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Eva Grímsdóttir


Earnest Act1 – glósur •

The act take place in Algernon’s (Bunbury) apartment

Lane is Algernon’s servant.

Algernon is a rich person, he is in his room witch is luxuriously and artistically furnished.

He and Lane is talking together and he serves Algernon sandwiches.

Lane goes out and Jack comes in.

Algernon is eating sandwiches and a tea is ready for somebody, Jack asks who is coming to tea and Algernon says merely Aunt Augusta(Lady Bracknell) and Gwendolen.

Jack is in love with Gwendolen, and wants to marry her. He is going to propose to her

Algernon thinks that it is nothing romantic about proposal, but it is romantic being in love.

Jack owns a cigarette case witch his aunt Cecily gave him.

Jack is Earnest in town and jack in the country and the cigarette case was given to him in the country

Jack says he always wanted a little brother named Earnest and that’s why he name himself Earnest in town.

His aunt lives in Tunbridge Wells.

Jack is going to stop being Earnest when he marries Gwendolen.

Algernon wants Jack to know what Bunbury is.

Aunt Augusta and Gwendolen come in and Gwendolen looks gorgeous.

Gwendolen says to Jack (she don’t know that his name is Jack) that she love him because his name is Earnest.

Jack propose to her and she says Yes

Aunt Augusta (Lady Bracknell) comes in and says that they are not engaged and she wants to ask Jack some questions and tells Gwendolen to go to the carriage

Jack don’t know his parents, he was found by Mr Thomas Cardew, an old gentleman of a very charitable and kindly disposition.

3 •

He gave him yhe name of Worthing, because he hapend to have a first-class ticket for Worthing in his pocket at the time.

He was in hand-bag witch was given to Thomas in mistake for his own

Ernest and Gwendolen are in deep love but her mother Augusta is not so happy about it and she don’t like him very well.

Act2 •

Act 2 is in Garden (Old-fashioned one) at the Manor House.

It is July

The persons in this act is Miss Prism (Laetitita) and Cecily.

Dr. Chasuble enters and Miss Prism goes with him to walk

Merriman tells Cecily that Mr. Ernest Worthing has just arrived.

She says: “Uncle Jack’s brother” and asks Merriman if he had let Jack know about it.

Than Ernest came but it wasn’t him, it was Algernon. He was pretending being Ernest, he had heard Jack say to Gwendolen where he lived.

Cecily thought that he was Ernest

Prism and Chasuble are walking and suddenly Jack comes and he is very sad

He says that his brother Ernest is dead, he died in Paris

Algernon and Cecily come out and Jack is surprised and angry.

Algernon wants to be for a week at Jacks place.

Jack don’t want that and send him away again back to the town.

Algernon and Cecily speak together and then he found out that Cecily and Ernest has been engaged for 6 months.

They talk together and Cecily says like Gwendolen that she love him because his name is Ernest and she don’t like the name Algernon.

Gwendolen comes to Jacks place and meet Cecily

4 •

They realize that they are engaged to the same man, but still do not know that this is not actually the same person.

They walk together and have a cup of tea but Cecily give Gwendolen a cake when she wanted breat and butter and a sugar in the tea when she didn’t want a sugar.

Jack and Algernon arrives and Gwendolen and Cecily found out that they weren’t who they said they were.

The girls leave and the boys argue.

Jack are going to change his name in to Ernest if that is what Gwnedolen wants and he wants Algernon out of his house.

Act 3 • The girls are talking together and then the boys come. • They forgive them and are again engaged to be married. • Lady Bracknell arrives and talks to Jack. • Algernon and Jack are going to become christened • Lady B. agrees Cecily to marry Algernon but Jack doesn’t, he don’t think Algernon is

untruthful. • Miss prism comes in and twenty-eight years ago she left Lord Bracknell’s house,

number 104, Upper Grosvenor Street, in charge of a perambulator that contained a baby of the male sex and she never returned. • Prism said that she had with her when she had the baby an old but capacious hand-bag

which she had intended to place the manuscript of a work of fiction that she had written during her few unoccupied hours.

