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The Process

By: Evan Krummel

Initial Thoughts I had an opening for a class this semester and I was breezing through the catalog for a course to take. Not necessarily something that would challenge me, but something where I could go in, learn some things, screw around, and have a ton of fun. So I signed up for Art 130 A with my buddy Terren, and thinking this was a 130 class, I thought this would be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong. It turned out to be way harder than I thought. Honestly I have not taken or dealt with a true art course since 8th grade and even then I was not a good artist. So why I took it in college, it is beyond me. I had fun throughout the semester, but this class challenged and continued to challenge me throughout the entire semester. It was a colossal amount of work and to be honest I just was not even close to being able to put in the amount of work needed, since I really was taking it for fun and not for a major. And although I am not going to come out with a good grade, I have to point out I had a lot of fun, it really is what you put into it. I mean the fun factor will definitely die out when I get my final grade for this class back, but I had a ton of fun and would probably take it again. There were a lot of setbacks, personally, but overall I am pretty proud of the work, especially my later work, that was produced. I would recommend this class to others, but only if they have a lot of time on there hands, this class is not for those with classes that require loads of work, that is for certain. Anyways I just want to thank Professor Ries for putting up with my antics all semester and I hope she had some fun. I also want to point out that I believe you are an incredibly hard grader and I respect your grading system because I see a lot of integrity in it, but I also believe that since it is a 130 class and it is a GS and on top of that many students who take it are not art majors, I believe the grading expectations should be lowered drastically. I thought I was enlisting in the coast guard for Lake Michigan but instead was made captain of a P.T. boat in the middle of the Pacific Theatre. Thank you, I hope you find this book semi-entertaining, Evan

ME Name: Evan Krummel Birthday: 04/19/1993 Astrological Sign: Taurus/Aires Hobbies: Fun Major: English Hometown: De Pere, Wi. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Asexual ;) Fraternity: Tau Kappa Epsilon Favorite Author: J.D. Salinger Where I see myself in 5 years: Either homeless in Europe or married to a sugar momma Dream: To experience life to the fullest Something I want to do this summer: Skydive Chicken or the Egg: Chicken...Free Roaming Chicken Favorite Pizza topping: Pepperoni Favorite Medium of Art: Water colors Favorite Artist: Cameron Stefanowski Band I could listen to any day, anywhere: Maroon 5 prior to sellout

D* School Crash Course This project was basically to give an impression of what it is like to live the life of a graphic designer. I thought it was really neat and I had a lot of fun working with my partner Danielle. It was pretty intense for a beginning project, but the creativity and imagination that was involved made it a pretty decent start to this class. I really think it helped me feel more comfortable with other people in the class. I only wish their was more supplies to utilize for the project. Unfortunately I do not have my Styrofoam scarf anymore, it was stolen from me after I wore it out to a friends on Friday night...

Hand-Lettering I loved this assignment and hated it all at the same time, because I do not believe my creativity was appreciated. The goal was to take a word and to basically bring it alive in some way. The word I received was melt. I appreciated how much free reign we were allowed on this project and I definitely thought I took a very creative and messy approach! The photo on the following page illustrate this process. Top Photo: Right away in class I was given the word melt. Feeling exhausted and not motivated at all to really let those creative juices run wild, I just simply sketched the word in a few different ways. Basically this was me just getting accustomed to the word. Although the giant melt in the middle, if you look close, is the letters actually melted into each other, the letters, each differentiated by a different texture. Bottom Photo: Was the next step. Writing out the word melt, I made a little chart of all the words that came into my head that dealt with the word melt. It was a fun experience and definitely helped me get a tad more creative, but where the creativity really mustered was outside the classroom and when I was on my own. Middle Photo: So naturally I am not an even a poor drawer, I am absolutely rancid, like that infamous you tube girl that sings the song “Friday”. So I went out on a limb and using one of my earlier letter versions of the word melt, I went out on my townhouse porch and started my process book on fire. It was the most exciting thing in the world. I had way to much fun doing it, especially being an English major, someone who respects paper a lot...I mean I was living “Fahrenheit 451”. It was awesome. This led me to choose some very unique decisions in what I was going to use as artistic mediums. This project really helped me become fearless in deciding on different methods to use to approach a project. That and it truly helped spark a passion to be a tad more creative in my art.

Glue, paint, egg yolk, and toothpaste is what makes up melt in this photo. Although it has nothing to do with the actual word, I had fun just utilizing different mediums that are not normally used to create something.

