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idea november/december 2009

Cinema appeals across society’s boundaries. And films that examine important themes can spark lively conversation with neighbours about something more important than the weather. The following aren’t for family viewing, but they can ignite discussions...



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TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE (15) offers five observant stories from Soviet-era Romania by filmmaker Cristian Mungiu, although these tales are much more amusing than his jaw-dropping abortion drama 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Based on urban legends, each extremely well-told story examines the resilience and inventiveness of people who live under an oppressive regime, with vivid characters and situations we can especially understand in today’s economy (30 Oct).

BRIGHT STAR (PG) tells the sumptuous story of the brief 1818 romance between 23-year-old poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and his neighbour Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish). Jane Campion writes and directs with witty dialogue and exquisite visuals, sharply capturing delicate social issues and eliciting performances that delve deep beneath the surface. She also makes us acutely feel Keats’ words about “the holiness of the heart’s affections”. (6 Nov).


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THE WHITE RIBBON (15), by Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, won the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and it’s a remarkable black and white morality tale about a German village just before the Great War, where the stern religious culture masks layers of control and hypocrisy. Rather than a criticism of faith, this is a gripping and utterly chilling drama about the abuse of social and political power that feels eerily relevant today (13 Nov).

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WELCOME (15) is an especially involving story about immigration, centring on Simon (Vincent Lindon), a Calais swimming coach whose life becomes entangled with Bilal (Firat Ayverdi), a young Iraqi Kurd who’s trying to get to London to see the girl he loves. What’s most remarkable about the film is the way Simon risks everything to assist this young man, facing up to against government bureaucracy and unjust rules to both help Bilal and find peace in his own troubled life (6 Nov).

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Artificial Eye

COLD SOULS (12) is an offbeat drama reminiscent of Being John Malkovich, but with a human trafficking wrinkle as a Russian woman (the excellent Dina Korzun) smuggles souls into America. This playfully absurd film features a superb turn by Paul Giamatti as a version of himself, an actor who puts his soul in storage so he can focus on a role, then has to travel to Russia to retrieve it. What emerges is a surprisingly thoughtful look at relationships and identity (6 Nov). www

THE MERRY GENTLEMAN (15) features a marvellously understated performance by Michael Keaton (who also directs) as a reclusive hitman who begins to question his efficient, solitary life when he meets a lonely young woman (Kelly Macdonald). As the film follows these two very private people, we discover that both of them have an almost reluctant will to survive. And it’s especially refreshing that the underlying thriller never takes over the plot (27 Nov). RC


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