5 • In a moment of mental abstraction she deposited the manuscript in the basinett, and

placed the baby in the hand-bag • The baby was Jack • Jack goes out of the room and somewhere else, he make some noise • Jack was looking for the hand-bag and found it, he showed it to Prism and that was the

hand-bag that she put the baby in. • Than Jack tell her that he was the baby and he thinks that she is his mother but she

says no and point at Lady Bracknell. • Jack is the son of Lady Bracknell sister and the elder brother of Algernon. • Jack was named after his father • They can’t remember what their fathers christen name was. They look in the Army

Lists. • His father name was Ernest John and then Jack’s name is Ernest after all. • They were all happy know, the End

Questions - ACT 1 1. ´The old fashioned respect for the young is fast dying out' (page 22) is the opposite of what we might expect to be said. What would we expect to be said? Find other example in Act 1 where what is said is the opposite of what we might expect Divorces are made in haven – marriage is made in heaven. Algernon often talks like this. 2. Re-read the scene where Jack is proposing to Gwendolen. What opinions do you form


of the character? He asks her about the weather and she says that when somebody asks her about the weather she always feel quite certain that hey mean something else and that makes her nervous. Jack was meaning something else and he says to her that ever since he met her he has admired her more than any girl. Her ideal had always been to love someone of the name Ernest. He me mention that he must got christened at ones and that they must get married at once. She asks “Married?”, he love her and she adore him but he hasn’t proposed to her yet. Nothing had been said about marriage at all. He is very nervous and embarrassing and asks if he may propose to her know. He say that she know what he are going to ask her but she wants to hear it. Than he propose to her and she says of course. He is slow thinking and Gwendolen almost take over in the proposal. 3. Is Gwendolen afraid of her mother? Why / why not? Yes and no, but more yes because she always do what she says her to do and a little afraid to her. She is certain and that is why I say a little no because she have the courage to do some things that her mother isn’t going to be happy about. 4. What differences are between Jack and Algernon?

Questions - ACT 2 1. In what way does your impression of Cecily change, or develop, through Act 2? Look at her conversations with Miss Prism, then with Algernon and lastly with Gwendolen. She is unconfident, she changes characters. She is this incident young schoolgirl with Miss Prism, when she meets Algernon they share interests, and then with Gwendolen she is a little bitch. She becomes more aggressive trough Act 2. 2. Is the relationship between Algernon and Jack different in this Act? Yes Algernon ruins the plan of Jack, he was lying that his brother was dead and then Algernon comes and pretend to be Ernest his brother. Than Jack becomes angry and they have to act like they are brothers. 3. What will be the effect on the audience of seeing Jack enter dressed in mourning clothes? (Page 31) It’s a little joke and the audience will luff.

Questions - ACT 3 1. What impression do you get of Miss Prism in Act 3? Take all the evidence into account - the temperance beverage, the three volume novel and so on. She falls apart in act 3 because of the hand-bag thing. In Act 2 she was like a strict teacher but then she falls apart when Lady Bracknell names the hand-bag. She have some relationship with the priest, they are always flirting.


2. What reason do you think Jack might have for refusing to give permission for Cecily to marry Algernon other than the explanation he gives (page 60)? That she is too young to marry and he is like her elder brother and feels like he has to protect her. He knows Algernon better than she does and don’t feel like he is the one for her, they only had known for several hours almost a day and already say that they are in love and are engaged. That is not really true love; you have to know the person not just the idea ore because she thought that his name was Ernest. He can’t marry Gwendolen that is why he say she may not marry Algernon. It’s like a competition. 3. What difficulty is still unresolved? - Though no one seems to mind - at the end of the play? He is Algernons brother and then related to Gwendolen…They seem to don’t care or were ignoring it.