I was hungry, so I cracked an egg and dipped a paintbrush in it. Then I drew out the word melt, in egg yolk in a frying pain and there it is! I personally thought it was awesome, but more importantly delicious.

In this photo I took a bunch of $.50 candles I had bought at Dollar Tree for a romantic night on the docks for a special somebody, and melted them. I put them in a boiling pot of hot water and waited till the wax melted. Once it had I took the pan outside and with oven mits, poured them on the snow located outside my townhouse in the shape of the word melt! This is personally my favorite and I thought it was ingenious!

I am not technologically gifted by any means and should not use a Mac for editing. So when I was foolishly fooling around with photoshop I took the melt from the left, messed up the editing especially and ended up with this beautiful accident. My technological meltdown, became my fourth illustration of melt. Neat because it turned out alright for a complete accident.

Dot Line Illustration The goal of this project was to communicate words through the simple use of lines and dots. Personally, being a romantic and a lover of books, I thought it was a most romantic and challenging task to be able to communicate an emotion with something so simple as lines and dots. I immediately took to this challenge! For what is more beautiful than to be able to communicate an emotion through another forte other than physicality or words. I took a very different approach to what everyone else had done. Rather than mapping out possible dot and line examples to illustrate a word. I mapped the words using lines and dots. As you can see on the right. I wrote the words through only dots and lines, to try and get a feeling for the words first. It was unorthodox and I took some points off, but I truly felt it helped strengthen a better understanding of how I could truly communicate the emotions that these words bring forth! My favorite of course being the joy with the sun, which I thought truly captures the feeling through the composition of the text. I then composed a series of dot and lines illustrations to try and encompass each emotion, the emotions being rejection, scarcity, oppression, and longing. At the time I was suffering through a break-up and used those negative feelings to really tap into what would truly help illustrate and project those emotions onto my audience. The end result I view as a success, because the person who was critiquing my work got 3 out of 4 of them right off the bat. The one she did not get, well the right answer was her second choice. This project helped me truly respect the effects of empty space, value, proximity, and shapes have on an the emotional quality of a piece of art. How even an centimeter can mean the difference between unity and longing, well it is just amazing and I truly came out of this project with a better understanding of what all can effect an interpretation of a piece of art.

? ?

? ?

Longing: The idea was to try and show two things reaching out to each other but not able to completely touch, illustrating their longing for each other. Like in every romance movies where the woman is reaching out to the man, as if to hold their hands one last time before destiny casts them away from each other “forever�. That was the idea behind this image. The big, strong, and black finger symbolizing a man’s due to the masculine attributes associated with these qualities, reaching out to the more petite and feminine finger.

Oppression: The idea was to show two giant orbs crushing in a stick. I believe I could have made it better by having less empty space in between the line and the two dots, but for the most part I was happy with it!

Scarcity: The idea was to create as few and as small of shapes possible while at the same time displaying an abundance of empty space to create a very bland picture. I believe this one is the most obvious to identify of the compositions.

Rejection: Lines are together and dot is all alone in the corner feeling lonely, because he is a dot. This one was almost as easy as scarcity and definitely guessed immediately.

Continuous Line Drawing The Continuous Line Drawing project was definitely one that took me out of my comfort zone almost immediately. In this project we had to draw someone’s face and figure without looking at our paper. I foolishly had started with a pencil, which is unforgiving, and that is when I realized that I was a subpar drawer to everyone else in the room when I realized I was drawing stick figures while they were drawing Mona Lisa’s. So I figured I had to compete on a different playing field and decided that a pencil would not work. So being obnoxious I grabbed some charcoal(I was also hungry and thinking of burgers and barbecue) and went at it! What I came away with was some very unique and I have to say interesting drawing that have a lot of depth to them. This exercise introduced me to an essential art form for my future art, and that was the smear tactic that you get from pastels. Overall this project was a blast and it was cool that everyone was able to laugh at each others work and make fun of it! I think this project helped ease the intensity of the class and everyone kinda bonded and came together over it, realizing that none of us were perfect artists. I feel after this, everyone in the class became a lot more chill and critiquing and taking criticism became a helluva lot easier. Top Right: A portrait of Kyle Gilbert. Kyle was a fellow Campus Ops worker with me and a business major. What I made Kyle was into a Puerto Rican coke dealer! Although it resembles Kyle very little, I thought the detail in the face came off pretty well and received quite a bit of praise for it...even though I am still kinda like...meh. But others loved it and it definitely was a source of humour for me! Bottom Left: A portrait of Carl the Swede. It kinda looks like him, but in the end everytime I look at it I either think Swedish Elvis or my own father surprisingly enough. It is weird, but I like it, especially the eyes on down. I did not receive as many compliments for this one.

