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Plant Parts and Accessories Catalogue 2013 Supplying quality parts & accessories to the construction industry

History Of The Mini Excavator It is generally thought that the first hydraulic mini-excavator was built by the “Kobe Steel Co.” in 1968 and was called the 10A model. They were followed by “Takeuchi” in 1971 and “Kubota” in 1974. These machines started to enter the UK in the 1980’s and quickly gained popularity in the 1990’s, until nearly every hire shop and builder now owns this type of compact machine. British manufacturers such as “Smalley” and “Powerfab” entered the market in the 1980’s, but now nearly all machine designs originate from the Far East. Due to their reliability and low running costs, machines are rarely scrapped, they are resold as the years go by. 1980, and early 1990’s models are now mainly in the ownership of small builders, landscapers, or even people completing self-build houses. There are at least 30 different brands of mini-excavator on the world market, although a great deal of “badge” engineering goes on, with modifications as necessary to suit the local market place. Japan has been the main market place for mini excavators, with Europe as the second major market. Due to the popularity of the skid-steer loader, mini-excavators have been slow to gain market share in the USA but in the last five years the number of sales have rapidly increased particularly in the cities. The recession in Japan has depressed the market there leading to many almost new machines being imported into the UK and other EU countries. These machines have been labelled “grey market machines” and have to be “CE” certificated by the importer. The machines coming from Japan can be models which are a number of years ahead of the current European machines, i.e. zero tail-swing machines have been sold in Japan for a number of years before they were available in Europe. Mini excavators are continually being developed and the technological advances can be summarised as follows. Interchangeable rubber tracks - early 1990’s Servo controls, knuckle booms, extending dippers, - mid 1990’s Zero-tail swing machines, half pitch rubber tracks – late 1990’s Asymmetric rubber tracks - by Yanmar early 2000’s Offset Boom facility - - 2000’s by Takeuchi and Neuson


MEC-trac Quality Rubber Tracks


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Rubber Tracks


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15 “Posi Lock” Automatic Quick Hitch 17

Tilting Ditching Bucket


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33 “Kraken” Concrete Crusher 35 “Screening Bucket 36

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Concrete Crusher

MEC-trac Quality Steel Tracks, Chains & Rubber Inserts

Evans & Reid Group

Evans & Reid Ltd.

J Evans & S.B. Reid The Mini Excavator Centre

Manufacturers of Agricultural Suppliers of Plant Spares and Plant Equipment Key Executives Key Executives John Evans - Partner John Evans - Director Simon Reid - Partner Simon Reid - Director Mark Pitts - Partner/Accounts Manager Gavin Davies- Production Simon Robins - Partner/Sales Manager Manager Simon Robins - Sales Manager

Robert Brown - Partner/Technical Sales

Kitty Harris- Credit Control

Barry Davies - Partner/ Stores Manager

Paul Burston - Sales Support

Steve Davies - Technical Sales

Mark Pitts - Company Secretary Mark Clare - Technical Sales

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Evans & Reid Group Evans & Reid Ltd.

The current directors John Evans and Simon Reid formed the Evans and Reid group in 1992. From the outset the company committed itself to the design and manufacture of highly durable products that would endure the rigors of the construction and agricultural industries and to this end a team of highly skilled engineers and designers was built. The company has quickly gained a high reputation for reliability of supply and product and production has increased to 4000+ excavator buckets per annum plus numerous agricultural implements and attachments. Evans and Reid continue to offer a full-bespoke service using the latest computer aided design and production techniques to both the end user and original equipment manufacturers and are represented by dealers around the globe

J Evans & S.B. Reid The Mini Excavator Centre

In addition to the manufacturing service, Evans and Reid offer a comprehensive parts supply for excavator undercarriage and boom. We stock rubber and steel tracks, rollers, idlers and sprockets and boom pins and bushes. Our catalogue details the extent of our range and we can supply a one off part or bulk shipments to order. Whatever your needs Evans and Reid have the expertise to fully appreciate your requirements and are committed to our quality of product and service.

