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Small Commission Repton

My Aunt asked me to do a commission of her house for my uncles 50th. It was just a small piece but I thought it deserved a little blog post.

Requested pencil drawn after seeing pencil work I posted online (my response to the Lauren Childs Poetry Illustration Prize). Using photos she sent I drew up a couple of roughs and sent her a quick scan over to check she was happy for me to continue.

It was good working with perspective using only pencil for a change. Going back to basics reminds me of what I am capable of doing and I find it’s good practice for skills like composition, tone and depth development without having to think about everything else that is going on such as colour and shape when working with more elaborate processes.


I scanned a copy in for myself and sent my Aunt the original piece by post. This piece was personal and in the family so I didn’t mind giving away the original. I know my Aunt and Uncle will probably value it far more than I would if it was sat in a draw or folder amongst piles of other work. However if this was something for a bigger client in a different context I’d be more inclined to keep originals for myself.

Small Commission 2  
Small Commission 2