Object Iteration Object Iteration was all about taking a moving thing and creating it through a variety of different ways. I chose a seahorse...I do not know why. I just had a dream about seahorses and I was like, why not. So I chose seahorses and went with it. I loved this project because it really challenged me to experiment and be creative in my designs of each iteration. I had the most fun with this and I cannot lie, although I left it last minute, I never enjoyed working on a project for 5 hours straight as I did with this one. Overall I learned a ton about creativity and more importantly how to truly illustrate multiple versions of the same creature in a plethora of mediums.

Rough Draft

The Process: Object Iteration

Final Iteration

Type Iteration Type Iteration was challenging because I had no idea where to start. So I started with taking an essay I had written and cut it up into the shape of a seahorse.

I then took some newspaper articles cut them up and experimented with text and blank space, but I was not happy with it.

My final iteration gained rave reviews, especially from Cameron. I loved this one, because it is a series of interconnecting and overwriting text that add texture and pattern that helps differentiate different parts of the seahorse. I was extremely surprised and more so relieved that it turned out like it did, with the praise it gained. It is definitely not my favorite, but I am probably most proud of this one. The biggest challenge was photoshopping the text to overlap like it did. It was a fun time!

Collage Iteration For the Collage portion of the Object Iteration Project I decided to show multiple meanings through this image on what a seahorse is. The magazine pictures that make up the shape of the seahorses are a picture of a horse and the sea intertwined, taking note of the animals names. The Seahorses whose tales are intertwined symbolize the Monogamy that seahorses are famous for upholding and finally the positioning of the horses symbolizes their popular symbolism of love in todays society.

I kept the Seahorse idea of love and monogamy, but decided I needed more collage. So I looked for pictures of jewelry and other objects of affection and found a photo of a locket. I thought it was a gift from Aphrodite herself, and played with putting them into the locket and presto. I loved it because it reminded me of the Titanic or something. A long lost locket forever lost at sea with the picture of two seahorses, a desire for everlasting love from a woman who had died before she could find it. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and a super romantic image for anyone who desires love.

So I got my heart broken and smoked a cigar the other night and with it the locket idea. I smashed the locket. But much like a bubble it always seems to come floating back up to me, and like a bubble it is super delicate and can pop easily, so we take great care to preserve it. With that concept and fueling in my Master Artist Impression, I took the pipe of my classy seahorse and had another picture next to it, basically saying “this is what is happening zoomed in and realified�. That’s how I got this. Although the image is exactly the same as from collage prime, I evolved it into something completely different! The Process: Object Iteration: Collage


Master Artist Rendition Both of these were in the style of Master Artist Van Gogh. Using Pastels I tried to replicate what he was able to do with some of his famous paintings. The one of the left is in regards to Van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers”, I call this one Seahorse weed. I do not believe this was a great impersonation, but the seahorse looked kick ass and the contrast of the heavy dark lines of the seahorse against the very undefining lines of the plant were a pleasant surprise. Overall though...I am not a huge fan of this piece. Although the use of pastels and using my finger to smudge the charcoal was a very cool tool that I never used before, and one that I had a lot of fun with. I thought it made the pictures look great, and I owe it to the Continuous Line project for showing me this skill.

I am very proud of this one. In the style of Van Gogh’s “Skull with Burning Cigarette”, I created a skeleton seahorse. Instead of a cigarette though I gave him a pipe...a bubble pipe! I thought it was incredibly clever and I love this one, because I think it came out pretty great and I was able to incorporate it with my Collage Iteration!

“Skull with Burning Cigarette”

Continuous Line, Geometric, Abstract, and Free Form



Overall I was really happy how these came out! My continuous was a little weird with all the added lines and stuff, but that is because I could not lift the pencil. The Geometric, well I accomplished making a seahorse with just shapes...I hate it most of all my illustrations in this class. Free Form was just me experimenting with paint and ink, I think it is interesting, it is supposed to be a baby seahorse trapped between the light and warmth of the known surface and the dark cold abyss that lies below. The Abstract is my favorite drawing of the entire series! It reminds me of Chinese typography and I love it. Long lines that show a seahorse, simplily. Kinda like cave drawings. It is fierce and cool and I just whole heartedly love it, especially with all the imperfections of within the tail and the lines, I think it is very unique and I would not change anything to it.


