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why we live here.

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would like to invite each of you to join me at this year’s Young Evanston Artists Festival, Sat., May 19, 2018, 10-4 Raymond Park. Celebrating 30 Years of Young Evanston Artists (YEA!) providing the children of Evanston with a unique forum and experience for the exhibition and performance of their art. The YEA! goal is to nurture, enable, and inspire children. For more information please visit As we continue this year, service is at the top of my heart and mind. Evanston is home to over 700 non-profit organizations serving our community, Chicago and The North Shore. I challenge each of you to find an organization to join and get involved. It’s amazing what can be done when we decide to volunteer at least one hour a week.



7 Celebrating Women Under 40, Making a Mark From Career to Community 5 Community Involvement, Patient Care, and State of the Art Technology with Stephens Dentistry

DEPARTMENTS 3 Wellness Pelvic Health 101: Women’s Health Hot Topic with Link Physical Therapy 12 Relationships Ten Tips to Effective Co-Parenting with Brigitte Schmidt Bell, P.C., 11 Art/Culture/Life An Empowering Energy Travels Throughout the Theatre with She the People, a Second City Production 16 Shop Local on Central Street

On pages 13 and 14, read about Second City’s recently produced all female show, “She The People: A Girlfriends’ Guide to Sisters Doing it For Themselves,” a raw and provocative production displaying women’s issues with wit, humor, and sarcasm. I encourage each of you to grab your gal pals and take in the show, where you are able to grab drinks, dinner, and cheer for sisterhood! This issue is dedicated to Alderwoman Robin Rue Simmons for her continued dedication to better service our workforce and support community involvement. Cheers! instagram/evanston_woman

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Linda del Bosque Editor-in-chief IG: lindadelbosque


Editor-in-chief Linda Del Bosque Editor Kasimu Godfrey Photography Annette Patko - Bordeaux Studio Graphic Designer Maribel Lopez Advertising Office 847-722-5654

Congratulations to these remarkable women who are soaring like eagles in their careers. Each of them have set goals to enhance their lives and fulfill their passion for service, education, and talent. I will always be a learner for life and what I have learned from each of these ladies is the strength and depth of their drive to serve others. It’s a blessing to see such young women with phenomenal zeal.

We are proud to be Evanston’s Community Bank. Banking with a face. That’s what our customers can expect. You don’t have to come into a branch to see that face. It’s a philosophy. A philosophy of service that is so ingrained, our customers define the bank based on the relationship they have with their banker: “Judette’s bank.” “Shirley’s bank.” “Michael’s bank.” “Dan’s bank.” Since 1995, we’ve prided ourselves on creating an inviting service-based bank, staffed by experienced individuals and familiar faces who live locally and care about their customers and their community.

Talk to your banker today: 847-733-7400 847.733.7400


Women’s Health Hot Topic Pelvic Health 101


he pelvis. It is the center of the human body and serves as the link between our upper and lower halves of our body. For women, it is the center of our physical universe and encompasses our female essence. Life begins in (and through) the pelvis. Everyone pees and poops. However, women’s bodies have unique functions throughout our lifespan: our monthly periods, pregnancy and childbirth, and then, there’s menopause. Keeping our pelvis healthy and fit is essential for our most fundamental functions.

Our top essential pelvic health tips 1 Easy pee-sy Stay hydrated with plenty of clear fluids. When using the bathroom avoid going “just in case.” When it is time to go, relax to pee and don’t push to empty. 2 Poop like a pro Sit (all the way) down, relax, take your time, breathe. Again – drink lots of fluids!

3 Core essentials Pelvic floor muscles are an important part of a fit core (along with back muscles, abdominals, diaphragm). Learn how to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles – the right way. See a pelvic health PT for help! 4 Pleasure principles

Healthy pelvic muscles (see #3) = enhanced orgasm! Sex should never be painful. Use fragrance/dye/chemical-free lubricant.

5 Stay connected

Understand what changes are normal and healthy. See your healthcare provider annually! If you experience any issues with pain, urinary or bowel issues (including any leakage), or weakness, contact your provider for an evaluation.

