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Below are some key issues we are working on. Join us in caring, thinking and acting about… 1. Welfare & Wellbeing We are developing a biblical and practical response to welfare reform. We want to help develop policies and attitudes that honour work, protect the vulnerable and promote good stewardship. We seek to explore creativity, purpose and identity within economic justice. We are working to see family and relationships prioritised, wellbeing sought and rights balanced with responsibility. 2. Sexuality We affirm that marriage is an institution created by God in which one man and one woman enter into an exclusive relationship for life. We believe that marriage is the only form of partnership approved by God for sexual relations. We seek to represent this God-honouring view of sexuality consistently in relation to the following areas: Marriage –As founding members of Marriage Week NI we are encouraging Churches to support marriage by running run pre-marriage and marriage enrichment courses  Same-sex ‘marriage’ –We are founding partners in the ongoing Coalition for Marriage (C4M) campaign and continue to uphold the biblical view of marriage.  Pornography & Promiscuity – We are exploring ways to help Christians and Government deal with these two particular issues that damage marriage, relationships, wellbeing and wider society.  Human Trafficking – We are part of the NI Assembly’s all party group and continue to contribute to policy particularly around decreasing demand for the purchase of sexual services. 3. Peace & Reconciliation Forgiveness, reconciliation, repentance, peace, trust – words familiar to evangelical Christians and to politicians in NI. We believe that God’s people here are uniquely placed to radically live out their Kingdom-citizenship above National allegiances. We are engaged in the next steps of the reconciliation process and exploring how we pass on the wisdom gained from pioneering Christian peace-makers to the next generation… 4. Charity Reform The NI Assembly and Charity Commission are making some fundamental changes to the way charities are regulated here. We are contributing to this policy on behalf of our members and the wider Christian community. This is important work that will affect the way Churches and para-church organisations operate here. Please contact us to find out more about our work in any of these areas.

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Advocacy Briefing Summer 2012  

Advocacy Briefing Summer 2012