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Once upon a time... I was in the business of once upon a time. At the age of 22 I was a professional historian.

And working with guys who looked like this.

I spent my days in surroundings like this.

Going on treasure hunts for information in boxes like these

I spent my days looking at and falling in love with details. Small, hidden, overlooked, forgotten, but still essential, details. Details that, when tied together, help explain the mystery of human behavior. While my inner nerd was happy, I was hungry for more. I was hungry for details that helped to explain today’s cultural shifts. Details that weren’t trapped in boxes and could only exist in the real world. I wanted the details that I collected to not just explain something that happened in the past, but to also have the power to shape something in the future. I wanted to help create a new idea, a new big picture, a new opportunity for the world. For me, this is what brand planning is about. Creatively finding and sifting through details until a truth is found. A truth that doesn’t just stop at being a truth, but a truth that can be turned into an action. Whether it a new way of approaching a business problem or simply helping someone to have a better conversation with the customer.

Table of Contents

Agency Work: Walmart

Social Media Campaign

Grad School: Smirnoff L’Oreal

Social Media Campaign Global Brand Campaign

The day I went down a glacier at the end of the world and discovered I wanted to be a planner.

(me) After I left history, I wandered for a bit.


In addition to expanding my snow globe collection and eating massive amounts of exotic food, I learned several things about myself: 1. I am that embarrassing tourist who constantly reads Lonely Planet. 2. I can go 4 days with out a shower before I smell bad. 3. I should be a planner.

(no snow pants=bad idea)

I came to this realization when I was shopping for snacks in Ushuaia. Ushuaia is the southern most town in the world. Grocers don’t restock their shelves

frequently. When an item is sold out, it’s gone for a long time. People don’t have the luxury of “brand preference.” Despite this, there was one item the grocer had an abundance of: Quaker Oats This confused me. Why would the people of Patagonia NOT want a delicious bowl of warm oats in the morning? So I asked the manager, “why do you have so many of these?” His response: “the dude on it’s weird.” Then it dawned on me. No one at the end of the world knows or cares what a Quaker is. The thought of this miscommunication fired me up. No one thought about the culture they were selling to. As a result of packaging, a great product was gathering dust at the end of the world. I have made it my mission in life to fix this. To make sure products have perspective whether it is global or local.

Social Media Campaign

Eva Schiave Strategist

The Team

Adam Delahanty

Community Manager

Business opportunity

The Challenge Relaunch Walmart’s Fabric & Crafts department by creating a campaign that relies heavily on social media. Use the relaunch to emphasize Walmart’s status as a brand that helps its customers save money.

The Backstory A few years ago, Walmart eliminated its Fabric & Crafts department as part of a store and business strategy remodeling effort (called Project Impact.) This had the unintended effect of disappointing many core customers and resulted in an outpouring of protest on social media.

The Market In the years since the department’s elimination, crafting and sewing have exploded as hobbies in the US.

75% of Arts and Crafters spent more on supplies then they did last year

Source: Mintel, Family Leisure Trends, March 2011

Insights WALMART CUSTOMERS ARE INHERENTLY CRAFTY Compared with the rest of the US, Walmart customers are: 74% more likely to Scrapbook

28% more likely to have knitted

36% more likely to have painted or drawn

THE DISCUSSION AROUND CRAFTING HAS MOVED FROM THE KNITTING CIRCLE TO SOCIAL NETWORKS Crafting has shifted from being passed on through family members or neighbors to people teaching themselves via the internet. As a result, every step of the process- from inspiration to showing off the final product- is taking place digitally.

50% more likely to have sewn


•  How-to and instructional guides with images and videos! • 25% of blog posts and 85% of videos !

RETAILERS HAVE NOT INTERSECTED THIS DISCUSSION Most big-box retailers do not have a Fabric & Crafts category. Specialty retailers are focused on providing support for expert crafters.


• Sharing projects with friends! • 22% of blog posts!




Execution !

10% 0 Blogs

27% • Giveaways & promotion! • 20% of Facebook posts!

As a result, no one is supporting the novice crafter even though their numbers are rapidly increasing.


Where the conversation takes place


Twitter Facebook Videos Misc.

• Positing daily activities that included fabric and crafts projects! • 25% of blog posts and 53% of Facebook status update!