Short films -glósur

Bunny •


Fluga sem er að fljúga í kringum ljós

8 •

Það er kanína sem á heima í húsinu og hún fer að tékk á flugunni

Flugan er að bögga kanínuna

Bankar á glugga og kanínan lokar öllum gluggum sem eru á húsinu

Kansínan er inni að búa til einhvað

Hún er að baka

Flugan kemst inn

Kanínan reynir að lemja hana

Hún er í ljósinu endalaust og kanínan nær að slá hana

Flugan fer í skálina sem kanínan var að baka í og byrjar að hræra endalaus

Kanínan er gömul er með göngugrind

Kanínan sofnar og einhvað er að gerast í eldavélinni

Kanínan vaknar

Í eldavélinni er mikið blátt ljós þar er flugan lifandi

Kanínan fer inn í eldavélina og hún lokast

Hún eer komin einhvert uppí loft með flugunni og er komin með vængi og er að fljúga

Það koma fullt af fleirri flugum

Flugurnar eru á leiðinni í einhvað ljós

Kanínan dó eða var að dreyma

Þetta var mölfluga sem laðast að ljósi

Ég held að kanínan hafi dáið og hitt síðan fluguna á himnum á leiðinni í ljósið


Culture •

Einhver kall að labba með kassa með rauðu loki

Hann labbar endalaust áfram

Kall með gleraugu að tala í símann

Kallinn með kassan segjir honum að skella á og hætta að tala í símann

Spurði hvort að einhver hafi hringt en enginn var búinn að gera það

Hann er að bíða eftir að það sé hring í hann útaf vinnu sem hann sótti um

Hann er með bréf í nefinu, kominn með hvef

Einhver hringir

Hann fær stöðuhækkun

Er í lyftu með 3 öðrum hátt settum mönnum

Er að spjalla við þá um vinnuna, þeir höfðu rekið manninn sem hann er að taka við af

Gömul kona er símakonan á hæðinni

Hann kemur upp með lyftu og fullan kassa af einhverju dóti

Labbar að borðinu þar sem gamla konan er alltaf við símann

Hann lagar hitann á skrifstofunni sinni og kemur sér fyrir

Síminn hringir og hann er að hlusta á gömlu konuna tala í símann

Konan er að skrifa á ritvél

Konan kemur inn á skrifstofuna hans með einhvað upptökutæki

Hann byrjar að tala

Hann kemur fram og það eru allir farnir af hæðinni niður með lyftu

10 •

Hann slekkur á útvarpi gömlu konunnar

Lækkar hitann aftur á hæðinni alltaf kominn aftur hátt upp

Hann er allur blár á höndunum

Fer fram og þar sér hann gömlu konuna snúa einhverju tæki

Fer upp á 15 hæð

Kassar eru komnir á hæðina og gamla konan réttir honum síman

Hann tekur einhvað blað upp úr skúffu

Færir til kassa

Það er allt gamaldags á hæðinni og hann kemur með nýrri hluti og kennir henni

Kennir henni á tölvu, hún var alltaf með ritvél og gamlann snúningssíma með snúru

Hann er kominn með fartölvu

Segjist ver a í helvíti

Hringir í vin sinn og segjir honum það sem er að hafa það mjög gaman

Kemur með dömu upp í lyftu

Hún kemur með honum á hæðina þar sem hann er að vinna

Hann dettur inní að hugsa einhvað

Hann er orðinn þreyttur og ringlaður

Hlustar endalaust á símann hringja hjá konunni og hana svara

Hann er að verða vitlaus

Stendur fyrir aftan gömlu konuna og tekur af henni símann og segjir henni að segja CULTURE ekki CÁLTURE

11 •

Hann afsakar sig síðan daginn áður en gamla konan er byrjuð að svara rétt í símann

Hann skrifar á blöð sem eru á borðinu hans

Hitastigið núna alltaf rétt

Konan að gera allt rétt núna

Hann er léttari í lund

Kemur út úr lyftu mjög fínn til hafður og labbar að skrifborðinu hjá gömlu konunni og tekur upp skjalabunka.

Einhver sérstakur dagur kominn sem hann er búinn að vera að bíða eftir

Það er fundur á þessum degi og þeir drulla yfir hann

Hann er vinnufíkill

Hann fær alltaf blóðnasir eða einhvað þegar honum er heitt og er stressaður

Er með upptöku innábaði að hlusta á gömlu konuna segja einhvað

Hann kennir gömlu konunni um að allt er farið til fjanfans hjá honum

Hann er rekinn

Hann er beðinn um að fara út byggingunni labbar út með kassa og síminn hringir og gamla konan svara cálture.

