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Personal Project Supporting illustrated products (Badges, stickers and bags)

The Wildlife Trust have offered a few times to stock some of my work in their shop. They have particularly mentioned things like stickers and badges. I do want to build up a bit of a collection of things to sell myself aside from commissions but I need to explore different options and ways of doing that cost effectively.

I began by having a look around at what other artists sell. The Gruffalo is always a good go to for children’s illustrated products because they have done just about everything you could ever think of.

I decided stickers would be good and perhaps some badges and some drawstring bags. I wanted to keep them as economically friendly as possible so have ordered organic natural cotton bags and intend to print onto recycled stock where possible.

Stickers: Interactive, fun, decorative

Badges: Decorative

Bags: Practical, Useable

Stickers •

I’ve wanted to make some stickers for a while, really to take advantage of being able to in the print room and see what the outcomes are like.

Badges •

Despite not using a badger in the book, I really wanted to create a badger badge. I know there is a big revolt against the badger cull at the minute going on in the wildlife community. I figured this would be a selling point for the Wildlife Trust and for my own Etsy shop while still working with the rest of the book project and wildlife theme.


It took me a while to get the badger right, I did originally want it curled up but it looked awkward and unnatural so I instead went for a different perspective to the fox which I think ultimately is more interesting for the pair.


I tried both designs in monochrome and more line based considering enamel printing and cost effective methods of production.

Packaging •

I wanted to keep the packaging consistent and simple. Taking inspiration from the night time scenes in my book I built up a dark background thinking it would compliment the products bright colours. I continued using text from the book and added my email to the bottom of the Badges thinking they could partly serve as a little business card.


The sticker design is intended to fold over to staple over the packet.


Badge mock ups to test against background of packaging and sizing.

Bags •

Liked the idea of printing some of my extra designs inspired from my book and applying them to little rucksacks and gym bags. I figured they encourage activity and also give me the opportunity to do a little mild fabric work. I’ve only ever screen printed onto fabric and that wouldn’t work with these designs so I figured print transfers would be worth exploring.

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 3: Upon reflection the little notes were probably inspired a little by Oliver Jeffers type. I felt the poster needed to be made a little more personal and due to the lack of space after building up the chart I felt text would do that without over crowding it all.

I’ve always wanted to do a moon poster because we used to have them every year when I was little. I think its a good way of getting you to notice those extra details that people often over look. I was really happy with the moon page of my book too and I felt the poster supported the poem really appropriately.

Product Photography

I haven’t done much product photography before but wanted to do a little bit to add to my Etsy and also to display my final personal projects outcomes in a proffessional way.

I’m happy with them but I ran out of light sooner than I had hoped so had to cut my shoot short. I would have liked to take a few more of the bags zoomed out and of the book.

I’d take some to support gif build up in the future too because I think thats a pretty quick easy and fun way of engaging audiences.