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Life is never the same once we choose to follow Jesus. We should live reflecting the amazing glory of God and impacting the world with the message of Jesus Christ. But are you ready for it? Do you know what it’s going to take? The goal of Equippers College is to see you equipped for life, developing your knowledge and skills in practical ministry. The staff are dedicated to providing an environment that will develop your faith in Jesus Christ. Take up the challenge and invest in your future. There is no higher call than to live consumed by the purposes of God.


The most leaders are developed in a real ministry setting. I believe the is the best environment for you to outwork your learning, and develop your potential. Equippers College you in a local church environment, equipping you for the great commission - to change your world.

local church



Sam Monk College President Senior Minister, Equippers Church

Key Lecturing Staff MARK STEPHENSON



B.Ed, Dip Tchg (endorsed for SLT), NZRT, M.D.C (Te Nikau Ordained Minister

B.A, M.A.



D.Min. Worldviews, M.B.S. Biblical Studies, M.Phil. Development Studies, B.Ed. Sociology, Dip.Tch., L.R.S.M. Music. Ordained Minister



Dip. Christian Leadership

Programme Director

National Leader of ACTS Church movement M.D.C (Te Nikau), Ordained Minister.

Academic Advisor


Dip B.S, Lead Pastor Equippers Church Manukau Ordained Minister


National Leader of ACTS Church movement Ordained Minister


M.A. (Hons), M.Couns, M.Z.N.C.C.A. Registered Counsellor, B.Th. Theology, B.Ed., Dip.Tch. Ordained Minister


Life on Campus................................................... 4 Student Support . ............................................... 5 Course Overview................................................ 6 Certificate in Christian Ministry.......................... 8 Certificate in Christian Ministry (Applied)........ 10 Certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry....... 12 Diploma in Pastoral Leadership........................ 14 Distance Learning............................................. 16 International Students....................................... 18 Fees & Entry Requirements............................... 20 How to apply..................................................... 22 Contact Details (Back Cover)............................ 24




M.A.(Hons), P.G.Dip.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.Tch., Registered Teacher, Ordained Minister

B.Bus, Lead Pastor Equippers Church Auckland, Ordained Minister

Recording Artist, Ordained Minister



General Manager of CLS/SENZ


Dip Performing Arts, Dip Christian Leadership, Worship Pastor Equippers Church, Ordained Minister



CCEd, Dip. Tch, NZRT, Lead Pastor Equippers Church Wellington, Ordained Minister

Specialist Lecturer


Specialist Lecturer Recording Artist, Ordained Minister

s u p m a C Life on

Equippers College is no ordinary school environment. The current College campus is located in the heart of Auckland City, within walking distance of Auckland Domain, Myers Park, Auckland University campuses and the Queen Street shopping precinct; great places to relax during a college lunch break. Auckland is an international, multicultural city with a unique Pacific flavour. Wedged between the Waitemata and Manukau harbours, and built on more than 50 dormant volcanic cones, you are never far from a breathtaking view.


Church Life.

Equippers College campus does not provide

Equippers College is a local church-based college,

accommodation on site, however the College

strongly connected with Equippers Church, a vibrant

Accommodation Advisor is available to assist

multi-cultural church reaching over 2,000 people, with

students in finding flatting, boarding or hostel

services across Auckland, and a network of Equippers

accommodation. This assistance is given to

churches around the world. Equippers Church is built

those needing help or details during the usual

on a strong leadership culture and a

application process before the semester begins.

fervent desire to see the world impacted by the message of the gospel. This has

Living Costs.

resulted in a diversity of community

Accommodation in Auckland costs on average

to people within the central city, greater

approximately NZ$150.00 per week. This can

Auckland, New Zealand, and around the

vary from suburb to suburb. The cost for power


ministries within the church, reaching out

and phone are usually additional. Food is another extra cost – allow for approximately NZ$40-50 per week and another NZ$20-30 for any additional expenses.

