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Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03 Presentation Boards

Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Working for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has been a great opportunity to not just develop my practical skills but also my business and communicative skills. There as a lot of back and forth throughout the projects I did with them and I found that sometimes hindered the creatives appraoches I wanted to take. They had very specific ideas in mind and I didn’t have the confidence to voice my own as much as I perhaps should have. This meant I felt the outcomes did always reflect the best of my practice and what I was capable of doing. In the future I intend to have a clearer voice and say in client based work to ensure that the result is something I am proud of in the end as well as the client- something we can both benefit from. I really enjoy the community side to this kind of work. When first starting out on the project everyone involved- project organisers, rangers, the wood cut artist and myself all met up. This created a very communciative project where everyones stages and ideas were being sent around. It meant the results were really cohesive and that for example my illustrations matched the wood cut artists (Andy’s) sculptures. He sent me initial sketches of his designs, photographs of them taking shape and the final outcomes- though by the time the final outcomes were done so were my illustrations. The community aspect has made me want to get involved in some more community based activties in the future and I have since been in touch with a local children’s charity in Leeds (Knowledge 4 Us By Us) about doing some workshops for them in summer. Creating the maps helped to consider a more graphic- design based perspective I haven’t considered as much in my work before. There was a lot of information that needed to be fit into small areas. I feel I did a good job of this and more than anything it has just increased my confidence in taking on similar work in the future.I would love to do something like this but with a more digital based appraoch and a stronger consideration for consistent colour schemes.

Page Developments

Woodcut artist scultping stages

Mock up idea development

Pages from final booklet and front and back cover.

Final A4 Map and supporting badge design.


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Lifting Tower Animation

This brief was a great opportunity to help me understand animation a little better and to figure out how I can use it to best benefit my practice. The tight deadlines of the brief were a challenge, particuarly given I had never done brief work like this before - animation based. It encoruaged me to consider moving outcomes more in the early stages. I enjoyed building up different storyboards and creating early gifs to help invision later outcomes (I found these helped as I have such little experience in this area that more I could picture in mocks and tests the better). I was confident building the illustrations up on Adobe Illustrator. At this stage a clear process to my practice was still unestablished but because the outcome was to be applied to such a large scale and the colours needed to be clear in respect to the brick back ground Illustrator seemed the clear route forward. I enjyoed my time using Illustrator finding it efficient and flexible. It was hard to find bright colours that would stand out while still making the images aesethically pleasing over all. I worked up three designs from a wider variety of roughs, I found it helped to narrow them down as I continued because it gave me more opportunity to consider which would work best. The baubles didn’t really work because the line detail in facial expressions were at risk of becoming lost against the background. The designs were quite heavily based on the baubles expressions too so they woulddn’t have worked in this context. Really benefitted from researching walk cycles and learning more about things like pace, timing and movement. It will come in handy in the future and help to create more cohesive and fluent outcomes that benefit my illustration. When starting this project I didn’t think I would be able to do walk cycles as I felt that my aniamtion skills weren’t that advanced. By just getting stuck in, involved and asking the right people for help if neccessary (asked an animation student how I would go about making my cat walk) I have realised I really shouldn’t limit my prospective outcomes based on my existing skills and instead use them to contiue pushing my skill base forward and developing new areas.



Image developments:

Academic support:

Figuring out walk cycles:

Final developments: Final Animation Scene:


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Penguin Student Design Award 2018 Adult Fiction: Animal Farm by George Orwell Research, Development & Outcomes When I first started this Animal Farm brief I took too much of a literal approach. I depicted animals... on a farm. Thrilling stuff. I didn’t recognise that this was the problem initially though I knew I didn’t like it all. I ended up taking it to Patrick to see what he made of it. Immediatley he recongised this and I agreed. I decided to go back to my roughs and start over, this time not allowing myself to draw even the hint of a pig.

Reference imagery

The hot air balloon was intended to convey the American dream and ideals floating away though in reflection I think this is perhaps too vague. I used Photoshop and Wacom brushes to build up the scenes. It took me a while to find the right brush because I wanted something quite crisp to create clear borders between colours (Writing this now, completing the briefs I have since then and learning what I have since then I’m pretty confident I should have just used Adobe Illustrator).

