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A documentary photobook about the issue of academic absences of Indonesian students

This is Sarah. She is currently studying at Kaplan, a private university in Singapore. Prior to this, she has attended public schools Indonesia, from primary education, all the way to high school. She finds that, in her highschool, at the very least, for students to skip school is a perfectly common occurence; and that many has done it before - even herself. The first time she has ever skipped school was, ironically, after she has joined the student council. It is where she begin to meet new people who then introduced her to the ways she cold skip class without getting caught. However, compared to other students, her case was very tame. She has only skipped a total of two times in a year, and only to hangout with firends. Because after all, she still cares about her grade. There are, however, delinquent type of students who did skipped school to engage in less savoury activities. Typically, those students truly do not care about their academics life anymore.

Although she no longer practices the habit of skipping school, her sense of nationalism, urges her to be concerned with the latest news of police raids, involving a group of students.

What kind of future do these students subject themselves to with these sort of attitude?

Semarang, Indonesia (2017)

Head of the National Education committee in Semarang City

After asking for information regarding the popular spots where students who skipped would hide at, the police officer also helped by giving photos that they took for the secondary resource.

Secondary source photos from the police, depecting one of the raids of a group of students who is caught hanging out in the park during school hours.

Candi Golf area. Semarang city First day of hunting.

Managed to discover a group of three girls sitting by the roadside wearing school uniform

Another group of students hanging out by the roadside, seems to be having some kind of argument with each other.

Litters left on the area Items include plastic packagings and bottles of alcoholic drinks

Spotted another group of students walking on the bridge, during school hours.

Cafes are also a popular spot for students to hangout at when they decide to skip school.

Starbucks, Paragon Mall, Semarang

Met Duck, Paragon Mall, Semarang

Photography & Design Evania Rahma Fernanda F16DM0719


A documentary photobook about the issue of academic absences of Indonesian students