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Isaac Muhovich

I made this graphic for Rome Harris, owner of Divine Cuts barber shop. I created this graphic in illustrator after scanning a drawing of what he wanted the logo to look like. He was very satisfied with the logo and he’s

decided to make shirts and hats with it.

This is a one minute video about a fictional detective named Leeroy Jenkins. I made this video for my digital media class. The video is a 60 second intro of what will be a television show.

The first scene is Leeroy Jenkins climbing of a sewer in pursuit of the criminal. The the second scene is the criminal flipping a fence trying to escape and the third scene fight scene that Leeroy Loses.

This is a third video done for Divine cuts for another hair show at Arnellas Club Saint Paul Minnesota.Unfortunetely for us we had to incorporate the show differently than we

wanted to due to the camera man accidentally recorded in the lowest pixel aspect ratio as possible. However we made due with what we had and it turned out well.

This is my website, the three E’s stand for Elevating Entertainment and Education. I have 5 other people that I’m planning on working with for future projects.

My next client is a Christian rapper who’s name is Christopher but goes by the stage name Cmoe. One of his hit songs that was published to a popular Christian music collection is called You Know What It Is.

This is a template I created for Rani engineering

Project Challenge

In August 2007, southeastern Minnesota experienced devastating floods as a result of stationary warm front. Twenty-four hour rainfall totals of 15 to 18 inches were recorded in the Winona area. Compounding the problem was the topography, characterized by steep hills and bluffs and deep coulees, which gave steep gradients to the drainage and made streams highly erosive. As the rains far exceeded the absorption rate of 1.5 inches in six hours, flash floods rapidly overflowed the water courses and spread across the valley floors. bluffs gave way and several homes were completely washed away. The floods took out a bridge on Canadian Pacific’s Amtrak Empire Builder line which provides freight and passenger service between Chicago, St. Paul and points west. The washout left tracks suspended in air and train service halted. Canadian Pacific built a “shoofly track” around the damaged bridge in Minnesota City that opened within seven days, restoring Amtrak passenger service.

Rani Engineer Solution Rani Engineering provided survey support for the emergency construction. Professional services included: Establishing existing alignment and proposed alignment Construction staking, including elevations of bridge monuments and piers site coordination with owner and contractor Preparing field notes to document project activities Providing 24/7 support to owner and contractor for the duration of the project

Project Background Owner: Canadian Pacific Railroad Client: DMJM Harris Contact: Sean Markey, PE (215) 735-0832 Construction Cost: N/A Rani Fee: $11,500 Design: August 2007 Construction: August 2007

The background of this picture is the very first big video project I did. This was also for Divine like the logo shown in the first page. This was for a hair show at the holiday express ballroom in Bloomington Minnesota.

After our performance the crowd was completely silent. It’s moments like this that remind me why I love digital media.

Elevating Entertainment & Education

evan pyykkonen portfolio

evan pyykkonen portfolio