There are so many opportunities... We are surrounded by people in need. At Equippers


there are so many opportunities to get involved in

Auckland City is easily accessible by the Public

to reach out to high school kids, ‘at risk’ youth, young

Transport System. Buses and trains come into the

professionals, primary school children, international

city frequently from around the wider Auckland

students, kiwi students, back packers, street

area. Further information is available at www.

workers and night clubbers – all without leaving the For those who have vehicles there is

neighbourhood! With mission teams travelling all

also free street parking that is an easy 15min walk

over New Zealand and around the world every year

away from college.

supporting church plants and mission organisations,

evangelism while you train. There are opportunities

you’ll be in the middle of what God’s doing while you

Typical Week. - Classes run four days a week. - Serving in a variety of areas in church over a weekend.

learn what God is all about, and who you’re called to be!

Conferences. Students also take part in a wider team of people serving and organising within important conferences hosted by Equippers Church during the year. SHOUT leadership and creative arts conference, EquipHer Women’s conference and ACTS National leaders’ conference. Being a part of the greater team in running these powerful, life changing conferences encourages the development of skills, opening of opportunities and connection with new people.


t r o p p u S t Studen

Pastoral Support If you’ve got a question – we have an answer! The

Equippers College sees you as a part of the answer to

support you need might be anything from assessment

extending God’s Kingdom, and we want to do all that we can to

questions to questions about life! We have a fantastic

equip you to become as effective as possible.

pastoral staff which includes professional counsellors

We understand that no two people are the same; we all have

and tutors.

unique gifts and abilities, as well as unique needs. We know that sometimes being a student isn’t easy, and we provide a great range of services to make sure we’re doing our best to help you get the most out of your time at Equippers College.

Staff Everybody has heard that in life more is ‘caught’ than is ‘taught’. At Equippers College our staff are ‘living the

Resources and facilities

dream’. Every one of our lecturers, tutors, academic and administrative staff have extensive experience in seeing

We provide a range of facilities to support a great learning

the Kingdom of God extended as they serve with all of

environment if you choose to study at our Auckland Campus

their might in leadership and ministry positions in local

– comfortable lecture rooms, access to an onsite library and

church settings.

computer room, as well as an interactive website to help with

Equippers College staff are passionately committed to

assessments when you’re not on campus. We also have ‘experts’

seeing you learn, grow and minister effectively as you

available on navigating Auckland traffic!

study with us. James says ‘faith without works is dead.’

So – why not come and put yourself in an environment of

Knowledge without practical application is also dead.

challenge and support, where we are confident you’ll not only

Our lecturing staff are qualified, competent and, most of

develop more of your God-given potential but have a great time

all, called – to direct and encourage you in your journey

doing it!

towards becoming all that God has called you to be!

t a e gcrourses!


me] i T l l u EAR F Y E ime] N T : O t [ n i r a a ARS P Diplom E Y O [TW e are

l a r o t s Pa hip s r e d a Le

rning s is cour and lea h t g g in k in r rch, wo ts study Studen cal chu lo ir e h in t ment. leaders environ ld r y time o w lar t: An t S in a rea r a e : One Y Length pplic 5 : l upon a Leve idered A s n Q o c Z is N dership


ic Academ


60% al

entry to

loma the Dip

ral Lea

in Pasto



n: er tificate i

[6 MONTHS] Cer tificate



Christian Ministr y r Christian

al study fo Foundation


el: 3 NZQA Lev February nths Star t: o m 6 : th g Len






Christiany Ministr d) (Applie

ative dership, cre a le n o s u c how to apChoose to fo try and learn is in m th u o ations. arts or y ractical situ p in e g d le ow ply your kn

el: 4 NZQA Lev February Year Star t: e n O : th g n Le







The greatest use of your life is to spend your time building something that will last beyond your generation. When you were young you learnt to tie your shoes and someone was there to teach you. Whether by choice or not, you are always learning. The best way to learn is to imitate someone who is more experienced than you.