Stay tuned for MORE on each of these topics in future issues! Please contact Link Physical Therapy if you have questions or to make an appointment. | 847.868.8396 | Judith Florendo, PT, DPT & Suzanne Badillo, PT, WCS Link Physical Therapy Specializing in pelvic/abdominal health, prenatal/postnatal care, musculoskeletal/spine care, bowel/bladder conditions for women, men, and children.

4 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M

Stephens Dentistry Committed to Excellence for the last 58 Years


or the last 58 years, Stephens Dentistry has been a family practice committed to providing high quality and painless dental care to citizens of Evanston, Chicago, and the North Shore suburbs.

Dr. James Bruce Stephens started the practice in 1958 following graduation from Northwestern Dental School and service in the U.S. Air Force. He retired in 2001 and the practice was continued on by two of his sons, James Brian and Robert Stephens. They were also both graduates of Northwestern Dental School in 1985 and 1990, respectively. Last year, his grandson Lucas became the newest Stephens dentist to carry on the family tradition. Together Drs. James, Robert, and Lucas are committed to making the practice technologically state of the art, while maintaining a core of ethical beliefs to provide the best care possible. From the front office, to assistants, and hygienists; the entire Stephens Dentistry team has crafted a wonderful experience from the first time you call the office. The newly constructed office has state-of-the-art technology including digital radiographs, clear orthodon-

tics, and CEREC prosthodontics. Less than 10% of dental offices in the U.S. utilize this CAD/CAM system that allows crowns, onlays, and bridges to be made and delivered the same day. In addition, the office uses digital record keeping while maintaining the strictest HIPAA compliance for patient’s safety. Stephens Dentistry is also very supportive of the community they care for and embrace. Some recent involvement in communal affairs includes volunteering at Dental Access Days, attending Evanston MASH-UP, and various collections/drives for nearby charities. Another recent campaign is a ‘Give and Get’ raffle on the Stephens Dentistry Facebook page, where the winner gets a $500 and another $500 matched to the charity of their choice. Whenever there is a chance, the Stephens Dentistry team loves to be involved in community affairs. Whether it’s been years since you last had your teeth checked, or you are just looking for a new dentist, Stephens Dentistry is the place for you. You will be delighted by quality of work, location of the office, and every member of the dental team. They look forward to meeting you and caring for your teeth for years to come! E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M 5

Collective Resource is proud to be an official composting partner with the City of Evanston. Offering Special Rates for Residences and Businesses • Door-to-door pickup of food scraps. • A 5-gallon bucket is provided. • A clean bucket is left with your weekly or biweekly pickup. • Food scraps are taken to a commercial compost site. Commercial composting is different than yard composting. At a commercial site, anything that was once alive can be composted, including animal products and food soiled paper products. Reducing landfill through commercial composting since 2010

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Kelley O. Cambry CEO & Co-Founder Paige & Paxton Elementary STEM Curriculum


e have all heard the statement he future is now. It is true and companies now more than ever are pushing the boundaries and drawing further and further outside the lines. They are also living on the edge with millions of jobs requiring specific skills going unfilled. Kelley O. Cambry and her company Paige & Paxton Elementary STEM are answering those needs by teaching and mentoring the workforce of tomorrow. Kelley Cambry began her career in the financial sector leading teams in providing services and creating digihave all heard the statement future is now. It is talemarketing for numerous Fortunehe 500 true and companies nowofmore than ever are pushing the companies. She was one the leaders andprograms drawing further and further outside the in boundaries getting STEM into minoriThey areso also living the edge ty lines. communities that theonyouth werewith millions of jobs requiring skillslearning going unfilled. not excludedspecific from these oppor- Kelley O. Cambry and her company & Paxton Elementary STEM are tunities and the jobsPaige to come after. She needs by teaching is answering a foundingthose member of the New Yorkand mentoring the workforce of tomorrow. Kelley chapter of Black Girls Code and Cambry was a began her career in the financial teams in providing services leading member sector of theleading planning team creating digitalyouth marketing for numerous Fortune 500 forand #YESWECODE hackathons. companies. She was are onenot of the Coding and technology newleaders fron- in getting STEM programs into minority tiers for Cambry as she communities built her firstso that these youth were not excluded these learning opportunities and website at the age offrom 16 and partnered the her jobsyounger to comesister after. to She is a founding member of the with create their New York chapter of Black Girls Code and was a leading own company (GO BALLOONEY) developof the and planning team for #YESWECODE youth ingmember her marketing business strategy hackathons. and technology are not new frontiers skills early. SheCoding learned about contract for Cambry supplier as she built her first website negotiations, development and at the age of 16 and partneredand withcustomer her younger sister to create their own management, focusing company BALLOONEY) developing simply by (GO doing. Cambry credits her her marketing and business strategy She(also learned about contract family generally andskills her early. mother negotiations, supplier development her business partner) specifically for be- and management, customer focusing simply by doing. Cambry credits ingand role model and mentor throughout her family generally and her her development. She states, “Mymother mom... (also her business specifically rolemy models and mentors is partner) my greatest mentor. I for am being following mom’s example...