Free Form

Designers Project: Viktor Hertz I did a powerpoint presentation on the Graphic Designer Viktor Hertz. Hertz has contributed a simplified and unique style to modern day graphic designers. His movie and music posters in addition to his social satire are very popular among youth! His new style is taking hold and he is definitely becoming a more prominent figure within the graphic design community, even being interviewed and written about in popular newspapers such as the New York Times and Huffington Post. I cannot even begin to describe how much I respect and adore Hertz’s work, the simplicity in addition to the encompassing wit is in my mind, ingenious. I really enjoyed this project...just wish I had not been so nervous to give the presentation, I think I could have represented him a tad better.

How to Project

How to Make 1) First, find a mixing container. Big enough to hold 2 liters of anything it is of no use. Note: It must have a 1.75 liter line or at the very least a 1.5 liter mark.

2) Once the container is chosen and it possesses an adequate volume capacity. Fill this vessel with about 1 liter of finger numbing cold water.

3) Grab two measuring cups: the 1 cup and the ¼ cupFill the 1 cup up with sugar and dump in carefully into the container, making sure not to spill. Fill your ¼(or ⅓) cup with sugar and then dump that one in too.

4) Now go to your collection of Kool-Aid and pick out the flavor that speaks most to you. Carefully tear open the package, following the tear line. Gently squeeze the packet on the side so that the packet gently opens up and you can examine all the magic powder. Proceed to dump it into the container...I cannot stress how important it is that every single gram of that powder gets into that container for the fullest of flavor.

5) After you have emptied the magic packet, slowly and with much care, fill the packet up about halfway with cold water and dump it into the container so that no flavor is lost.

6) Now Fill the Kool-Aid container till the water level is rested on the 1.75 liter line.

7) After you have done that, wipe the edges of the container and then screw on or put on the lid. Making sure it is as tight as it will go. Then, on a music playing device put on the “Harlem Shake” and start vivaciously shaking the container varying up the shaking styles for the most effective dissolve.Note: You will see a change in composition and color.

8) Keep shaking until all the sugar is dissolved into the water. Best way to test this is to flip the container upside down and examine the base of the container for sugar. If there is no sugar it is ready.

9) From here take out your finest glass, put a couple cubes of ice inside and pour the Kool-Aid inside and enjoy at your leisure.

Overall this project was a flop. The initial writing was good but the end product was pretty much meh. I do not believe I accomplished the objective like I had wanted to, which was to make a kick-butt guide on how to make Kool-Aid. It was disappointing but that is life I guess, I just moved on from there and focused on my Children’s Book after that.

Children’s Book Project was pretty cool. Make a rad children’s book that someday will get me millions I hope! It really was a pain in the ass to say the least. I never spent so much time making anything in my life and in the end it was a pretty decent investment! All my nosy friends saw it on my townhouse table and would just come up to me saying that the illustrations were awesome, so it was pretty neat. I mean overall I only really like a handful, but it was fun! Just wish I could have done the text also. Anyways, I used my process book paper and a whole bunch of pastels to draw out the dinosaur Nelson. I had to do a lotta photoshop, cause I forgot to spray the pages after I created them, so I mean there was a bunch of pastel color overlap that just was not cutting it among other things. Thank the master artist there is a thing called the clone stamp that literally saved my entire project! I am pretty happy with the end result, just frustrated that scanning pastels takes away so much of the pictures integrity and look.

Nelson the Dinosaur! Written by: Rebecca Liming, and Ryan Teal Illustrated by: Evan Krummel

My Favorites

Acknowledgements I would just like to thank everyone who stuck with me in the class! I mean I know I am obnoxious but it was a great time. I also wanna apologize for all my unexcused absences, they would have been excused, but I forgot to excuse them! Anyways I learned alot from this class, I met a ton of really cool people, and got to strengthen some friendships with others that I had already known. This was a great class, really hard, but a great and fun class and I am glad I could do something like this before I have to get all serious the upcoming semesters. I hope everyone has a great summer and Professor Ries thanks for everything including believing in my painting potential! You were awesome. And once again thanks Terren for putting up with me and my ridiculous stories!! ~Evan Krummel