r tificate in

Advancedn Christia y Ministr

eir interns at th re a e rs u o c dying this real-world Students stu arning in a le d n a g in h, work local churc t. environmen

el: 3 NZQA Lev Any time ear Star t: Y e n O : th g Len





NZQA: Equippers College is a division of ACTS

Auckland City Training School, an NZQA accredited provider – students are eligible to apply for loans and allowances. All ACTS qualifications are NZQA approved. * In 2011 loans and allowances are not available for the Diploma in Pastoral Leadership. Places on all other courses, including access to loans and allowances, are limited. Please contact the registrar for more information.

: n i e t a Certific

START DATE: 28 Feb 2011





You don’t get anywhere overnight. You don’t get anywhere without taking a few steps, and you don’t get anywhere great without making an effort and paying a price. It’s normal to spend years studying for a career that may last 20,10 or even 5 years. The Certificate in Christian Ministry is study to equip you for your whole Christian life. It’s an investment into your future that will last forever! If you have a dream to do something great, be someone great or see great things in God, this course is a step in that direction.

Foundation Subjects

Key Focus Areas

Interpreting the Bible

(Minimum intake required for each area.)

Old Testament Survey New Testament Survey Introduction to Basic Theology Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

Leadership: The leadership focus will teach you the power of influence, and help you understand how you can harness it.

Communication Skills

Youth Ministry: The youth ministry focus will

God’s Mission

empower you to reach a generation with relevance and power. Creative Ministries: The creative ministries focus will teach you the true potential of your creative ability that goes beyond your gift and

You will learn:


To lead and inspire individuals and groups; to communicate effectively; to understand foundational Theology; to interpret the Bible accurately and apply its teaching to everyday life; to reach out to others and encourage new Christians; an understanding of the Old and New Testaments; your part in God’s Mission on the earth; keys to effective Prayer and Spiritual Warfare; a passion for your own Spiritual Development. You will become more effective in your leadership and service, and your understanding of effective ministry will grow.

Entry Requirements: See page 20 of this prospectus for all entry requirements.

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is a big step in a God direction, in your eternal journey



- Gareth Martin

ys been a dream of mine and ttending Bible College had alwa to make that dream a reality. I for several years I tried my best g , way was busy with sports, was tryin endured many obstacles on the r give care s had been my mother’ to care for my grandmother, and kes, been through major heart stro two ered for 12 years. She’d suff felt to pursue a nannying career, but surgery and cancer. I was going the was it that med see It . lege Col that God was calling me to Bible my purpose for life, and have a best place for me to truly find out d. better understanding of God’s wor ld istry was something I really cou The Certificate in Christian Min time. long a such for ied stud n’t had see myself doing even though I e pay for it, but God’s provision cam I wasn’t sure how I was going to an in her mot my me. He placed through and He made a way for t staff, and it was close to home grea with l pita hos ate amazing priv This gave me and my family a for. which is exactly what I’d prayed wanted to do - not only in me, but great peace and sense of what God also in my family. many istry has impacted my life in so The Certificate in Christian Min es cipl e, to applying biblical prin ways: from interpreting scriptur ting within me a greater servant crea life, and truths to areas of my es, being trained to be an agent heart for God’s house and purpos ority of God over my life, being of change, and knowing the auth l warfare sessions, to knowing that sharpened in prayer and spiritua God has opened up my life to so God has a master plan for my life. ght were possible. many possibilities that I never thou family to me, and the Bible College The students have become like out. There are amazing counselling you staff are always there to help as well - there is so much staff who are there to support you g on throughout the course. I transformation and equipping goin lege to anybody who wants to highly recommend Equippers Col I can testify that the Certificate and pursue God’s best for their life, rse that brings revelation and in Christian Ministry is a great cou breakthrough.