Verkefni Bunny 1. What is the message in the story? Don’t let little things annoy you and get in the way of your mind. Don’t get angry just handle things calmly. 2. Write a short story or a poem about what happens in the story. The bunny is in it house and is making cake. A fly comes in to his house and is tinkering a picture that means a lot to the bunny. Wedding picture. And he becomes angry and try’s to kill the fly. Then the bunny hit the fly in to the bottle that the bunny was baking in and the fly died. Then the bunny falls asleep and dies in it sleep, goes in to cooker and meet the fly and they fly together in to the light. Culture

12 1. What does the title of the film refer to? CULTURE: He gets a promotion and receives a special field in the paper that is named culture 2. What kind of character is Tim Stevens? What is his work ethic? He has a work ethic wich is fast, organized, efficient. 3. What kind of workplace is the Culture section? This is a workplace were newspaper was written. He was working with the cultural department of the paper. It is in a building on 15 floor. The old lady who works for him is very old fashion and works with old stuff and he don’t like it. 4. Who is Faye Templesman and what is her part in the story? She was the secretary on the 15 floor. She makes him crazy by saying everything wrong and do everything wrong. She disappears too often and is really driving him crazy. 5. How do you interpret the plot? What is the meaning of it? I think it is like in the story that the old lady is driving him crazy by doing things that he dont like and really get to his nurves. Doing things that he becomes really confused but she does really nothing that can be prosecuted for it. 6. In your opinion, what meaning does the word CHANGE have in the story? Moving from the old-fashioned modern objects and use technology.

My name is Lisa •

Stuttmyndin er um unga stelpu

Mamma hennar er alltaf að skipta sér af henni

Mamma hennar er að segja henni að hún eigi að hætta að vera í tölvunni og fara að lesa bækur og einhvað.

Hún segjir að lífið sé eins og mjög erfið og ljót bók

Mamma hennar er alltaf að koma með mat til hennar þótt að hún sé búin að borða.

Stelpan er að segja frá sínum skoðunum

Hún situr fyrir framan tölvu og er að tala við þá sem horfa

Það kemur póstmaður í heimsókn og segjir að hann taki bara kort og tjékka, hun er ósjálfbjarga.

13 •

Mamma hennar getur ekki gert neitt, ekki þvoð þvottinn né vaskað upp segjir stelpan

Mamma hennar kemur aftur og truflar hana meðan hún er að gera myndina.

Situr fyrir framan myndavélina og er að hugsa

Mamman getur ekki fundið bíllyklana, stelpan er held ég með hana

Mamman er veik ??? (alzheimer)er gleymin, gleymir hver dóttir sín er og hvar hún setur hlutina

Stelpan er að gera hluti fyrir mömmu sína til að hjálpa henni.


Það sést ekkert í byrjun, einhvað herbergi sem er mjög dimmt í

Maður sem situr við borð og er með byssu

Horfir á mynd af konu og setur hleður byssuna

Það er einhver kona sem vill ekki tala við hann og hann virðist sorgmæddur

Hann segjist vera sorry um einhvað sem hann gerði

14 •

Hann er með byssuna uppvið hausinn á sér og ætlar að fara að skjóta sig en gerir það ekki

Fer út í bíl

Hann fer uppí bíl einhvers annars og sá maður sem á bílinn kemur að bílnum og segjir honum að drulla sér út úr bílnum, þá kemur hann út og miðar byssunni að honum og fer svo aftur uppí og fer í burtu.

Hann stendur fyrir framan gluggann hjá konunni með byssuna að hausnum sínum og hún öskrar á hann „DO IT“ og hann segjir „I WILL“ en gerir það ekki

Hann fer inn og þau sötra te og spjalla saman.

Hann er enþá með vinnu

Þau tala um vandamálin afhverju þau hættu saman

Hún tekur upp byssuna....

Miðar henni að hausnum að sér og segir einhvað við hann

Hún tekur í gikkinn en það er ekkert skot

Hann er að tala við einhverja skrifstofukonu mjög reiður.