Staffordshire Warehouse, Canal Road Neath West Glamorgan, Sa11 1LJ Tel: 01639 630587 Fax: 01639 633315


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1/12/08 14:45:23

Undercarriage Parts 1000’s of parts for 100’s of excavators Available from stock for next day delivery We are probably the largest stockist of undercarriage parts in Europe

A full list of parts availability can be found on our website

If you cannot find the part you need we can manufacture it from pattern Contact us for details

Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

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Top Rollers Bottom Rollers Tensioner Idlers Sprockets

1/12/08 14:45:24

Rubber Tracks

MEC-trac Quality Rubber Tracks


premium quality rubber tracks only available from Evans & Reid Quality at a reasonable cost 12 Months warranty against manufacturing defect

All pitches and Lug design stocked Widths from 180mm to 500mm The right track for the machine without compromise

Comprehensive stocks of all types of track Available for immediate despatch

Call Technical Sales:- 01639 630587


MEC-trac Quality Rubber Tracks

TYPES O F R UBBER TR ACK T h ere a re a n u m b er o f ty p es o f ru b b e r trac k w h ich a re listed b elo w : C o n v en tio n a l ru b b er tra ck s T h ese w ere th e o rigin al style o f rub b er tracks w h ich w ere used o n th e earlier m o d el m in i-ex c av ato rs. T h e y h a v e p itch es o f 6 0 m m , 7 2 m m , an d 1 0 0 m m an d are still u sed to d a y o n so m e sm aller m o d els o f m ach in es. W ith th is typ e o f tra ck , if yo u n eed e d to ch an g e fro m ru b b er track s to ste el track s o r v ic e-v e rsa, y o u h av e to ch an g e all th e ru n n in g g ear o n th e ex cav ato r.

In terch a n g ea b le ru b b er tra ck s T h is typ e o f track w as m an u factu red to o v erco m e th e p ro b lem o f ch a n g in g fro m steel to ru b b er tra ck s w ith o u t h a v in g to ch an g e all th e ru n n in g ge ar o n th e ex c av a to r. T h e y h av e p itch es o f 9 6 m m , 1 0 9 m m , 1 4 2 m m , 1 4 4 m m , 1 4 6 m m , an d 1 6 3 m m . T h is track is fitted to ex c av ato rs o f u p to ap p ro x im ately 8 to n n es.

H a lf pitch in terch a n g ea b le ru b b er tra ck s T h ese tra ck s w ere d esig n ed to ru n o n ev e ry to o th o f th e d riv e sp ro c k et an d s o giv e a sm o o th er rid e fo r th e m a ch in e an d o p e rato r a s o p p o sed to th e n o rm al p itch in terch an ge ab le track s. T h ey are av ailab le in p itch es o f 4 8 m m , 5 2 .5 m m , 5 4 m m , 5 5 m m , 7 1 m m , 7 2 .5 m m , 7 3 m m , an d 8 1 m m . W h ere th ere is o n ly 0 .5 o r 1 m m d iffe re n ce b etw een th e p itch es it gen erally sign ifies pitch es used b y different track m an u factu rers.


MEC-trac Quality Rubber Tracks

Asymmetric rubber tracks These tracks do not have the drive lugs in the centre of the width across the track (hence the name). They are offset for instance 25mm on a 300mm wide track, and then fitted to the excavator with the widest part of the track innermost. This narrows the track width across the machine by 50mm and when fitted to zero tail swing excavators, enables the machine to track through narrower openings, whilst still having the same ground pressure.

Komatsu and Yanmar type rubber tracks

These tracks are a type where the bottom rollers run on the outside of the drive lugs as shown in the diagram paragraph 3 Chapter 2 about earlier rollers. They differ from all the other tracks because the steel insert has been made far stronger to support the weight of the machine on the outside of the drive lugs. The sprocket and the idler are of the conventional type and drive and support the track as on interchangeable tracks. The yare made in 101mm, 106mm, 107mm, 108mm, 142mm, 144mm, and 163mm pitches.

Other rubber tracks There are many other types of rubber tracks in use besides the tracks fitted to excavators. Some of these need different properties to allow reliable use such as more flexibility, different load bearing characteristics, non marking tracks etc. These tracks are used on many different types of machine for example snowmobiles, tracked dumpers, lifting platforms, agricultural tractors, military vehicles, skid-steer loaders plus many more.