- Vise Toloa


edible; I he last six months have been incr grow as ld cou I ght thou e never would hav rs College, ippe Equ to in ing Com e. much as I hav w what kno ’t I was actually a little hesitant. I didn to go. me told had to expect, but I knew that God king thin out, king frea was I Second day in and was learning “what have I got myself into?” I and we were so much already about the Bible , far more than God k challenged to pray and see laugh at how and now k bac I was used to. I look have been it ld wou y “wh king thin naïve I was, anything different?!” istry was an The Certificate in Christian Min months six nd spe to amazing opportunity has created he who and is God who discovering ment iron env me to be, whilst being in a safe ter grea a ning to let those walls down. Gai n so helpful; understanding of the Bible has bee and just text con in with ing read ut l learned abo big like it’s how applicable the Bible is to me, e?! Bibl the e hav we n drama, who needs TV whe am I son per the be not ld wou I On a serious note rs ippe do Equ today if I didn’t listen to God and rs of my life! yea t bes the of one truly – lege Col

Vise Toloa Graduated: 2010

Christian Ministry

Gareth Martin Graduated: 2010

Certificate in:

. . . y a s s t n tude


: n i e t eC rtifica

START DATE: 28 Feb 2011






It’s not by accident, it’s by design, intention and purpose. We are God’s workmanship and we are created to walk in the good things He has prepared for us. He is prepared, but how prepared are we? The Certificate in Christian Ministry (Applied) helps you focus what you’re learning and bring application in one of the three focus areas – Leadership / Youth Leadership / Creative Ministries. This course helps you discover your unique gifting, and provides opportunity for you to give things a go, break out of the box, and unleash your potential!

Foundation Subjects

Key Focus Areas

First Semester:

(Minimum intake required for each area.)

Interpreting the Bible

Leadership: The leadership focus will teach you the

Old Testament Survey

power of influence. You’ll get the opportunity to take

New Testament Survey

what you’re learning, and apply it by having hands-

Introduction to Basic Theology

on experience in leadership environments. These

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare

environments may include such areas as children’s

Communication Skills

ministry, pastoral care, media etc.

God’s Mission Second Semester:

Youth Ministry: The youth ministry focus will empower you to reach the emerging generation. You’ll gain a

Leadership Skills

frontline understanding of how to build an effective youth

Leadership Values


Character Development Ministry Development Applied Communications Ministry Issues

Creative Ministries: Through Biblical teaching and practical involvement, the creative ministry focus will teach you the true potential of your creative ability.

Ministry Experience

You will learn: Effective models and methods of leadership; a deep knowledge and love for God’s Word; the importance and the dynamics of character development; skills for successful church ministry; to understand and appreciate your unique gifts and personality; harness the power of teamwork; keys to becoming an inspiring leader; the power of leading your own spiritual development; the most important issues in modern ministry; to lead others towards the achievement of strategic goals; how you can change the world through structured, strategic community programmes.

Entry Requirements: See page 20 of this prospectus for all entry requirements.

A life of greater significance, influence and purpose


Currently: Youth Pastor, Jubilee

Church (UK)

was y first year at Equippers College God would that ng ecti unbelievable. I was exp urred was occ ally actu t wha but grow and develop me lege Col Equippers amazing - it was so much more. that ple peo of surrounded me with a community Through fantastic me. ed pen shar and ged llen cha and amazing teaching, passion filled lectures a more confident ome bec I’ve s nitie ministry opportu e and understand person, I’ve been able to recognis and I know I’m me, n more fully the gifts God’s give be influential to ls skil ry essa equipped with the nec ld. and effective in changing my wor n Ministry I enjoyed the Certificate in Christia theory with the the d (Applied) because it combine then were given s clas in h muc so practical. We learnt that learning. For plenty of opportunities to outwork tured a vision cap I me it was in that outworking that could achieve God t wha for my life and began to see common one with ied unif ple with a bunch of peo ed. anc adv God of dom king goal, to see the ed at Equippers I know the training I’ve complet forward. I feel I can me d College has really propelle ’s call for my life – I God of hold more confidently take ds in our community. am part of the answer to the nee sforming work God I can’t place a price tag on the tran nged my life! cha ally actu has done. This course has


