National Museum of Mexican Art and the Holocaust Museum. “Some of the students never felt safe going to another part of town or even crossing the street. Allowing them to have positive experiences in their community helps them feel more connected,” says Trieschmann. “It’s unique in that we offer job skills, such as learning to make a latte and run a cash register, as well as life skills. These include things like financial literacy,

It truly does take a village to support the students. Trieschmann has a genuine appreciation for her customers, who show patience and understanding to the students and allow them to have small failures in a safe environment without feeling like it’s the end of the world. “I see the students build up hope for themselves and their futures, as well as for others. The amount of empathy they have is tremendous, and that is difficult to teach. They are able to unmask the tough, streetwise front they feel they’ve had to put up and see that the world isn’t the enemy,” says Trieschmann. For more information, visit

E VA N S TO N W O M A N . O R G 7

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s the final beats of the drum signaled to the band their set was ending, the lights started to fade to black. The audience began to cheer. I, meanwhile, stood in the audience and found myself surprisingly emotional. I was at a rock and roll show. I’d been to many before, particularly cover bands – and never found myself moved to tears over “Stairway to Heaven." The lights came back up as the kids scrambled to unplug their instruments and get offstage for the next set. Gig bags, in piles, took over an entire corner of the venue. I still remember the conversation with my daughter, Lillian. She wanted to play electric bass and sing. I admit that I wasn’t so supportive. I had my own impressions and interpretations of music. I had attached myself to the idea that all children must learn music they don’t necessarily enjoy to learn, when gaining skills with an instrument. Needless to say, Lillian wanted the Beatles, the Clash, the Rolling Stones, the Who….and so on. It was my son – David – who set the star straight on ‘til morning for us. He had a friend who played at the local School of Rock. His friend was in the School’s house band, which we learned, was the group of musicians hand-picked for gigs around Chicago. We hoped that our talented daughter would be reinvigorated by her experience at the School of Rock. I remember getting out of the car and walking her into the school. She was quieter than even I’d seen her before. I attributed this to her expanding on her weak point – rhythm. She’d wanted to start with drum lessons. If there is a snapshot of anything I’ve ever experienced on her face, it would be the moment she walked out of her trial lesson at the School. She rushed out of the room, towards me, and said “Mom! I want to do it!” To see the glow on her face was more than I ever could have asked for.


“Mom!” Startled out of my revelry, I turned around to face my daughter. “Weren’t they ah-mah- zing!?” Lillian’s face flushed, reminding me of that first day at the School of Rock. She was glowing with pride for her students. Students who came from the same place she had, the same schooling she had. The School of Rock. I wiped my eye as discreetly as I could, as I realized I had let the emotion overflow. “They are wonderful, you’ve done an amazing job.” I said, and hugged her as fiercely as I dared to. “I am so proud of you” I said – whispering and reminding myself that she’s beyond being the obstinate pre-teen she once was, years ago – before. She worked her way, passionately, through the program. She was given the opportunity to be in the house band as a valuable player. She then began teaching for the school while going to college for education. Today, Lillian gushes about her students, the way she gushed about her band mates years ago. We have watched Lillian’s growth through the years – not only as a musician – actually, especially outside of musicianship. She has become a young woman full of empathy, compassion, teamwork mentality, and understands how being passionate about something – anything - can be the driving factor behind teenage success. As it stands, she did have a major part in this particular rendition of “Stairway to Heaven’s,” success. 1311 Sherman Pl Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 864-7625

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Enjoy world music and dance, family crafts, artist vendors, and culinary delights from an abundance of countries. Don’t miss the opening ceremony with a procession of flags from more than 200 countries at noon on Saturday!

Presented by the City of Evanston Partially supported by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency 1 0 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . O R G

Saturday and Sunday, July 15–16, 12–7pm Dawes Park, Sheridan Rd. and Church St. arts; 847-448-4311

Realty opened their Evanston office on Saturday, June 3, with celebration, jubilation and a distinguished guest in our midst. Mayor Hagerty joined the Be Realty team for the ribbon cutting ceremony as our greatest supporters looked on. We appreciate his support and the support of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce. Be Realty is a family of agents and their clients. Be Realty agents are intelligent, talented, caring and go far distances to ensure our clients achieve their goals. Our clients range from first-time homebuyers to savvy real estate buyers and sellers, from investors and landlords to renters, and from relocators to developers. Our team has a deep real estate knowledge and experience, which allows us to serve a truly extraordinary range of needs. Be Realty has been open as a full-service boutique real estate brokerage for five years. Two of the three founders, Andrew Wendt and Ian Carswell, met in Evanston and have been contributors to the Evanston business community. 1 2 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M

Lynn Wendt, ABR®, SRS®, SRES® and EPro, will be heading up the Evanston office. She is currently president of the North Shore Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR) and chairman for the state ways and means committee. Her program management skills honed over 35 years on both a national and international level have greatly contributed to the growth of Be Realty. This tells you about Lynn and her yearning to serve her clients. Her Zillow and Be Realty YELP reviews will tell you who she is and how important her clients are to her. She emulates the Be Realty client first values and the Be Realty entrepreneurial spirit. Lynn and her managing broker, Stephen Johnson, and the entire Be Realty team look forward to getting to know you. They look forward helping you be where you want to be!

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