Steel Tracks Solutions Tired of rubber tracks breaking? We have the answer! Convert your 1 to 8 tonne excavator to steel tracks or steel tracks with bolt on rubber inserts We believe that we are Europes Number 1 supplier of steel track groups & track chains for excavators up to 8 tonnes. Our range also includes clip on, bolt on & direct to chain rubber inserts & pads. Our vast experience & un-rivalled daabase allows us to offer the best advice & to correctly match our quality MEC-trac products to machine specifications.

MEC-trac Steel Track Groups

- 90mm, 101.6mm, 135mm & 154mm pitches stocked. - Track pad widths ranging from 230mm to 600mm. - Stocked at a number of gauges to exactly match the excavator’s specification.

- Track groups with non standard track pad widths can be manufactured as a bespoke product.

MEC-trac Steel Track Chains

- 135mm pitch & 154mm pitches stocked for 4 to 8 tonne excavators.

- Supplied at a variety of gauges & bolt patterns, ensuring the

correct chain is supplied for your excavator. Ask us for a copy of our chain dimension chart when calling for a quotation.

MEC-trac Steel Track Pads - Stocked for selected 6 to 8 tonne excavators. - Made to order track pads available at non-standard widths. WE SUPPLY NEW SPROCKETS OR WELD ON RIMS FOR CUSTOMERS REPLACING EXISTING STEEL TRACKS OR CHAINS. ASK US FOR A PRICE TODAY!


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MEC-trac Quality Steel Tracks, Chains & Rubber Inserts

1/12/08 14:45:26

RUBBER TRACK PADS Convert your steel tracked excavator to rubber using MEC-trac bolt on or clip on rubber inserts. The Problem: Your steel tracked excavator works on rough sites, so you don’t want rubber tracks because they will be destroyed! BUT, you need the machine to be on rubber to move between sites or to use on site surfaces that steel tracks would damage. The Solution: Fit bolt on or clip on rubber inserts to your steel tracks! You’ ll gain the advantage of rubber tracks, without compromising the strength & resilience offered by a steel track. Examples of bolt on & clip on rubber inserts on 7 tonne excavators. We stock a range of clip on & bolt on rubber inserts not just for mini excavators, but for machines up to 22 tonnes!

- Is your excavator on rubber tracks now? - Are you mainly working on rough ground? - Are you tired of the rubber tracks breaking, but still need to be on rubber?

We have the solution! - Change your rubber tracks to MEC-trac steel tracks with ready fitted bolt on rubber inserts. Usually available from stock for 4 to 8 tonne excavators. This versatile product allows you to work on steel or rubber & dramatically prolongs track life when compared to rubber tracks. Call us for a price and advice on swapping over! - Our quality product is reasonably priced, and we can advise you of any minor modifications that may be required to your excavator for a successful conversion. The change may cost less than you think, and will save you time & money in the long term! IS YOUR EXCAVATOR FITTED WITH BOLT TO CHAIN RUBBER PADS? PLEASE CALL US FOR PRICES OR DETAILS OF ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS.

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

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8 1/12/08 14:45:26



Thousands of pins & bushes stocked for hundreds of excavator models Our range includes: 25mm to 80mm diameter bucket pins for most excavators up to 20 tonnes Link pins for many excavators up to 5 tonnes 25mm to 65mm internal diameter bushes Selected king post pin & bush sets Selected boom & dipper pins

We also have a wide range drawings of less common pins which we make to order

Pin & bush enquiries

Please quote the pin & bush position as shown in this drawing. This will ensure that we are quoting for the correct item every time.

DON’T FORGET, WE ALSO.... Stock a variety of shims & seals - ask us for details Make any pin to pattern or drawing Stock a wide range of dummy bucket pins Please visit our website for a copy of latest product availability list

9 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 12

1/12/08 14:45:27


BUCKET & TIPPING LINKS Stocked for many makes & models of excavator up to 8 tonnes

We also have a wide range of drawings of less common bucket links & tipping links which we make to order All bucket links are supplied ready fitted with bushes. They are also fitted with grease nipples & seals where applicable.