- Mark Nash

lege for one ommitting myself to do Bible Col I’ve ever ns isio dec t year was one of the bes faith - walking of step a was it me, made in my life. For spaces, but I knew into new territory and unfamiliar beginning of an deep down that this was just the ady ordained for alre amazing journey that God had


my life.

course to where I am Looking back at the start of the to Bible College; now I can see why God called me for me to discover and d to equip me through His wor life. my God’s purpose for ’t really believe in Prior to coming to college I didn dreams, but big myself or allow myself to dream wing God allo and ney walking through this jour d myself foun e hav I life, my to to have full access fidently say con now dreaming bigger than ever! I can done and has God t ‘this is who I am because of wha ted and crea was I w kno I . will continue to do in me’ s. tnes destined for grea truly blessed and Throughout Bible College I was and to do life hips fortunate to create new friends faith. God may the of en wom with awesome men and same time the at but tion loca rent call you to a diffe a time and for path He puts the right people in your season. was definitely the Taking the step to do Bible College I’m glad I took the best decision I’ve ever made and where I am now if I opportunity to do it. I wouldn’t be didn’t!

, Fa - afetai Ierome

Christian Ministry (Applied) [ONE YEAR]

Mark Nash Graduated: 2009

Fa’afetai Ierome Graduated:2009 e Ministries through the Currently: Interning in Creativ n Ministry. Certificate in Advanced Christia

Certificate in:

. . . y a s s t n tude


: n i e t eC rtifica

START DATE: Flexible






There is nothing like learning on the job. Maximum learning is achieved when you can get in ‘amongst it’ by taking responsibility in an organisation and really putting into practice the principles that you are being taught. Plenty of people talk about how they would run that church, that ministry or that business... talk is cheap! It’s a simple fact that you don’t really know something until you do it. You might have an understanding of the physical dynamics of a back flip – but can you do one?! The Certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry teaches people to do more than just talk about ministry, it teaches them to do ministry.

Foundation Subjects Internship Practical Component I & II Personal Development Developing Christian Spirituality Service Dynamics Leadership Development

How does it work? The certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry is a local church-based internship

programme. You will gain a position within your local Church; you serve practically in an area or areas of ministry; you complete tasks and development related assessments, all while being supported by a nominated supervisor.

You will learn The workings of a complex organisation from the inside out; to develop your capacity for service, ministry, leadership and life; to set, monitor and achieve your own personal and ministry goals; to reach your potential and go beyond it.

Entry Requirements: See page 20 of this prospectus for general entry requirements, additional requirements for this certificate include securing a volunteer position within an approved organisation.

You will discover a greater understanding of what God has called you to do. Through practical involvement you will gain hands-on experience of the dynamics of ministry.

Isaac Graham Graduated: 2004 Currently: Worship Pastor,

. . . y a s s t n tS ude

, Auckland. s up in a Christian family qualifie f you thought that being brought are sorely you then faith n istia Chr the of you to be a great champion ns g raised by Christian parents mea mistaken! If you thought that bein you and nity istia Chr of ome epit that you have reached the absolute to put r at any moment – be prepared feel like you could walk on wate on your life jacket! in BEFORE I came to Equippers This was the mindset I was stuck ut for people who knew nothing abo College. I felt Bible College was ly ious obv I ily fam n istia in a Chr God and of course, being raised g God… or so I thought. After bein knew all there was to know about , God to said and elf mys lly got over challenged by a close friend I fina ring hea er emb rem I ”, life? my with “Ok, what do YOU want me to do ege”. Instantly I felt a drive and Him clearly say – “go to Bible Coll was super keen and I remember a passion flare up in my heart; I n my whole life of being a Christia thinking, “This must be God. In ted star ege and after Bible Coll I’ve never felt this ever before”, ed to grow. I’d never been so tinu con just fire the and the feeling for God, His church and the lost love hungry for the word of God. My continued to increase. ip final year at college - the internsh By the time I had completed my I as that nt dset was so significa programme - the shift in my min bfounded by how I was able to live dum was I life my at looked back ds d understanding of God! The wor for so long on such a small-minde was God with ship how my relation that come to mind when I think of ance, mundane, religious, normal, nten mai are; ege Coll e before Bibl God never intended for that gs obligated, all of which are thin us to be. Bible College is be prepared for My advice to anyone thinking of significantly changed. You will be and ed shift your life to be radically on all for the absolute good! My reas challenged in so many ways and that’s and e mor God w kno to only for going to Bible College was the ‘knowing God more’ that set exactly what happened, and it was years of my life. the tone for some of the greatest


