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What Has Led to Spiking Crocs Sales? Originally designed as a spa shoe, no one could have predicted that this casual invention by three friends from Boulder, Colorado, could have resulted in the breathtaking success that crocs have become. Crocs sales have hit the roof and are raking in a turnover in millions, a testament to the high popularity and demand in people of all ages and genders across the globe. But what exactly is this designing innovation that has seen such a huge spike in crocs sales? Crocs are an unorthodox shoe line made in a diverse range of different styles. The crocs are known for their multicolored designs with Swiss cheese like perforations. The shoes are now lined with odor preventing material which helps prevent sweat and water induced odors from setting into the shoes. Plus the cushy orthopedic beds that are present in these shoes lead to comfortable wearing – something which endears the crocs to their devoted followers. The shoe color palette depends in entirety on the style of shoe. The more casual and hip Beach and Caymen styles are available in more than twenty different color combinations, for instance. Crocs have adapted in time and have released products that meet a more diverse range of customer needs; for instance, it released the “Fuzz Collection” (shoes with the option of woolen liners) to cater to the winter market. Crocs have also made a foray into sport shoes and are present in the form of “Ace” – the premier golfing shoe launched by Croc. As a direct consequence of the astonishingly high and ever increasing crocs sales, other companies have started producing cheap rip offs across the globe. These rip offs, referred to as “croc offs”, are often of a substantially lower quality and are in direct infringement of the design patent obtained by Croc. This resulted in a subsequent voluntary recall of these knockoffs, both from within the United States of America and from outside it. In cases where this recall was not abided, enforced seizures of the companies took place – something that was made even more urgent because the detaching of plastic rivets resulted in serious health concerns. But despite their large cult like following and the large number of crocs sales in a year, there are those in the industry that are highly critical of the product. Not everyone is attracted to the colorful and unorthodox design of the crocs and instead many individuals in the fashion industry have been largely critical of the crocs as abominations of the fashion industry. They denounce these shoes as ugly and crude – a claim they are not afraid to be vocal about. There is a prominent and well grounded subculture of “croc haters” who are vocal about their hate of these shoes and have taken to all forms of media from the written word to television to the internet to speak out against them. But despite this firm and steady opposition, crocs sales remain strong because of the large number of devoted followers who admire Croc’s ability to defy accepted fashion trends and deliver a product that not only delivers comfort but appeals to their unique sense of fashion.

What Has Led to Spiking Crocs Sales?  

Article explaining the growing trend that is crocs footwear.

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