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Personal Project Proposal and Idea Development

Proposal: •

Create a children’s nature poetry book comprised of 24-32 pages. Communicating themes of environmental awareness and education through narrative based illustration + Supporting VR scene for modern influence.

General Themes: Environmental awareness, friendly approach, culturally diverse.

Specific Subjects: British themed, want it to be personal to me and to its readers- recognisable and familiar.

Specific Disciplinary Area: Children’s Publishing

Audience/ Contexts: Children aged 5-11. Print and Digital

Production/ Distribution Methods: Create pull out page from book- will involve binding it myself. Small range of supporting products- maybe draw string ruck sacks (base product that is useable) badges, stickers (more decorative)? Child- friendly products. Would also like to create a VR scene from the pull out page in the book.

Idea Development: •

Want to create something that I can be proud of at the end.

To decide what I want to create I considered all of my favourite pieces of work I have done so far as well as where I wanted it to go in the future. I know I don’t only want to do children’s work but it is an area I definitely want to get into and enjoyed previously in L5.

I have come to recognise this year that I enjoy creating educational work, particularly centred around the environment and society.

I spoke to Ben about it who suggested because I hadn’t written a story already that I try to find an existing one to illustrate or something similar- giving me more time to focus on the actual illustration.

Been reading a lot of nature poetry, ’Book of Nature Poetry’ by National Geographic is a particularly good one. I sent out an appeal to family members asking to borrow any children’s nature poetry books and this was one of my little brothers.

I read through all of the books and used little stickers to mark the pages. I ended up with a lot more poems than I needed so I just kept re reading and narrowing down.

I was trying to create a bit of a narrative using the poems to tell a story about not just one child but children contributing their bit to the planet. My criteria was that the poems had to work in a British environment and be reasonably short.

Short so that the book could be pocket size (so it can potentially be read in the environments it discussess) and so that the room and focus is mostly on illustration. Wanted my artwork to tell as much of a story as the poetry.

British because at the beginning of this year Ben said he thought my work was very British, that it was a good thing and I should play on it. I thought about this and I imagine its because the environments I’m familiar with appear most in my work.

I hope in the future to broaden this a little but for this personal project I wanted to play on it.

Book Inspiration •

Here We Are, by Oliver Jeffers. I liked most Jeffers use of colour throughout. It’s very cohesive with the purple themes. Love the scratchy texture details he adds, feel it creates a more personal feel and the little educational details he works into his illustrations, often through type. Never been big on using much text to support my images but Jeffers delivers it well.

The Land Of Nod, written by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Rob Hunter. With children’s work in the past I have used a lot of colour to ensure its understandable and a readable to its audience but this book is a perfect example that reduced colour palettes can still work. Hunters use of composition throughout this book is amazing- alternating use of negative space and full bleed pages and using negative space to open and close the book- he’s ensured each page runs onto the next.

All Aboard the Discovery Express by Emily Hawkins, Tom Adams and illustrated by Tom Clohoshy- Cole. Colour palettes are lovely throughout again, I particularly enjoy the contrast Clohoshy-Cole creates that support shadow and light. He builds the images up on illustrator first then adds photoshop texture and detail from what I can tell. I like this approach myself as i think it creates a really clear image with nice bold and sharp colours. Book is educational and engaging, using flaps and tabs to reveal puzzles and answers. A simple way to make the book more engaging but very effective. Something like this may be a bit ambitious in the time that I have but I would love to create something a bit more elaborate like this in the future.