Tipping links come as cast or profile cut parts. All pin holes are precision bored for optimum fit.

DON’T FORGET, WE ALSO.... Make bucket links & tipping links to pattern or drawing Make replacement dipper end bosses Refurbish worn dipper & boom arms

Please look at the Product Availability List on our website to keep up to date with our range of bucket & tipping links Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

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1/12/08 14:45:27

Manufactured Buckets by Evans & Reid “A Shell” (1 to 1.8tonne)

“B Shell” (1.9 to 2.8tonne)

“C Shell” ( 2.9 to 3.8tonne)

“D Shell” ( 3.9 to 5.5tonne)

“E Shell” ( 5.6 to 8.0tonne)


Call Technical Sales: - 01639630587

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1/12/08 14:45:28

Manufactured Buckets by Evans & Reid

JCB 13 to 20 Tonne

20 Tonne +

Specialist Quick Hitch Systems

“Klac” “Schaeff” “Terex” “Mecalac” Lenhoff.

Call Technical Sales: - 01639630587 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 15

12 1/12/08 14:45:28

Spring Type Quick Hitch

Front - pins onto Dipper End

Rear - pins onto Bucket Link

Must be used at all times!!! Engages Front Dummy Pin Work Tool = Bucket or Attachment, such us a rake, riddle bucket, ripper tooth etc.

Engages Rear Dummy Pin

General Spring Quick Hitch Information: 1. The spring operated quick hitch (hitch) is a fully manual system. 2. Each work tool to be picked up by the hitch must be fitted with 2 dummy bucket pins. 3. The pin diameter, gap between hanger plates & bucket pin centres must be the same on every work tool to be picked up by the hitch. 4. All hitches manufactured by Evans & Reid will be tested & certified to the host machine’s maximum digging force. 5. All hitches are supplied with an EC declaration of conformity & instruction manual. Basic Instructions on Operation (detailed instructions are supplied with every hitch): 1. The front hook on the hitch engages the front dummy pin on the work tool. 2. The rear, spring loaded ‘swinging’ hook is moved using a bar which fits into a socket on the hook. As the bar is pulled down, the spring is compressed or deformed as the hook moves. The rear hook then engages the work tool’s rear dummy pin, the bar is released & the hook clamps onto the pin. 3. A safety pin must then be inserted into the hitch behind the rear spring loaded hook. This safety pin ensures that the hitch does not open during normal work tool use. It allows the hitch to be used safely. DO NOT USE THE SPRING TYPE QUICK HITCH WITHOUT THE SAFETY PIN. 4. To remove the work tool from the hitch, the safety pin must first be removed. The work tool can then be released using the bar as in (2) above. Remember to replace the safety pin in the hitch once the new work tool has been picked up, or if no further work tools are to be used on the hitch.

13 Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 16

1/12/08 14:45:29

Semi Quick Hitch

Rear - Pins onto Bucket Link

Front - pins onto Dipper End

Engages Front Dummy Pin

Engages Rear Dummy Pin

Work Tool = Bucket or Attachment, such us a rake, riddle bucket, ripper tooth etc.

General Semi Quick Hitch Information: 1. The semi quick hitch (hitch) is a fully manual system. 2. Each work tool to be picked up by the hitch must be fitted with one dummy pin. This dummy pin is fitted in the front pin holes on the work tool’s hanger plates. 3. The pin diameter, gap between hanger plates & bucket pin centres must be the same on every work tool to be picked up by the hitch. 4. All hitches manufactured by Evans & Reid will be tested & certified to the host machine’s maximum digging force. 5. All hitches are supplied with an EC declaration of conformity & instruction manual. Basic Instructions on Operation (detailed instructions are supplied with every hitch): 1. The front hook on the hitch engages the front dummy pin on the work tool. 2. The rear boss engages the rear pin holes on the work tool’s hanger plates. The hitch’s rear pin is then pushed through the rear pin hole on one hanger plate, the hitch’s rear boss & the rear hole on the other hanger plate. The rear pin is then secured in place using a lynch pin. 3. To remove the work tool, simply remove the lynch pin from the hitch’s rear pin, and pull the rear pin fully out of the work tool’s hanger plates & the hitch’s rear boss. Please make sure that the rear pin is replaced in the hitch’s rear boss when the hitch is not being used.