Source: Mintel, Attitudes of Women 18-34, 2008, Radian 6, MRI Doublebase 2010

Social Strategy Brief .

Objective: Use social to drive in-store sales in Fabric & Crafts. Barrier: Because of Project Impact, customers don’t view Walmart as a source for Fabric & Crafts. Social Barrier: Crafters don’t turn to retailers for social support on their crafting projects, instead opting for specialized communities focused on expert crafters. Social insight: Retail competitors aren’t engaging this space while niche retailers seek to engage expert crafters. Insight: With the reintroduction of Fabric & Crafts at Walmart, crafting has become more accessible than ever before. Crafting at Walmart is not for the experts or Martha Stewarts of the world, but for real people seeking quality time with their family and a chance to create at a reasonable price.

Democratize Fabric & Crafts is not


Main Message: Use social to help democratize crafting to inspire and educate anyone to use Walmart as the start point for all of their new projects and crafting needs.

Campaign Guidelines

Concept CRAFT SHARE Build a gallery on Walmart’s Facebook page to provide Moms with a venue to show off their creations and find inspiration. These projects will be voted on by fellow fans & crafters. Since crafting is such a tactile experience we also felt that it was important to expand the campaign into the retail environment. We recommended that Walmart use its in store TV Network to create a “virtual craft fair” by showcasing pictures of winning entries near the Fabrics & Crafts departments as well as physically display projects in the winners’ local stores.

How it works 1. Mom posts her creation to crafting gallery 2. Her project can get voted on by friends and fans, generating impressions in her news feed 3. Crafting Champions are selected to be showcased in Mom’s local store & nationwide on the Smart Network 4. In-store displays to feature co-op partnerships & live demonstrations

Digital Ecosystem Due to a tight ad budget and in order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we designed the campaign to tap into and be supported by every element of Walmart’s existing digital ecosystem: Twitter Feed

Smart Network

Facebook Editorial

Results: My Walmart Facebook Ads

Immediate client buy in. However development is temporarily suspended due to termination of agency & client relationship.

Craft Blogs & Walmart Moms Facebook Groups

“NICE SAVE!” Cheap Craft Challenges: Tap into “Nice Save”- a Facebook App that weekly presents fans with budgetary challenges that they need to weigh in on- to pose seasonally relevant crafting challenges.(Example: Most creative Thanksgiving center piece under $10.)

Blog Activation: Blogs account for over half of online crafting discussion. Capitalizing on this trend, Walmart will leverage both influential craft bloggers as well as their private paid blogger base (Walmart Moms) to seed inspirational Fabric & Crafts projects and create supporting video content.


Social Media Campaign

The Team

Pankaj Rawat

Jessica Collins

Krystal Plomatos

Eva Schiave

Rachel Stallworth







The challenge

Brand Equity Founded in Russia in the 1860s, Smirnoff came to the US where, in an effort to sell it, marketers created signature drinks such as the Moscow Mule. This helped to inspire a cocktail revolution. Although this revolution secured Smirnoff’s position as the world’s number one selling brand of vodka, ironically it made the task of selling to men harder.

The Challenge AKQA approached us with the task of creating a social media campaign that would push Smirnoff vodka among men ages 21-26 .


+ Because of its supreme mixability and easy taste, Vodka is seen more as an ingredient than the anchor of a drink.

+ Consumers said Smirnoff was for girly drinks like Cosmos, Appletinis, and shots like Sex on the Beach

= Women are 2x more likely to drink vodka, cementing its reputation as being a “girly” spirit.

Smirnoff has been emasculated

Target To overcome the negative perceptions of Smirnoff, the brand must be reintroduced to young men whose palettes are in the process of maturing. These men are in a discovery process, sampling different drinks until they chose their signature drink. We need to reintroduce Smirnoff to men in this stage, to make them realize that it is more than just the Smirnoff Ice they drunk at frat parties or a mixer for girly drinks. We must show them that Smirnoff can be enjoyed in a masculine way.


Give men another way to drink Smirnoff

Strategy Connect with men by reintroducing authentic drinking culture When surveyed, consumers said that they used Smirnoff as a mixer because it is not considered a “nice� vodkas that they can drink straight.

Brand perception

Instead of creating new cocktails, which tend to fall in and out of style, we are (re)introducing a style of drinking which also happens to be the proper way of enjoying vodka.

