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BE SANTA FOR A DAY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. N ow is the time to be a blessing. As our country continues to find ways to recover from COVID-19, finding charities is the best way for locals to lock arms and help. On Davis and Sherman.. Santa has set up a work shop, BE A SANTA FOR A DAY. Where community members can volunteer their time in giving, packaging, and more. This unquie concept has given many children around the county an opporunity to celebrate Christmas. "Santa for a Day is just that: a means for people who “have” to become Santa for kids who "have not". Unfortunately, there are disadvantaged kids writing letters to Santa this season, whose wishes will go unanswered... unless you step in." Santa for The Day's mission is to show kindness in the face of adversity. Teaching youngsters the power of the pen… and then rewarding their efforts, by translating their wishes into reality, not only positively reinforces their nascent literacy skills, but it also helps them author a different, more positive narrative about life, one sparked by optimism and the vision of a brighter future. How you can get involved. Visit santaforaday.org or stop by the Santa workshop at 716 Davis St. (the Old Williams Shoes).

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“While at the Chicago Housing Authority, I worked with Santa for a Day firsthand and saw what it meant to that community. Now, as President & CEO of the Atlanta Housing Authority, I recognize similar circumstances here in Atlanta, and I think SFAD will be a god-send for our constituents. This is a great opportunity to provide hope to Atlanta’s most disadvantaged kids. I beg you, let’s all do our part, and be ‘Christmas angels’ all year long. Every donation translates into new-found hope for these boys and girls who have been through so much this year…”

Eugene Jones, Jr. President & CEO Atlanta Housing Authority

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