Hann getur ekki gert þetta lengur, hann vill konuna og dóttur sína aftur

Hann vill svar frá skrifstofukonunni

Segjir að bókin/verkið hans sé mjög góð/gott

Hittir dóttir sína sem er ung

Hann er að sækja hana í skólann

Hann vill að allt verði betra og labbar með dóttur sinni í burtu

Hann talar við einhvern í símann og á meðan er dóttir hans búin að fynna byssuna hans og hleður hana

Hún miðar henni að hausnum sínum og tekur í gikkinn en ekkert skot kemur út

15 •

Hún gerir það aftur nema miðar að pabba sínum og skítur hann.

Hann deyr.

A. Please 1. Why is the film called "Please"? Because the man in the short story is very sorry about something and is always saying “please, please, please”. That’s why it is the name of the story I think. 2. What is the main conflict in the story? A gun, he wanted to kill himself he is in so much pain. And then his wife did the same, point the gun to her head and then in the end the little girl does the same. 3. Who is the main character? What is he like? What do you think of him. The main character is the man. He is very sad and angry the whole time but loved his wife and daughter very much and wanted to be happy again with them. I think he is a little bit crazy but I feel sorry for him because he obviously has some issues. 3. Did you like the film? Why? Why not? I did like watching the film but I was little bit confused sometimes and didn’t understand the story 100% 4. Is there a moral to the story? What is it? What does the gun signify? Think before you perform. There was something that he did to his wife that he could have did better. Always have your eyes on your children, especially if there are some dangerous things around. And in the end, a family always comes first and you always have to take good care of your family. B. My name is Lisa 1. Who is Lisa? What is she like? Lisa is a teenage girl who takes good care of her mom because she has a Alzheimer. She is kind and sweet and is talking about life. 2. What is the main plot of the story? That Lisa’s mother had Alzheimer and is forgetting everything and Lisa is helping her but in the end her mother is even forgetting who Lisa is. 3. What is the message of the story? Take care of the people you love, help them in difficult times. Treat your neighbor as you want him to treat you.


4. Did you like the film? Why? Why not? I didn’t like it so much. I think the film was set up in a weird way and because of that I had a little time to get myself into the film and realize it. I was a little bit confused and didn’t understand all the thinks that the girl said. C. A different end of the story PLEASE when the girl was playing with the gun I thought that she was going to shoot herself so I want to change the end to that. She is playing with the gun and her dad is talking to the phone with his wife and they are happy and planning a happy vacation with their daughter and then the girl shot herself and all the happy was no happy anymore.

Short stories – A glowing future Ruth Rendell: (age 83) Rendell is a hero of many popular police stories. He was educated at the County High School for Girls in Loughton Essex. Ruth is famous for the TV series Ruth Rendell Mysteries witch are based from her short stories. Ruth has also written two movie scripts for “la cérémonie” and “Live Flesh” witch are good rated by IMDB.

17 Ruth started writing fiction in her 20s; she started by writing short stories but they weren´t very good. Ruth first published novel is “From Doon with Death” to see if she could write a detective story.

2 . A letter of advice from Betsy’s brother/sister Imagine you are Betsy’s older brother or sister. Betsy phones you on Maurice’s last evening, when he has packed all his things and gone out to get a meal. She tells you everything Maurice has said and done, and after the phone call you write her a letter of advice suggesting the best way to deal with the situation. Dear. Betsy I’m sorry to hear about your situation but I think it’s best for you move on. Maurice is clearly not the right man for you, he has been treating you really bad and you deserve much better than him. First of all you´ve menaced to be without him for an over a year, and he didn’t contact you for the whole time. You are a strong and beautiful independent woman and you have the whole future in front of you. If you are having any problem at all you can always contact me and I’m always on your side. I know it sound silly but in couple of months you won’t think about this guy anymore because you´ve moved on. Best regards John

3 . Rewrite the end of the story based on the following description: When Maurice pushes Betsy away in the middle of the night, imagine that she hits her head hard and is killed outright. Maurice is still determined not to let her spoil his future. …Maurice was shocked when Betsy wasn’t moving and responding him. He decided to get rid of the body by packing it in to the rug and lighting up the fireplace. Without thinking he puts Betsy in the fireplace and burns her up to ashes. He wasn´t going to let Betsy spoil his future with Patricia. The morning after transport mans arrived and picked up the parcels witch Maurice was shipping to Australia. He then went to the airport right after they had left and went to his Europe trip.