Reasons to believe Authentic Red is a drink for real men that know how to drink vodka the real way- the way vodka has been drunk in Russia for centuries. Vodka is not meant to be guzzled down with mixers and filled with ice. Vodka should be sipped slow, neat, and so cold that the vodka is viscous.

Smirnoff is one of the few popular vodkas that owns being authentically Russian. Not everyone can pull this drink off, giving the man who drinks Authentic Red a certain cachet with his friends.

Smirnoff was ranked the #1 vodka in a blind taste test beating out top-shelf brands.

The Campaign MEDIA STRATEGY Augment his authentic drinking experience Most Smirnoff is sold for home consumption, so we developed a campaign to augment the customers’ drinking experience while they are at home. Both through creating authentic elements that helped them host the Red perfect vodka drinking experience, and then have to ability to relay that online to their friends.



the Authentic red sipping glass collection sent to you on your birthday Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum sed tortor ac felis varius ornare.


Just about every man’s cabinet has a few branded beer steins and it is time for him to add a Smirnoff glass. Drawing inspiration from the copper mugs Smirnoff used to popularize the Moscow Mule in the 50’s, these iconic shot glasses, similar to the ones used in Russia, will become a fixture in the home and serve to make sure that Smirnoff is a visible part of the party, even after it has been poured out of the bottle.

The offline buzz generated by these shot glasses will spark conversations about Smirnoff online. Smirnoff fans will clamor for their very own shot glasses which they can sign up to receive on their birthdays, or as a reward for using “Authentic Red” hash-tags.

Since music fuels the party, Smirnoff will create branded channels for online radio stations. These channels will feature popular Russian artists unknown in the US. Listeners can download these songs for free on Smirnoff’s “Be There” website.

Social Media

Smirnoff Texts From Last Night: Instead of creating a new social media platform, we wanted to be a part of what people were already doing online.

Since there’s a correlation between the amount of alcohol consumed and the number of texts/facebook messages/tweets sent, we recommend that Smirnoff offer a way for users to “colorize” their text. By utilizing hash tag technology, users will be able to differentiate and brag about “authentic red” moments.

Context strategy


Global Brand Campaign

The Team

Lauren Kosteski

Colin Quinn Lauren Geisler

Eva Schiave

Sharon Showalter

Brand Manager



Creative Technologist


Business situation

The Challenge Name, brand and launch a new line of professional punk hair color which inspires people to experiment fearlessly with their identity. Target the line to both professional stylists and citizens in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The Trend


Seen on the runway in both New York and Milan and in European fashion magazines, alternative hair color, once reserved for punks, is on the brink of leaking into mainstream hair.

Positioning for the New Brand L’Oreal’s vibrant hair color is a radical experiment where colorists and clients collaborate to make the unnatural natural.

Business Goals 1. Increase salon conversions to L’Oreal Professional product lines. 2. Strengthen L’Oreal Professional brand awareness in salon clientele.

The Market With the end of communism, Russia’s beauty market has become flooded with western brands and women are spending increasing amounts of money on personal grooming .

Opportunity For twenty years Russia has been a land of nesting dolls.


Instead of embracing the influx of fashion and beauty brands as a way to showcase individuality, many Russians were unsure of themselves. Like teens who can finally dress themselves, everyone mimicked each other. However, this is changing, trends are begging to splinter. After years of conforming to one definition of beauty, Russian women are learning to and looking express their own style.

RESEARCH: Planning can be daunting if your target’s across the ocean. In addition to the normal planning tools, I spent a lot of time reading history books, russian blogs, fashion magazines, alternative hair forums talking to exchange students, people who dye their hair wacky colors, salon professionals playing with alternative hair dyes watching ruTube (russian youtube)


End to Matryoshka Beauty

Coco Chanel once said “a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.” People define themselves through hair. If you change your hair you change what you are perceived as- not only to others, but to yourself. The act of cutting, dying is a way to give yourself, both mental and physical permission to change.

“PUNK “ = INDIVIDUALITY Based on interviews, when someone dyes their hair a crazy color they aren’t doing it to be pretty, and it isn’t always about rejecting society. Instead, it’s about announcing their individuality to the world around them. To stop hiding behind a conventional mask and to boldly and unapologetically become something more.