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587


DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 17

1/12/08 14:45:30




Locate the hook of the hitch under the pin on the attachment

Removing Bucket



Rest Bucket and Insert bar





Posilock 3 Auto Automatically clicks in and locks bucket

Fully crowd the bucket ram



Step5 Turn Bar to release bucket


Remove bar and unhook bucket

- The Evans & Reid Posi-lock 3 Auto quick hitch is available for all excavators between 2 tonne & 5 tonne making all your attachments interchangeable between machines that are fitted with the hitch - You only have to leave the cab to release the attachment, when re-attaching simply crowd the bucket ram and it snaps into place - One of the only manual hitches that can be used with a hammer attachment without causing excessive wear to it


Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 18

1/12/08 14:45:31



Posi Lock 3 Auto

Hitch will take a 9" bucket 2 tonne - 5 tonne Interchangeable Compatible with a Hammer C E Marked Fast Action German Market Leader Value for Money Proven Design Changeable cassette

Call Technical Sales on 01639 630587

16 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 19

1/12/08 14:45:31


General Specification All tilting ditchers are twin ram, and can tilt 45 degrees left and right. Pilot operated check valves are fitted to every unit to prevent loss of control if a hose breaks. These valves also stop the accumulator effect when the excavator is lifted up on one end of the tilting ditcher. Without the valves the tilt angle would not hold, and the bucket would move through a few degrees. The valves do not need adjusting or routine maintenance; they must always remain in the circuit. Speed Control valves are also fitted to control the speed of movement. These valves are important to prevent damage to the system or bucket if the bucket tilts too quickly. Full instructions regarding set up are supplied with every bucket.

Call Technical Sales: - 01639630587 17 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 20

1/12/08 14:45:32


Manufactured for all makes and models of excavator from 2 to 20 tonnes Twin ram 45 degree tilt left & right Fitted with pilot operated check valves & speed control valves for safety & control

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 21

18 1/12/08 14:45:32

SPECIAL PRODUCT - RIDDLE BUCKET We manufacture 3 types of riddle bucket:

Bars Across Mainly used for riddling stones from soil heaps, sorting through piles of rubble etc.

Bars Around Used in landscaping for clearing banks & for particle separation during digging .

Grid Riddle Used for top soiling where exact product sizing is critical for a premium product.

When you call, please let us know: Your machine make & model Whether you want bars across, around or a grid type pattern The gap you would like between the bars The width of bucket you require

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587 19 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 22

1/12/08 14:45:32


Manufactured to each customer’s exact specification, for everything from a micro to a 30 tonne excavator. The bucket shown was made for a 30 tonne O&K excavator.

This grid riddle bucket for a 20 tonne excavator was made with a 50mm square gap. The bucket was used for topsoiling.

Riddle bucket for a 13 tonne excavator, fitted with an infill plate. This allows the same bucket to be used to rehandle the sorted material.

Call Technical sales: - 01639 630587 20 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 23

1/12/08 14:45:33

Land & Stone Rakes Manufactured to your requirements Ideal for landscaping and land reclamation. Bespoke design, allowing customer to choose tine length, tine spacing, rake width and cross bar position . We can manufacture exactly what you need, without compromise. You don’t have to make do with what we’ve got in stock!

Please see over for further information

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587 21 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 24

1/12/08 14:45:33

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

LAND RAKE: - Technical Specification We manufacture land rakes for all makes and models of excavator up to approximately 20 tonnes in weight. The pictures below are of a rake for a 20 tonne excavator. Before calling us for a price, please have the dimensions shown below to hand. This will enable us to give you a price as quickly as possible, and ensure that we make exactly the rake you need. We will also need to know the make and model of your excavator. If you have a quick hitch fitted, please advise the pin diameter, hanger gap and pin centres that the underside of the hitch picks up at.