First attempt

Image development

The Penguin competition likes to see a lot of focus on type which I am not so confient with. It took me a long time to find a tpye i was even remotely happy with after trying digitally drawn, hand drawn and typed fonts. I still don’t like the final result, type is really an area I want to improve with because it seems to be cropping up more and more in work and commissions. It was a good brief for practice however I don’t feel the outcome is that successful. It is a bit too childish for its adult audience and I wonder again if this could have been improved by building it up using Illustrator.

Text development

Final submission

Final mock up


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Penguin Student Design Award 2018 Children’s Fiction: Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman Research, Development & Outcomes


Original drawings

When coming up with roughs and ideas for this brief I wanted to create a contrast in colours to represent the contrast in skin and themes with in the book. While a sad ending it is still a romance so I wanted to create this idea of quite an ‘unforgiving romance’ in harsh environments. I tried to reflect this through more dismall and concrete looking colours with bright text. In reflection this was the wrong approach to take because my type work isn’t very strong. It doesnt make sense to highlight the weakest area of the work. Perhaps a more eye catching and successful approach would have been to use the hands to create bright colous and the text to create a harsher back drop. I didn’t think about this at the time though and I think I was determined to try and force out this more graphic design based outcome.

Development stages

I don’t think the out come is horrific I just don’t think it really refelcts me or my practice. The spine is probably my favourite bit because I like the colours but the rest of the book to me has a very ‘mass produced’ feel. When creating work I want it to be original, fresh and exctiing- more high end witch a strong focus on high quality illustration.

Final Submission

Final Mock up


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Penguin Student Design Award 2018

Adult Non-Fiction: A Brief History of Time, From the Big Bang to Black Holes by Stephen Hawking.

Research, Development & Outcomes

Of the three Penguin briefs this one was my favourite to work on and my favourite outcome. The process was perhaps more carefully considered throughout than the other two. I began by finding out a bit more about the subjects wtith in the book such as light cones and black holes. I decided to take shapes inspired by those and make them into simpler more shape based images- taking a more shape based appraoch from the beggining helped me to visualise the outcomes better. I built the designs up using Photoshop and Wacom brushes. At first I had the shapes hang down like a mobile using yellows, pinks and blues. The pink created quite a childlish element to it when combined with the yellow so I reduced hat and instead used blues and greys which I felt would be more audience appropriate. Once I had a more confident idea of colour I felt the mobile was still too childish so instead freed up the items to create a broader space scene which looked a lot better.

Initial Drawings


I really liked my idea of using the light cone to frame the text from the beggining and feel it was probably one of the more successful areas of the illustration. My text work still need a lot of improvement but I felt a bit more confident about it in this piece. It seems the more I free up my hand and relax (as I would if I were just drawing normally) the better the out come. I’m not great at text but you can pull just about anything off with confidence and I hope my future relationship with text will be a good example of that. I think the out come could have been a bit more audience -appropriate in reflection. The Wacom brushes seem to provide quite a soft, friendly appraoch when I used them. Perhaps the sharpness of Illustrator would again have been mroe successful- I would have liked to see this out come in Illustrator. Again thugh it’s just confidence in my process and appraoches gonig forward.

Text development

Main development stages

Final Submission

Final mock up


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Leeds Gin

I got in touch with some of the Creative Advertising students after they posted an add through the LAU Student Collaborations Facebook page asking for creatives of all kinds. I felt this could be a good opportunity to work with new types of creatives but other than the inital meeting there wasn’t that much back and forth. Their deadline was 5 days after the day of meeting with them to discuss further what they needed. I felt it was too short a time to get the best results from my work but that it could also be a good challenge for working towards tighter deadlines. The tight deadline meant that I rushed the main process stages. I didn’t think for long about how I would build the illustrations up I just knew I wanted to do them digitally. I used photoshop brushes I was already familiar with to help increase efficiency. While it saved me time from actually having to explroe digital processes further it was a naive appraoch that resulted in outcomes built up in a medium that wasn’t audience-appropriate. I feel the soft brushes I used gave off a more childish feel, partiucarly alongside my appraochable character design.