Creative brief Why are we advertising? We are advertising to drive consumer demand for L'Oreal Alkemie in Russian salons. This will be achieved by inspiring a new trend for hair in Russia- a trend that will see streaks of vibrant purples, blues and pinks breaking through an otherwise monotonous sea of blond, brown, and red hair. Who are we talking to? Russian women aged 18 to 30, who are repressed peacocks.   These women are not ordinary creatures; they are peacocks in search of their feathers.  Women who are daring, vibrant and outspoken and live with a passionate zeal.  They have no mute button but their hair is not reflecting any of this. They are the first of their kind. They are not like their mothers who had every aspect of their lives dictated to them by the government. They are not like their sisters and friends who conform to the same clothes and hair as everyone around them. Instead, these women are beginning to embrace their uniqueness. They are beginning to realize that they can be something different and they are coming to grips with how to do it. What does she feel now? This woman feels stifled. Limited by seeing everyone around her striving to look exactly alike. She is not a nesting doll. She does not need to or want to be just another conventional beauty. She wants to stop shoving herself into a mold- both in her life and in how she presents herself to the world. Her hair is no exception to that. Brown, Blond, and Red are options that don’t express everything she can become. This is a woman who is ready to stop allowing herself to be defined by others and she is looking for a way to declare this. She is learning to take control, she is learning to be herself. She is learning to say this unapologetically to the outside world. What do we want her to feel? That by coloring her hair with Alkemie she is breaking free of the limitations that are keeping her down. That her hair color allows her to assert who she is without ever needing to say a word. No apologies, no excuses, no hiding. Her hair has become her flag, her individuality, her statement of defiance,. What is the single most compelling thing we can say to make her feel this sense of power? By coloring her hair with L'Oreal ALKEMIE she is giving herself the tool to transform into the peacock that she is.

Brand Manifesto

We are the origins of magic and our magic is our allure. We are love and passion without rules. We can be trouble by day or everything by night. Our magic is fused with heat, spirit and creativity. And we derive it from those moments alone, when no one sees us dance to a song that our mothers loved, from the neon gnomes of our fathers’ stories and from our reckless underwater dreams. We manifest it through our power, our atomic fantasies and our wildly arresting ways. We are possessed by it and live in worlds of bareback imagination. Expanses we’ve built from unheard of colors, impossible fabrics and plants made of sky. A place where the sea lives indoors, where strobe lights mark the way home and everything we’ve ever wanted to be rests gently on our wings. We have no limitations. We have no boundaries. And we blend our brilliant and daring into a mixture of power and ignition. Now imagine a million mixtures woven together. A million different ways to be who we are. And a million different ways we can concoct the future.

Concept Alkemie is the elixir to express your magic. Drawing inspiration from the idea of transformation, the team latched onto the idea of alchemy, the practice of changing a base element into something precious. This resonates with both the target’s personal motivation as well as the highly superstitious elements of Russian culture.

The product In an effort to distinguish itself from the less mature goth/punk names used by other alternative hair dyes, Alkemie’s shades draw their names from crystals used in traditional magic spells. These shades can be blended together to create new hues.



Although demand for Alkemie will come from salon clientele, it is important for L’Oreal to get the salons on board in anticipation of the trend.

Celebrating the end of nesting doll fashion, select salons across St. Petersburg and Moscow will receive a series of nesting dolls featuring Alkemie’s palette. Inside will be an invitation to an exclusive launch party.

Customer experience

Dying hair isn’t a small experience. It involves debate, research, going to a salon, crossing fingers, and adjusting to a new look. However, during this entire experience, the actual dye is forgotten. Each one of these phases presented an opportunity for L’Oreal Alkemie to reach out, and reinforce, its brand with consumers.


Outdoor PARK COLORATION Working with a light instillation company, L’Oreal will bring a bit of color to the to Russian winter by “dying” the trees in select parks in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

DIGITAL PICTURE FRAMES Digital billboards featuring undulating colors will be placed in high-traffic fashion areas. If a person stops in front of it long enough, a digital “picture frame” of themselves will be revealed. They then can select and play with new looks in a manner that is similar to what they could do on the website. These looks can be saved and emailed back to the user.


Online OPENING PAGE The site will have the look and feel of a modern, magical, apothecary.

MAGIC MIRROR Users can try on and experiment with new looks. As they play, the site will suggest similar hairstyles and direct and help them in booking an appointment at nearby certified salons.