Length of clear rake to cross bar Overall length of tine from under top tube

Gap between tines Rake Width

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 25


1/12/08 14:45:33


Our flame cut mechanical grapple is mounted to the dipper end & bucket link with standard pin type hangers. This also means it can be used in conjunction with a pin type quick hitch or semi hitch. The upper, moveable jaw pivots on the dipper end. It is ‘opened & closed’ by the bucket link in exactly the same way that a bucket is operated. The lower, fixed jaw is connected by a thrust bar to a 3 position bracket welded on the underside of the dipper arm. We supply the thrust bar, 3 position bracket & pivot pins with every grapple.

Call Technical Sales on 01639 630587 23 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 26

1/12/08 14:45:34

SPECIAL PRODUCT - MINI EXCAVATOR GRAPPLE Grapple dimensions (mm) Machine size Grapple height 3&2 tine grapple 4&3 tine grapple category h overall width overall width h

Grapples are usually made with pin type hangers, so they mount to both the dipper end & bucket link. This means the grapple can be used on a pin type quick hitch.

1.5 tonne




2.5 tonne




3.5 tonne




5 tonne




7 tonne




We also make grapples to suit dedicated quick hitch systems. This one was on a Schaeff HR 20.

All grapples are supplied with a thrust bar, mounting pins & weld on 3 point pivot plate to mount the grapple to the excavator.

Our grapples are ideal for picking individual items such as logs, poles or railway sleepers. They can also collect up multiple loose items such as bundles of wood, brushwood & piles of rubbish.

Call Technical Sales on 01639 630587 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 27

24 1/12/08 14:45:35


Dimensions & specifications for 1.5 tonne to 13 tonne excavators can be found on the reverse of this sheet We also manufactureripper teeth for micro excavators and excavators up to 30 tonnes. .


Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 28

1/12/08 14:45:35


Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 29

26 1/12/08 14:45:35

Bespoke Specialist Attachments If you have a problem we can solve it with our purpose made specialist excavator attachments. Some typical examples are shown below:

Turf aerator to aid drainage on sports fields

Offset bucket to dig against walls on both sides of the excavator

Adjustable dozer blade for de-silting canal bottoms

Turf lifter - used to lift Trenching bucket with curved front edge & preserve turf to protect cables containing rare flowers

Excavator mounted wire mesh fence unwinder

Bullrush & reed cutting & clearing bucket

Reed clearing rake bucket for canals & ponds

Do you have an idea for a specialist attachment? Please call our Technical Sales Team, we will be pleased to help! Our highly skilled Design & Manufacturing Departments have the expertise & imagination to turn your ideas into reality!

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

27 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 30

1/12/08 14:45:36

SPECIALIST ATTACHMENTS All attachments are purpose designed and made to the highest standards . Because all our attachments are made to order, we can make them to your exact requirements . You don’t have to simply make do with what we have on the shelf!

Tilting ditching buckets

Ground clearance rakes

Mechanical grapples

Stone rakes with removable tines

Ripper teeth

Riddle buckets

Clay buckets

V buckets

We also manufacture buckets, hammer tops and specialist attachments to suit a variety of dedicated quick hitch systems. Please call us for further details.

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 31

28 1/12/08 14:45:36

HAMMER BRACKETS Manufactured for all makes & models of hydraulic breaker including: Atlas Copco Arrowhead CP Hanwoo Indeco Krupp Montabert NPK Rammer Takeuchi Plus others Made for all makes & models of excavator & backhoe loader We can also make any hammer bracket to pattern or drawing

Hammer brackets can also be made for most dedicated quick hitch systems. If we don’t have details of a particular system, we can make to pattern.

Call Technical Sales: - 01639 630587

29 DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 32

1/12/08 14:45:36

Ground Engagement Tools & Wearparts

CAT System Teeth & Adaptors

CAT 428.......................20mm Cutting Edge CAT 205.......................25mm Cutting Edge CAT 215.......................30mm Cutting Edge CAT 225.......................40mm Cutting Edge Supplied either as "Full Set" (Tip, Adaptor, Pin& Washer) Or individual items.