- Isaac Graham

e than just quippers College provides mor ides a mind prov it te ifica cert c emi acad an ership lead , ding buil challenging, relationship your into you el prop to t men iron developing env destiny. rs College My two years of study with Equippe istry, min for me g arin prep ut wasn’t just abo of ing and it was about building my underst is h muc how just and is, who I am, who God were ges llen cha The ! Him with e sibl actually pos ion. mat sfor tran of ree intense, but so was the deg in l enta rum inst n bee has Equippers College God on my life. helping me discover the call of tical application prac ers, Through the various pap expanded God , ties ibili ons resp ip and leadersh able to do was He my view of Him, and how much through me. God used I look back now and can see that me to be an train Equippers College as a tool to role or by ned defi not ’s effective minister that His plan and Him by ned defi lly tota location but and purpose.


- Amanda Percy rseas?

ove Why not consider an internship See page 17 for more information


Advanced Christian Ministry

Amanda Percy Graduated: 2007 rently: Youth Pastor, Wellington.

Certificate in:



: n i iD ploma

START DATE: On Application







What does it mean to be a truly effective leader in a pastoral ministry setting, and what does it take to get there? This Level 5 diploma will give students the foundational knowledge, skills and experience that are vital for embarking on a significant leadership role in full or part time ministry. “Significant ministry flows out of significant relationship” – that’s why the Diploma in Pastoral Leadership gives opportunity to be exposed to key leaders within the ACTS Churches movement through block courses that will allow time with national leaders including Bruce Monk, Sam Monk, Jordan Smith and others…. The Diploma in Pastoral Leadership meets the national church guidelines for the ordination of pastors – the NLT has stated that in the long term, the movement suffers if incoming ministers have not attended Bible training. The Diploma in Pastoral Leadership offers equipping that will allow ongoing involvement in ministry/employment. The Diploma in Pastoral Leadership offers part time study involving short courses aimed at creating an environment of impartation, not just information! Distance courses also form a part of the programme – access is through the Equippers College interactive “Moodle” website. Applicants for the Diploma in Pastoral Leadership who have completed some Bible training may have their prior learning recognised and accredited toward the Diploma programme.

Subject and assessment content includes: Team leadership and development

Managing People and Projects

Old and New Testament overviews

Theory and application of leadership models and skills

Theological foundations

Personal spiritual development/mentoring relationship

Biblical interpretation

Practical weekly involvement in a leadership role within a church

The Diploma in Pastoral Leadership is both flexible and effective. This course provides students with the opportunity for challenging, life-changing study within the context of practical pastoral leadership with opportunities for distance education.

Entry Requirements: See page 20 of this prospectus for general entry requirements. Additional prerequisites and entry requirements for the Diploma, including proven leadership experience and an interview, will apply. Contact the registrar for more information.

