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Cydney implemented a historic philosophy method of yoga. She learned the importance of breath work, poster, movements, and how these simple positions could be used to stress decompression. She credits her parents for teaching her this. As she continued practicing as she continued the physical and philosophical study of yoga she became more empowered her to live a balanced life. Once her children became toddlers, Cydney practiced throughout the day as a way to maintain balance, and energy. Mostly, yoga was a way to keep up with her “active children”. Practicing yoga helped her maintain a mental and spiritual wellness. She felt so great; she wanted to share her passion and knowledge for yoga with her neighbors. Cydney set out to transform a passion into a profession. She stated, “creating the space to contribute to her community”, was a priority. After months of calling landlords, touring locations, and scouting sites, she finally found the perfect location. This space was like finding a “gold little nugget”. As she toured the empty space, the large molding, natural hardwood floors, and white organic walls pierced Cydneys heart. Being a spiritual woman she looked at her husband and said.. “I feel it.” She knew she found the a place where she was able to grow her vision and create a community. The Yoga Post opened on September 8, 2021. The Yoga Post is an inclusive studio providing community members access to wellness that is accessible and consistent.

In creating simple yoga queues to help clients identify each position, eliminates any intimations, and judgment. Staying consistent with the practice method develops intimacy and accessibility for each client. Cydney took her time looking for additional instructors. Her research brought in solid teammates, instructors who have the same vision as she does about yoga culture. Each class will provide clients a safe space to learn and find balance. “It is really energizing to be in this space. It truly is an anchor for me, my community, and I feel energized! I enjoy the environment. I know we have a wonderful community at The Yoga Post,” say’s Cydney. Due to Covid-19 and teaching on-line last year, The Yoga Post has clients all over the country. When we opened and our out of town yogis would purchase classes at The Yoga Post to donate to less fortunate people. Sometimes there can be a number of reasons someone didn’t have the disposable income. Yoga class is important yet there usually would have to be money to spend on yoga classes. Because of these donations The Yoga Post was able to donate yoga classes to many. Especially honorable was the gift of yoga given to everyone who works in a neighborhood elementary school. We hope to continue to donate classes to more elementary schools each year, says Cydney. We are also hosting a pay it forward lightly used workout clothes drive in Dec/Jan. Details to follow. Join a class today. theyogapostchicago.com

Engage your mind. Move your body. Fuel your life. The Yoga Post

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