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 33

1/12/08 14:45:37

Mini Weld on Teeth

Simple weld on teeth for 12 to 16mm Cutting Edges

H&L 23 Weld on adaptor ,Tip & Lock Supplied either as "Full Set" (Tip, Adaptor, Pin& Washer) Or individual items. To suit 25mm Cutting Edge.

K2& K3 Bolt on Teeth & Sidecutters Centre or combined tooth & Sidecutter. K2 Dimensions 16mm Cutting Edge Hole Centers 55mm M14 Plow Bolts

K3 Dimensions 25mm Cutting Edge Hole Centers 52mm 5/8"Plow Bolts

Mini Twin Strap Bolt on Teeth Economic Bolt On System for Smaller Machine To Suit 15mm Cutting Edge Bolt Hole Centers 40-46mm M14 Bolts

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 34

1/12/08 14:45:37

Mini Single Strap Bolt on Teeth Dimensions as Twin Strap, useful system for achieving a flat underside to the cutting edge

JCB Teeth & Sidecutters Available as centre and combined Tooth & Sidecutter. Dimensions 20mm Cutting Edge Hole Centers 45mm M20 Plow Bolts

Replacement Cutting Edges “Boron or “Heat Treated” beveled cutting edges. All sizes cut to length and pre drilled if required

Call Technical Sales: -01639 630587 Other types available on request

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 35

1/12/08 14:45:37




Concrete Crusher

Manufactured from HB 400 hardness steel

Tough and durable

Up to 30 tonnes crushing force Suitable for machines 4 to 8 Tonnes

High productivity

Replaceable crushing teeth plate

Easy maintenance

Bolt on hanger Plate Bolt pattern as Common hammers

Can be used across the fleet

Rebar Cutter

Safe and easy cutting

Call Technical Sales 01639 630587 33




Concrete Crusher

Powerful concrete crushing with high productivity Designed and manufactured by Evans & Reid in the UK


Simple Hydraulic connections to suit any excavator

s nd co Se Call Technical Sales 01639 630587 34

EVANS & REID The Mini Excavator Centre

Screening Bucket High performance screening and sizing

Rotary agitators speed up screening process and break down material Screening size 10/15mm or 25/35mm 2 models: 5 to 8 tonne 8 to 12 tonne

Call Technical Sales 01639 630587 35

EVANS & REID The Mini Excavator Centre

Concrete Mixing Bucket

Efficient loading and mixing of concrete and mortar. Suitable for: Skid Steer Excavator Telehandler Capacity from 315 to 675 Litres

Call Technical Sales 01639 630587 36

EVANS & REID The Mini Excavator Centre

Branch Cutter Safe and productive cutting of branches and scrub

Model to suit 2.5tonne excavators: 50mmCutting Diameter Model to suit 5 - 12tonne excavators: 50mmCutting Diameter

1580/1880/2180mm Cutting Widths

Call Technical Sales 01639 630587 37

EVANS & REID The Mini Excavator Centre

Flail Mower

Skid Steer

Back Hoe



Versatile Flail Mower to suit all machine applications Tough Hydraulically powered cutting head with various blade types to suit all conditions. Contact us with your application requirements.

Call Technical Sales 01639 630587 38


Buckets to suit all makes & models 3








1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Formed box section all across the top of the bucket for added strength Heat treated Boron steel cutting edge Bracket straps all the way Continuously welded digging strap for extra strength Insert across bucket for added strength Added corner gussets for extra strenghth Level top section

We can manufacture ANY rehandling bucket to match your specific needs 39

For full details of Agricultural and Materials Handling Products Call: - 01639 630587 for full catalogue e-mail: sales website:



Of Parts For


Of Mini Excavators Airmann Atlas Bobcat Cat Case Chieftan Daewoo Furukawa Fermec Hanix Hitachi Hinowa Hyundai IHI JCB

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Evans & Reid The Mini Excavator Centre

Staffordshire Warehouse, Canal Road, Neath, West Glamorgan, UK. SA11 1LJ Tel: 01639 630587 Fax: 01639 633315 International Tel: +44 1639 630587 Fax +44 1639 633315 website: e-mail:

Evans & Reid offer a full design & Manufacture service for all your special attachments

DAS Evans Reid 40pp.indd 40

1/12/08 14:45:40

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