Significant ministry flows out of significant relationship

Diploma in:

Pastoral Leadership



Equippers College is about

EQUIPPING PEOPLE FOR LIFE Get equipped from a distance If you can’t come to Auckland, Equippers College has developed distance education options that allow you to study from your home-town or city. Study groups are forming all over the place giving people the option of part-time study towards the Certificate in Christian Ministry. With face-to-face tutorial support from college lecturers, and comprehensive online study material, distance learning has never been better. So whether you live in Bluff or Berlin, in Levin or London, there are opportunities for you to be equipped! Find out more about which Distance Learning options will work for you by contacting the Registrar.

Online learning at Equippers College Studying couldn’t get any easier with the use of the Equippers College intranet site. With the help of technology no matter where you are if you can get on-line you can access it. It’s fast, it’s efficient, it’s easy to use, and it has everything you’ll need from assignment and lecture material, to forums connecting you with other students and tutorial support. All at the click of a mouse!




Equippers Internships Equippers Internships (Certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry) give you the opportunity to work as a modern-day ‘apprentice’ in your church or ministry organisation, while studying subjects that will help you develop your ministry and leadership potential. Internship positions are available across the country, and internationally! You can apply to be an intern in a church here in New Zealand or overseas... in fact – why not do both?! Equippers Internships are flexible – New Zealand residents can spend part of their year serving in an overseas-based ministry and part based locally in New Zealand... while still being eligible for loans and allowances. Not a bad alternative to the traditional OE!

Revolution Tour Students studying full-time in Auckland are given the opportunity to be part of the Revolution Tour. The Revolution Tour takes to the road every year, with bands, dance crews, comedians, huge sounds, multi-media, lights, and a simple message that every teenager should hear. The tour visits high schools all over the North and South Island letting young people know that they can make a difference in their world. In 2010 the tour covered 16 cities in three weeks, performing in more than 120 high schools. The night time concerts were attended by around 17,400 people and of this number 3,000 recorded responses to Christ were made. What an incredible experience to be part of!

l a n o i t a n r Intedents Stu Student Visa Requirements Students who are not New Zealand residents need to obtain a student visa to study in New Zealand (excluding Australian citizens). All Equippers College courses are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and it is possible to get study visas for Equippers College Courses.

Procedure In order to obtain a student visa for New Zealand, you will need to contact New Zealand Immigration Services for an application form. On acceptance of your application to attend Equippers College, and receipt of your full tuition fees, we will provide you with a letter confirming your place on the course is needed for the issuing of your visa. Processing of your student visa may take up to two months depending on the country in which the application is made. Please ensure that you apply in plenty of time. Please see for more information.

English Language Required All lectures at Equippers College are in English, a reasonable standard of both spoken and written English is required. (An IELTS score of at least 5.5)

Application Closing Date In 2011 applications for international students close on January 31st 2011. All applications must be received by this date in order to be considered for acceptance. For more detailed entry requirements see page 20. For more information on studying as an international student at Equippers College, including entry requirements, contact the Registrar. ACTS Auckland City Training School is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.



y wife and I in 2010 excitedly relocated our family from Germany to New Zealand so I could attend Equippers

College. Entering the Equippers College course was like

stepping into a building that I’ve passed by many times, but never seen from the inside. I made assumptions about what it was going to look like, but once I found myself in there, many more doors opened up and led me into unexpected realms. Whether it’s your class mates who spur you on to go higher in God, the lecturers passionately drawing you into a new understanding of the word of God, or the practical opportunities to serve in an awesome church - I guarantee, if you’re in it wholeheartedly you’ll taste and see something of who God is and what His purposes are that exceed your expectations. It’s not about what you get out of it, but how you get out of it - in other words, it’s a school for life. You’ll learn to engage your faith and to press through in times of pressure. My wife and I faced some challenges getting started but we found the environment warm and welcoming, and a church family who were more than happy to help in any way they could. We also found ourselves in an environment where you had to learn to access the grace of God rather than just relying on your own strength. In that place we saw God’s mind-blowing provision and guidance. For me, the Equippers College experience was about getting fit for an adventurous and rewarding future - an investment that I’ll never regret.