Rough designs, character developments Creative Advertising students’ design concepts

Image developments- trying to achieve focus using light.

I attempted to make my characters appear more mature by making their faces less round than previous character works and giving them longer bodies.I think this kind of worked but again I was let down by the processes I used to then develop them and I feel they lacked confidence. I would like to continue developing my character design for adults- I feel with adult work the extra details may not be neccessary and I could leave features more to the imagination. I tried to use limited colour palettes though the result is less effective than previous colour work produced on Illustrator; achieving the clear, sharp contrast of colour. This is another area that was hindered by the tight time schedule though perhaps if I had built the images up in Adobe Illustrator to begin with then experimenting with colours would not have taken long.

Final Illustrations

Final Mock Ups


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

The Folio Society, House of Illustration Competition 2018

The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Outcomes

The front cover is the most successful outcome and made me realise that I want all of my work to be to that kind of standard. I love the sharp outcomes created by illustrator and feel digitally it probably produces the most successful outcomes from my work. I enjoyed editing my line work to create atmosphere and tone- going for the same outcomes really as when using illustrator just not as successful, bold or contrasting- but it wasn’t a comfortable process that I felt naturally flowed. I find my work develops more naturally using Illustrator, however it does lack the same texture opportunity so there is still a place for Photoshop in my practice. If I were to do these again I would first of all make them more detailed. I looked at the winners afterwards and a large amount had used Photoshop or Illustrator but I feel with more patience. They perhaps had a more confident idea of process so didn’t have to worry about that during intial stages. I hope to get to that point also because I feel once I have a clear appraoch to my work I’ll be able to picture it better during the first roughs. This has been a good brief for understand the publsihing industry a little more, particuarly high end publishing. It has made me want to pay more attention to detail while also still keeping my work clear and simpleI think I can achieve this by simply being a little bit more patient with my initial rough stages and not being afraid to create more elborate scenes. It has also been good to work towards an adult audience again, I think perhaps this extra patience and detail could work well alongside the bright shape driven Illustrator pieces. I cant quite figure out yet what distinguishes my adut and children’s work- I tend to take a more direct appraoch I think with adult work- it feels a bit more restrained and less round and curved. I don’t think more restrained is a bad thing however because I actually really like some of my more adult outcomes.

Final Front Cover

Final three illustrations


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

The Folio Society, House of Illustration Competition 2018

The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

Research & Development

I wanted to create atmosphere in the work, that of murder mystery in old London. I felt that would best convey Sherlock Holmes. To go about doing this I took wording from the book describing Holmes as a ‘bohemian soul’ to generate what I percieved to be a bohemian colour palette. The palette developed into something more reduced and less bohemian but never the less I felt it created the mysterious atmosphere I was hoping for. Using shadows and light was a strong focus throughout the entire brief, I liked the idea of specific areas of the illustration being illuminated and others not, I felt this also supported the text. I used line work as a base which I developed on Photoshop. Not a technique I usually go for but I wanted to explore analogue line work in a more digital way. I wanted to develop a more confident approach to my work and thought perhaps a digital analogue combination could work this way. Whiel it created some interesting outcomes I didn‘t enjyo the process and became aware that it wasn’t one I would really want to repeat in future work.

Initial reserach Analogue build up

Stages of first page development

When thinking about the front cover I knew the focus had to be that it would stand out on a shelf. I used the same technique as with the inside images but soon realised that it wasn’t creating the desired effect and that I wanted a stronger colour and shape based outcome. I moved over to illustrator where I was able to be mroe daring with colours and I found it gave me more freedom to create both atmosphere and an eye catching result.

