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#wsbCtalks Event Agenda

Live Event Agenda

6:00pm | Opening Remarks - Evan Baechler 6:10pm | FIFA Brand Loyalty presentation – Evan Baechler

More Details Fifa Brand Loyalty Pres.

7:00pm | NBA 2k12 & Nike presentation – Amanda Pliska

Evan Baechler (@ebaechler) completed a thesis on how playing FIFA contributes to Brand Loyalty. #WSBCtalks starts w/ a summary of this project

7:30pm | Keynote Community interview - TBD

Consumer Panel

7:50pm | Acknowledgements Closing Remarks – Evan Baechler

UO Students field questions on how gaming has affected their sports consumptions & participation in different sports.

6:30pm | Consumer Panel – Warsaw Students

Twitter Discussion Questions 6:05pm | How do Sports Video Games Affect Sports Marketing?

• • • • •

@LoveLifeKyle - FIFA @JZlaket32 - Madden @JesseSchwarzz - MLB 2K @KHinstorff - NHL 2K @ TBD - NBA 2K

7:30pm | What tactics, programs & marketing initiatives would NBA 2k12 Nike Pres. UO Senior & Soon-to-be NIKE you run to influence sports consumers using video games? digital expert, Amanda Pliska 8:00pm | Do Consumers respond to product integrations in video games

(@ampliska) presents NIKE's Basketball footwear integrations with the NBA 2K12 video game.

8:30pm | Is marketing through Sports Video Games authentic? Keynote Community Interview #wsbCtalks Twitter Hosts @ebaechler @Tyler_elliott

@ampliska @HurryKan3


#WSBCtalks twitter monitoring team will collate the best tweets throughout the discussion & turn them into a roster of questions to ask an industry expert.

#WSBCtalks Agenda  

Agenda for the first live twitter evente hosted by @UOWarsawCenter

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