- Dan Zeltner

For information on studying as an international student at Equippers College, including entry requirements, contact the Registrar.

s e e F t n Stude Student Fees

Domestic International

Certificate in Christian Ministry Certificate in Christian Ministry (Applied) Certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry Diploma in Pastoral Leadership

$2,500 $3,800 $1,930 $4,560

6 Months 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

$5,900 $10,250 $8,350 $11,000

All prices are inclusive of GST, (Goods and Services Tax).



Key Dates

The college receives funding from the New Zealand Government through the Tertiary Education Commission for each New Zealand student enrolled. This money is used for the operation of the college.

Equippers College is a division of ACTS Auckland City Training School, an NZQA accredited provider – students are eligible to apply for loans and allowances.

Semester 1: 28th February – 14th July (Mid Semester Holidays: 18th April – 1st May) Semester 2: 1st August – 15th December (Mid Semester Holidays: 8th October – 25th October)

Places on all courses, including access to loans and allowances, are limited. Please contact the Registrar for more information.

Public Trust - Student Protection of Fees All student fees are deposited into a separate trust account with Public Trust. Public Trust act as a protector for student fees and proportionally refund the fees back to Equippers College on a monthly basis.

Useful Contacts International Education Appeal Authority c/- Ministry of Education Private Bag 47-911, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand PH: +64 9 374 5481 FAX: +64 9 374 5403 EMAIL:

Study Link PH: 0800 88 99 00 WEB: New Zealand Qualifications Authority PH: +64 4 802 3000 EMAIL: WEB:

Entry Requirements When applying for an Equippers College course you must: • Have been a committed Christian for at least twelve months. • Have successfully completed NCEA level 1 or equivalent (preferred though not essential) • Have completed a new Christian course run by a local church. • Be presently involved in the life of a local church, and demonstrate levels of mature discipleship. • Have the approval of your pastor/minister for your application into College (a satisfactory Pastor’s reference is required)

• Have a conviction that there is a call of God upon your life. (A detailed testimony is required) • Be assessed by the College as likely to successfully complete the course. • Have evidence of English proficiency if English is your second language. (An IELTS score of at least 5.5) Additional application requirements exist for the Diploma in Pastoral Leadership and the Certificate in Advanced Christian Ministry. Contact the Registrar for further information.

For further details about staff faculty, student support and college procedures, refer to the Student Handbook (available from the Registrar).


“I highly recommend you consider Equippers College.With teachers dedicated to developing leadership and creativity within the churches of New Zealand, Equippers College is a contemporary and exciting environment to serve, worship, train and belong in.� - Wayne Huirua

. . . w o n o d What to Step 1 – Pray

Pray. Ask God to confirm to you that Equippers College is your next step.

Step 2 – Obtain the forms on-line Check out our website All enrolment information and application forms are available on-line.

Step 3 – Contact Us Call us on 0800 ACT NOW (228 669) or email to ask any further questions, or to request some application forms.

Step 4 - Get together all your application requirements: A fully completed application form A fully completed pastoral reference A $20 non-refundable application fee A 300 word testimony and vision statement A verified copy of your highest qualification A verified copy of your birth certificate or passport A recent passport-size photo A verified copy of your marriage certificate if your name has been changed through marriage NB: Additional application requirements exist for the Diploma in Pastoral Leadership. Contact the Registrar for more information.

Step 5 – Post it Send us your application forms: Equippers College P.O. Box 68455 Auckland 1010 New Zealand

Step 6 – Get Ready! Get ready for God to take you to your next level in ministry and in life!


Equipping You for life through faith in Jesus Christ

Contact us. Equippers College

A division of ACTS Auckland City Training School OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 8am - 4.30pm POSTAL: P.O. Box 68-455, Newton, Auckland 1010 PH: 0800 228 669 or (09) 358 0351 FAX: (09) 358 0371 EMAIL: WEB:

Equippers College 2011 Prospectus  

Equippers College Prospectus for 2011

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