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Two of most famous nurses of all time I like to work in an


environment that's interesting, rewarding and challenging and I think a career in nursing




Nursing and engineering

2014 Florence Nightingale

This issue

has plenty to offer. Nurses

Introduction to nursing and engineering P.1

work in every sort of health

Florence Nightingale is the most recognized name in the field of

setting from accident and

nursing and is one of the many nurses who are known international-

Several facts about nursing P.2

emergency to patients' homes,

ly. She is usually credited with founding today’s nursing profession.

Interesting names for body parts P.3

with people of all ages and

When she was a teenager, Nightingale believed that a divine voice

backgrounds. Nursing is fo-

called to her and wanted her to become a nurse, but her social status

cused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health

definitely didn’t fit the job, as she was born and raised by very well-off British family. She was well known for her role in the Crimean War, she returned to Great Britain in 1857 as a national hero and spent the rest of her career writing books, manuals and curriculum for nursing schools.

and quality of life. I am compassionate and have a commitment to helping people and that is why I choose nursing. After I finish the nurse I

Lauranne Sams

want to learn midwife. Mid-

In 1971, Dr. Lauranne Sams organized the National Black Nurses Association and

wife is a person who is

subsequently became its first President. The National Black Nurses Association

trained to assist women in

was organized to help African American nurses. The NBNA is active lobbying for

childbirth. Midwives are ded-

equal rights and pay for all nurses, providing training opportunities and working

icated to providing woman

P.5 P.6 P.7

Nursing is the largest health care occupation, with 2.6 million registered nurses. Nursing is also one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. But did you know that?...


Introduction to nursing and engineering The nursing profession has a long and interesting history forged by courageous people, almost exclusively women. Before the middle of the 19th century, most nurses were untrained and came from the lower class.

- Florence Nightingale,

with the personalized health

government and other nursing organizations to improve and change the nursing

the most famous nurse in

care experience they deserve.


modern history, was only

I love children and there is

Top 3 most famous nurses of all time P.4

9 facts you may not know about nursing.

a nurse for three years

nothing more important in life than to create a new life.

- In the U.S. military,

That's why I want to be a part

approximately one-third

of bringing a new life into the


of all nurses are male.


Nursing was not considered to be a legitimate

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Nursing and engineering Tidbits Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands English 403 Spring semester 2014 Eva Grímsdóttir Jóel Elvarsson

occupation. However, during the latter part of the 1800s and beyond, there were a number of forward-looking nurses who worked tirelessly to define and improve the role of nursing and provide the building blocks for

ENGINEERING …. .. …… …. …. …. …. … .. .. .. :… … … …….. ….. ….. ………...

what it is today. Wars and military nursing also have played a major role in the evolution of what nursing is today.


Nursing and engineering Tidbits

9 facts you may not know about nursing. 1.Despite the current easing of the nursing shortage due to the recession, the U.S. nursing shortage is projected to grow to 260,000 registered nurses by 2025, according to an article in the July/August 2009 Health Affairs. A shortage of this magnitude would be twice as large as any nursing shortage experienced in this country since the mid-1960s.

Children with cancer being denied life-saving drugs, scientists say Call for change in EU regulations that allow pharmaceutical companies to opt out of children's trials for some cancer drugs

9 facts you may not know about nursing.

False economies are leaving the mentally ill vulnerable Mental health services are facing

tackling bullying and teaching emo-

We need to keep building on the gov-

serious financial pressures. From

tional wellbeing. We need to invest,

ernment's initiative to improve access

hospitals to community care, from children's services to those for adults,

2. Tens of thousands of qualified nursing school applicants were turned away last year because U.S. nursing schools didn't have enough faculty or educational capacity to teach them. 3. Only three out of five nurses work in hospitals. Nurses also work in schools, correctional facilities, private companies, home health, nursing homes, government agencies, social assistance agencies, and research labs.


budgets for mental health support are

Scientists say cancer drugs are increasingly aimed at molecular targets that may occur in many kinds of cancer.

Since 2007, all but two of 28 cancer drugs given a license for adult use in Europe had a mechanism of action which

being cut across the country. And this is having an effect on a range of ser-

Potentially life-saving drugs are being denied to children

is relevant to a children's cancer. However, 14 have been

with cancer because they are not being put through the

given a waiver, allowing the company not to do a trial in

vices, especially those that help people

necessary clinical trials, say scientists who are calling for a

children because they do not get that specific cancer.

to stay well and to recover their lives.

change in European rules. The Institute of Cancer Research says the current EU regulations allow pharmaceu-

“"Children do not have ac-

tical companies to opt out of children's

cess to drugs that could be

trials if a new drug is intended for an adult cancer that does not occur in children.

available in clinical trials

But scientists say cancer drugs are in-

even where scientists be-

creasingly aimed at molecular targets that may occur in many kinds of cancer. So,

lieve they could extend

for example, a new drug for a type of lung


"We believe the EU regulatory system is

badly out of date and has not

kept up with modern conceptions in cancer research," said Ashworth. The original intention was wellmeaning; it was designed to protect children from unnecessary treatment which might not benefit them, he said. But our understanding of cancer

cancer attacks a molecular defect that is also found in neuroblastoma – a devastating and often

has moved on.

lethal children's cancer – but it will not be put through

One of the adult cancer drugs that might help children is

trials to make it available to children.

crizotinib, made by Pfizer and licensed to treat adults with non-small cell lung cancer. Dr Louis Chesler, a paediatric

"Children do not have access to drugs that could be availa-

oncologist at the Royal Marsden, said the drug targets a

ble in clinical trials even where scientists believe they

genetic mutation that also occurs in some children with

could extend lives," said Prof Alan Ashworth, chief execu-


tive of the institute.

We need schools to become vigilant for the signs of mental ill health, supporting healthy child development,

Cutbacks are leaving adults and children

to psychological therapies for children and young people (and their parents) to ensure that all who could benefit

without the support

from proven cost-effective treatments

they need, just when

are offered timely support from engag-

it is most wanted too, in the mental health of parents, supporting those whose children are

4. The rising number of seriously ill patients has demanded more complex and specialized skill sets. In-demand specialties include traveling nurses, nurse informatics specialists, acute nurse practitioners, geriatric nurses, hospice nurses, and home care nurses.

ing and highly skilled workers


most at risk to develop positive par-

5. One out of every four registered nurses works part time. 6. The New England Hospital for Women and Children, established in 1862, was the first nursing school in the country.

enting techniques.

This Weeks Nursing Interesting Words For Body Parts Ball of the foot: Is called in Icelandic: “Iljarbogi”. It is the area where you are standing when you stand on the toes.

Adam‘s apple: Is called in Icelandic: “Barkakýli”. The structure of the laryngeal prominence forms a bump under the skin and that is called "Adam's apple". It is larger in adult men, in whom it is usually clearly visible and palpable. In women the bump is much less visible.


7. In the U.S. military, approximately one-third of all nurses are male. 8. The most visits to emergency rooms occur during the warmer months of the year. 9. Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse in modern history, was only a nurse for three years