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Evan Ashby Cover Letter for A5 May 2, 2011

As far as revisions go, I didn’t change too much. I fixed any grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and sentence structures that I messed up, but I also redid my photo backgrounds, colors, and arrangement, and I added arguments to my A3 paper to make it sound more concrete. Other than that I didn’t do too much. I did try to focus my thoughts better in both papers though, noticing where I didn’t really say anything and more so leave incomplete thoughts.

However I would say that your comments and notations have been more then helpful. They made it extremely easy for me to realize what I did wrong, and where I was messing up on the A3 essay. As for the A2 project, i lost most of my points with having no rationale paper so that was an easy fix in that respect. I realize that by doing some of the things I did in both of my essays that I will lose points for them but I have maintained almost the same writing style for the past 5 years, with a slight change in junior year of highschool due to Creative Writing class. Also when I write these kinds of essays I just kind of ramble at the reader. But as for how your comments have helped me overall, I would say that they have just reinforced what most of my teachers have ever said, find your topic, stick to it as best as

possible, focus your ideas, and don’t be too wordy where you don’t need it. I am a stream of conscious writer usually, so I just get lost in typing sometimes and the end doesn’t match the beginning at times, but it is also the way I talk, so it’s the way I write. Your feedback through this year has been very helpful. Thank you.

Cover Letter  

this is my cover eltter

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