Ricochet – discussion 1. Which do you think was more important for Owen, sole possession and management of the farm, or living with Rhiannon and being able to claim Margo as his own daughter? We think that it was more important for Owen to be with Rhiannon and be able to claim Margo as his own daughter, because Owen has been in love with her ever since they were little. He envy his brother Huw for marrying Rhiannon. 2. Why do you think Rhiannon chose to marry Huw rather than Owen? Describe both brothers from her point of view. What is your opinion of her own character? Is she partly to blame for the tragedy? why, or why not? We think she chose Huw over Owen because he was discribed as blackhaired giant, bass-voiced and rock strong. From Rhiannons point of view is Owen just á deputy she can look to with her problems because she know he will take her with arms open. She felt sorry for her housband Huw for not be able to have children with her, even how hard he tried. Our oppinion on Rhiannon is that she is guilty of the tragedy because she was always giving Owen some fals hope about something that might happened beteween them. 3. Do you think that tragedy would have been prevented if Rhiannon and Margo had left Huw and moved in with Owen? What do you think Huw would have done, that 'upright Gofearing chapel man'? We think if shed moved in with Owen the tragedy wouldn’t have take place. Huw would probably seek revenge but it would probably not end with killing each other.

Ricochet – assignment Male body found shot in a cabin On the eve of Friday 25 June, a body of 38 years old man was found shot in his cabin in Wales. The police was informed about the body from the brother of the victim. The police have spoken to three witnesses. The victim’s brother claimed that his brother did not commit suicide. “I never believe my brother to commit suicide he is a good man who would never let his family go through harm like this.” Other witnesses, old ladies, said that the man stopped for a tea at their place earlier this day. Depression was one of the main subjects they talked about and he seemed stressed because he


was sweating despite the cold. Police is investigating the case, it is believed that the man had been upset and first shot his dog before shooting himself with his shotgun.

Nursing – word list Word

Meaning Icelandic


1. Disability



2. Anatomy



3. Ball of the foot


4. Individuals



20 5. Attain


6. Maintain



7. Optimal



8. Adam‘s apple


9. Scope

Svið Lögsagnarumdæmi

10. Jurisdictions

Noun Noun

Pictures 3. 8.


Disadvantage Ókostur










Chromosome Litningur




















Cervical Vertebrae Hryggjaliðir/háls


Pictures 4.







Meaning Icelandic



Circulatory System










Digestive system








immune system




respiratory system
















1. 2.




Meaning Icelandic


1. lymph node



2. navel



3. esophagus



4. endocrine system



5. fallopian tubes



6. follicle



7. tendon



8. thorax



9. pituitary





Meaning Icelandic


1. Elderly



2. District



3. Centers



4. Administer



5. Agencies



10. urinary system


23 6. Ambulatory



7. Anesthesia



8. Anesthetists



9. Infectious



10. Injections




Meaning Icelandic


1. Monitoring



2. Obtain


3. Pediatrics



4. Pharmacology



5. Physiology



6. Postoperative

Eftir aðgerð


7. Prenatal



8. Procedures



9. Prospects



10. Scope



11. Therapeutic



12. Varies



13. Vocational



14. Traction



15. Strabismus



16. Tumor



17. Vesicle



18. Anuria



19. Calculi



24 20. Urgency



a) what do you think you have learnt? I think I've added to my vocabulary and learnt new words. I learnt things about nursing and words that are related to nursing on English. I learnt to do a website that was fun and learned better how to read text and remember and understand what is in it. b) Which assignments did you like doing and which not? why? I liked doing the magazine assignment because there was something I liked and it gave me the driving force to do projects to put into the magazine. I didn’t like so much to do the creative writing and the book review in the website assignment. I thought it was hard to write about some book. c) Reading material (short stories + Earnest) what did you think about it? I liked Earnest when I was reading and watching at the same time, otherwise I didn’t understand. The short films where interesting and I liked doing the assignments about the films. Some of the short stories where fun but not all of them. But I liked working in a group when we were working with the short stories, then I understand it little better and be able to talk little about it.

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Springsemester 2014

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