ONLINE MIXER Visitors can also use the online mixer to create personal shades they can save and share with their friends and send to salons in advance of their


The salon REINFORCING BRAND PRESENCE DURING SALON VISITS A majority of time salon clientele don’t know what brand of hair dye their salon is using on their head (and as a result, don’t really have a chance to care.) We had to come up with a way to keep the L’Oreal brand visible once clients walk through a salon’s doors.

BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT The dying process is boring and nerve wracking. L’Oreal will offer clients specially loaded iPads full of fresh fashion news (which beats a thumbed over magazine from 5 months ago.)


CONSULTATION AIDS “Magic mirrors” will be featured in salons to help clients and salon professionals during the consultation process.

Most dye packaging is unsightly so salons to hide it from view, and a valuable opportunity for brand presence is lost. By making packaging more aesthetically pleasing and providing display cases, we will move dye from an obscure back shelf to the front of the salon, garnering attention from clientele.


SCHIAVE 708-714-6219



Strategist, 360i New York, NY November 2011- Present • Lead social strategy for a variety of Kraft cheese brands- including Philadelphia, Singles, Cracker Barrel, and Velveeta • Assisted in creation of digital personas and social recommendations for Guinness

VCU Brandcenter, Richmond, VA M.S. Mass Communications - Communications Strategy 2010 • Learned different qualitative and quantitative research methods: Simmons, Focus Group Moderation, and Survey Crafting • Have a superhuman ability to multitask: Can switch between segmenting groups of photographers to developing a brand strategy for frozen taquitos at the drop of a hat

Planner, R/GA New York, NY September 2010- October 2011 • Worked as a social media strategist for Walmart- briefing, crafting, and overseeing social campaigns. • Oversaw numerous competitive reviews, industry trendsspotting, and wrote POVS for Walmart • Helped to conduct 3rd party research and man on the street interviews for MasterCard global digital strategy • Assisted in a successful bid to expand the L’Oreal Luxury portfolio at R/GA- did everything from social media audits, to persona creation and man on the streets Planning Intern, R/GA New York, NY June-August 2010 • Organized and conducted a video ethnography into the evolution of children’s play for Nike • Did a digital ethnography for Centrum vitamins on the effects of pregnancy on women’s social media habits • Conducted a deep dive analysis of the habits and psychological motivations behind fitness tracking for both couch potatoes and hard core athletes for Nike Strategy Intern, Venables Bell San Francisco, CA Summer 2009 • Worked on international branding strategy for Intel for all of the BRIC countries as well as Germany and the UK • Assisted on a new business pitch for a QSR- constructed MRI personas and digital audits • Wrote white papers on a variety of items including Web 3.0, International Branding, and Causal Misattribution (the dangers of misinterpreting stats to prove a theory) Research Historian, History Associates Inc Rockville, MD 2006-2007 • Learned the art of questioning: What questions to ask, where to ask them, and how to ask them again if your first search turns up nothing • Analyzed and boiled down large quantities of research from various data sources (records, transcripts, photographs, videos, maps, etc) into bite-sized, client-friendly pieces • Created research plans & coordinated teams at different archives and libraries to provide both historical information as well as fact checking for clients including Smithsonian, and The History Channel

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL Certificate in Strategic Marketing 2008 Tulane University, New Orleans, LA B.A. in History and English 2006 • Had two majors that focused on people- their thoughts, their patterns and what influenced them • Wrote my thesis on turn of the century prostitution. As I did not have many traditional sources of information, I learned how to look for answers in unexpected places

Life Experience: World Traveler 4 Continents, 25 Countries, 150+ Cities • Lived in Dublin, Ireland for a year; backpacked through Europe and South America • Gained the ability to continuously adapt and thrive in different situations and environments as well discovered cultural nuances such as the Irish’s recreational pursuit of shopping as they adjusted to having a booming economy • Refined my ability to strike up in-depth conversations with random strangers in both English and Spanish

Skills:: • • • • •

MRI/Simmons/Mendelson Forrester Radian 6 Focus Group Moderation Quantitative survey creation & analysis

• Composition of focus group screeners & discussion guides • Work/Adobe Creative Suite • Consumer segmentation • Final Cut Pro

Eva Schiave Book  

A collection of some my favorite pieces of strategy

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