The ambition that I possess and continue to embrace is because my mom has led the way for me. Her perseverance and will to win continue to inspire me and keep throughout her development. She states “My me focused through the ups and my greatest mentor. I am following my mom’s example... downs of our business.” She is The ambition that I possess and continue to embrace is from a family of entrepreneurs because my mom has led the way for me. Her perseveras each set of grandparents creance and will to win continue to inspire me and keep me ated and successfully ran their focused through the ups and downs of our business.” She own small businesses. “I grew is from a family of entrepreneurs as each set of grandparup in an environment where I ents created and successfully ran their own small busisaw my parents work together, nesses. “I grew up in an environment where I saw my parcreate their products for their ents work together, create their products for their clients clients and listen in on client and listen in on client meetings,” Cambry states. Providmeetings,” Cambry states. Proing paths and programs to young learners of all ages and viding paths and programs to race is her passion in life and she is enjoying every step young learners of all ages and of the way. In the future, Cambry plans on pursuing a race is her passion in life and Masters degree in Computer Science as well as helping to she is enjoying every step of the make Paige and Paxton a global community that changes way. In the future, Cambry plans how wealth and resources are distributed in our world. In on pursuing a Masters degree her free time, Cambry is usually found cooking away in her in Computer Science as well as kitchen as she enjoys trying various recipes to share with helping to make Paige & Paxton her family and friends. a global community that changes how wealth and resources are distributed in our world. In her free time, Cambry is usually found cooking away in her kitchen as she enjoys trying various recipes to share with her family and friends. E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M 7

Karli Butler Curt’s Cafe South


8 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M

he Phoenix. The mythical symbol of death and reincarnation. Karli Butler is a true-to-life phoenix. She endured two horrific ordeals that left her near death and emerged a different person with the desire and will to help others survive trauma and violent encounters. She has since become an advocate for victims through telling her story, working with police and even state government to toughen laws and extend their protection. Butler is a graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Arts in Organizational and Multicultural Communication which provided her with the tools to constructively rebuild her world and also use it as an educational tool for the outside world around her. She routinely leads discussions and gives presentations about her experience and the prevention and the lapses in prosecution that need to be filled in as well her first TEDx talk. Butler is passionate about ‘working with young women to recognize their power and potential.’ She has many people that she considers mentors and aspires to be like them, but she tries to learn from all that she encounters in her journey. In her spare time, she enjoys being a mother to her son and being active in the community.

Sarita Smith Senior Director, Youth Enrichment and Engagement MCGAW YMCA


t’s not often that we hear stories of perseverance and determination coming directly from under resourced communities in Evanston. However, Sarita Smith is one of those stories. Proudly growing up in the 5th ward of Evanston, Sarita was raised by a village, including her current employer, the McGaw YMCA, Family Focus, and a host of adult mentors. As the Senior Director of Youth Engagement and Enrichment at McGaw, Sarita Smith is constantly working to create, develop and implement programs and experiences that address the community needs and help youth take control of their journeys and write their own narratives. Smith is a lifelong Evanstonian whose mentoring spirit extends from her grandmother who once ran a child daycare for parents who could not afford licensed alternatives. She has a BS in communications from Northeastern Illinois and is currently working on getting her Masters in Social Work from UIC. Smith’s work at McGaw is only the beginning of her career trajectory. Smith’s desire to advance her education is motivated by her ambition to continue to have an impact on the community and address the systematic oppression of black and brown children and families. Smith’s career began at McGaw, having worked at within the Y movement for almost 20 years. To this day, Sarita still utilizes the village that helped raise her. Her grandmother’s spirit and guidance, may she rest in peace, Monique Parsons (CEO of McGaw), and her husband are all considered influential mentors who helped her learn to persevere. In her free time, Smith is a loving and devoted wife and mother who can be found running around from activity to activity with her two kids, Sage and Eli. E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M 9

Neticia Waldron Minister at First Church of God Christian Life Center


ne of Langston Hughes’s most famous poems is ‘A Dream Deferred’. It poses the question of what happens to a dream that is put on hold and the person that owns that dream. Minister Neticia Waldron is dealing with that question and how it affects numerous underprivileged and underserved minority youth while also providing lessons in faith as a support system and helping them to dream bigger and reach higher than their previous expectations. She established the ‘Celebration of Giving’ event in 2015 that sponsors over 100 families for Christmas yearly. Born in Chicago, Minister Waldron realized early on that helping others was her calling even though she began her career as a nursing student. The business affairs of the

1 0 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M

hospital garnered more of her interest and she became a financial advocate for low income patients and others needing assistance with hospital bills. Waldron is currently attending National Louis University in the healthcare leadership program hoping to finish with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling with a concentration in Business. She counts her husband as her most influential mentor because she draws inspiration from his work ethic as well as other community leaders like Hecky Powell, Robin Simmons, and Pastor Dillard Waldron hopes to expand her newest endeavor, the Adopt A Block program expands to 10 blocks in the next 5 years. She is also a loving wife and mother who spends her time with family and at her church.

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Join us for a summer semester! Fusion Academy is a private school for grades 6 through 12. We provide a comprehensive learning solution for students of all ages, on their terms, fit to their schedule, and crafted to support their unique learning style. We offer academic tutoring, enrichment, and classes for credit - all just one teacher and one student per classroom.

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fair trade

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adults id

Handkn o

Rug Event A p r i l 19–23

Persian, Tribal and Bokhara rugs ~ Classic to Contemporary ~ from 2’x3’ to 10’x14’ & runners.

719 Main Street, Evanston 847-733-8258 Thursday, April 19 at 7 pm The History and Stories behind Bunyaad Fair Trade Rugs E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M 1 1


Co-Parenting Tips

by Rita Ghose, partner at Brigitte Schmidt Bell, P.C.


arenting is probably the toughest, most consequential job a person will ever have. Any given day of parenting combines moments of wondering if we’re doing it right, fearing that we’re doing it wrong, and worrying about the long-term effects of those moment-to- moment decisions. Given those challenges, how do those co-parenting with former partners get through it without driving themselves (or the other) insane?

think about the positives the other parent brings to the child’s life.

Our Firm’s professionals combine 50+ years of legal and mediation experience helping soon-to-be-co-parents develop effective plans for raising their children in two separate households. We help parents who want their children to grow into happy, healthy adults to formulate plans that clarify their assumptions, unify their approaches, and codify the principles to apply to the parenting challenges that they will face after the ink has dried on their parenting agreement. In that spirit, we thought a list of co-parenting tips would be helpful:

4. Model good relationship behavior: your children learn as much–if not more–about how to behave from their observations of your relationships than your words about how to behave.

10 Start fresh. Create a new parenting relationship rather than continue the old, ineffectual patterns of interaction. 9 Pick your battles. Not every battle is worth fighting. Ask yourself “will the kids suffer more if we continue to fight or if we reach a less than perfect agreement?” 8 Anticipate problems. Don’t wait to problem-solve in the midst of an ongoing disagreement. 7 Be mindful of the children’s perspective. E.g., Even if you believe you’re the better parent, children feel the loss when their time with the other parent is limited. 6 Focus on the other parent’s positives and build on both parents’ strengths. Every parent has redeeming qualities (the reason you chose to have a child with him or her), so 1 2 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M

5. Think about your own needs and model good self-care. Being a single parent is difficult; being a single parent locked in battle with the other parent even more so. Do you really want to have the children 99% of the time? Will you be able to be the type of parent you want to be if you have no time “off”?

3. Be flexible. No plan can anticipate all the things that can happen, so when you get a request for a parenting accommodation, think about how you’d want it dealt with if you were the one requesting rather than granting it. 2. Seek out help if you need it. There are numerous resources available for parents trying to navigate postbreak- up parenting life. Use them liberally. 1. Put the children first. No one (especially your children) will fault you for trying to work cooperatively with the other parent, but your children will fault you for filling their childhood with parental conflicts. Rita Ghose is a partner at Brigitte Schmidt Bell, P.C., an Evanston law firm specializing in mediation & Collaborative practice. 500 Davis Street, Suite 1006 Evanston, IL 60201 847-733- 0933 www.

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An Empowering Energy Tr a v e l s T h ro u g h o u t t h e T h e a t re w i t h



he The People, The Second City’s new sketch show created and performed entirely by women, is a funny, feminine, and somewhat of the moment comedy sketch production, is not only a hilarious show for a perfect girls’ night out, but it also gives the audience an in-depth look at the daily struggles women face. The material is not the usual dating complaints and wornout male douchebag jabs, but provoking outtakes on how women see the world and their place in it currently. Relationships, stereotypes, gender discrimination, and body image are all themes embedded within each sketch. These subjects can be harsh and even a bit painful to discuss, yet the writers and performers of She The People have shed light on the stark realities faced by women in a playful, audacious and unabashed way. The talented, diverse cast never misses a beat in between sketches. Everything from the technical effects to the transitions are sharply executed.

1 4 E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M

Each segment is funny and at least a precursor to where things have progressed since this was originally created. You do wonder what these scenes would be like if this had been written now in the midst of #MeToo and #TimesUp. However there is still much to like here specifically with the actors’ performances. I thoroughly enjoyed Kimberly Michelle Vaughn who is a relative newcomer to Second City. She is vibrant, energetic and deliciously spontaneous. She becomes the focal point of each scene that she is a part of and keeps your attention throughout. I very much enjoyed the ‘talk show’ portion of the play with actor Maria Randazzo. Randazzo is very impressive and has an expansive range of characters that she can bring to life with varying ease it seems. Her presence fills the room and her performance is very memorable. The rest of the cast are veteran Second City improv performers that handle their roles with aplomb.

ART/CULTURE/LIFE This simple, yet raw, and realistic production showcases one aspect of the pressure that prevailing images in media which often lead to women feeling inadequate and like we don’t match up to this arbitrary standard. At the end of one particular sketch an actress stripped down to her spanx while the audience was yelling, laughing, and screaming. In another sketch, an actress removed her pants as an audience member yelled “YES QUEEN!” Giving the audience a reminder that women have power, grace and intelligence, with a whole lot of greatness to offer the world.

She The People’s characters express themselves with the constant scandals and turmoil that have plagued the American political landscape since the inauguration of Trump. The sexist philosophy held by the person who is supposed to be a symbol of hope, peace, and equality for Americans has instead ushered in an era of hate and exclusion directed towards both women and minorities. She The People challenges these hurtful ideas and inspires its audience to continue the fight for women’s rights and gender equality.

She the People plays Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at The Second City through May 27th. Tickets are available at

E VA N S TO N W O M A N . C O M 1 5







Come in






1622 Forest Place, Evanston, IL 60201 847.859.2198 |

300 Church Street, Evanston, IL 60201 847.905.0133 |


We are donating $100 to SASI for every Home Value Analysis we do. Help make the fundraising effort a huge success and find out how much your home is worth. No obligation to list or sell with us. Just mention this ad!


SASI supports the efforts of older adults to remain in their homes with two core programs, Home Care and Senior Connections. SASI Home Care is known for quality caregivers and affordable fees. Senior Connections is known for volunteer visitors who bring friendship and engagement to socially isolated older adults. SASI standards are rigorous. Professional caregivers and volunteers are carefully interviewed, screened (all undergo background checks) and trained. Matches, whether for caregiver and client or volunteer and senior, are determined by what will be a good fit for a good relationship. In both programs, personal introductions are made and the ongoing relationships are nurtured, supervised and handled with care.


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MSGroup has the highest market share of Evanston sales in 2017, MRED Illinois calendar year 2017


Evanston Woman Magazine  

Celebrating Women Under 40 From Career to Community.

Evanston Woman Magazine  

Celebrating Women Under 40 From Career to Community.