First attempt at front cover

Further cover development


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Major Project: Idea Generation

I decided to create an illustrated book of children’s nature poetry, hoping to convey narrative through my illustrations, supported by the text. Creating educational work, partiucarly centered around environments and people is what I enjoy most. I feel it gives my work a purpose and direction beyond aesethtics and it has as such become a big part of what drives me. I wanted the book to convey themes of environmental appreciation and education. I took a non-fiction appraoch during Level 5 so it was important to me to take a fictional and more narrative appraoch to contiune understanding how my work fits within the industry. In selecting the poems I stuck to a British theme and kept them fairly short. I wanted the book to be small enough to travel with conveniently (so that it could be read and enjoyed outdoors) while ensuring there was enough space to also appreicate the illustration.I decided to use characters from a variety of backgronuds to support the poems rather than one. I felt this was a better reflection of my character development over the past few years while also providing more of a community feel. I liked the idea of playing on a ‘collection’ of poetry with a collection of people- it didn’t seem right to focus on just one. It was important that the book pages lead on well from each other so in my initial roughs I played around with compositions that would vary between negative backgrounds and full bleed pages. I wanted there to also be a variety of single and double page spreads. For example the idea behind ‘Gym on A Rock’ and ‘Old Man Moon’ being opposite each other was that I could create a contrast between something very big and something very small. To add a small element of interactivity to the book I also decided to create an extra long pull out page. The intention was to support the poem by not revealing the full image straight away while also encouraging the reader to take in more of the illustration. . I wanted to create extra illustrations in this style that weren’t wholey in response to the book as extra practice toward working in this way. I felt this was a good opportunity to explore products a little further. I also wanted to explore how my book could appeal in a more technological context to reach those children that could potentially benefit from this kind of thing the most. I set my self the challenge of trying to create a VR scene adapted from the book. I will readily admit this was inspired by a class mates VR scene last year. I thought it was amazing and I immediatley wanted to have a go at creating my own. I felt this book would be a good opportunity creating a modern platform for poetry.

Books I have felt inspired by: ‘The Land of Nod’, ‘All Aboard the Discovery Express’ and ’Here We Are’.

Colour palette rough ideas: wanted them to be bright and contrasting while limited.

Previous work inspiration: Limited colour palettes and shape driven elements of sacks editorial and charcter developments and frame compositons from last years activity book. I liked the depth I was able to create in my thought experiment earlier in the year and was interested in perhaps using bits of collage in the book to make it more tactile.

Page Compositions: Thinking big to small/ negative space to full bleed.

Product mind-mapping


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Major Project: Book Development

I initially started building up the pages using Photoshop. I still didn’t have a very confident idea about my process going into this project so my plan was to build up one page until I was completely happy with it and then go from there. I spent about a day struggling on Photoshop until I stopped and reflected on what work I had enjoyed making most and which outcomes stood out. I realised I loved the flexibilty of Adobe Illustrator so began again on there. The second time around was far more successful. I was able to create the colours and therefore atmosphere that I had intended. I continued the process of shape and colour build up on Illustrator , then moved to Photoshop to add subtle texture and detail. After finding a confident approach the process became a lot mroe efficient. I used a lot of reference images to help build up the colours. It was important for me to get the colors right and consistently so. Getting them ‘right’ to me meantbeye-catching while also using them to create depth and atmosphere. I found text difficult to get right in this project. I knew I wanted the poem titles to be Wacom-drawn and the main text to be typed but it was a challenge to create a consistency between them. Using google fonts I was able to find fonts simialr to my hand drawn type, Getting the type right hugely improved the outcome just making it feel more considered in every area. The type on the front was a further challenge but I feel I was able to create a consistency still. In the future I would like to be become more confident with my own hand drawn type and use this more in my work- partiucarly for things like front covers.. I learned to be a bit more patient with this project, to not rush work and to keep pushing things until I am fully happy with them. The cover development took a long time to crack I feel it is confidence in my abilities and appraoches that holds me back sometimes, though during this project I feel my confidence has greatly imrpoved. Building up such a big volume of work for just one project that I felt so personally invested in was a big step in understanding the process of my practice that I have long wanted to understand. It feels like I am one step closer to creating the images I picture in my head. I plan to contiune using Adobe Illustrator to create that clarity that I like and to explore colour in future work.

Stages of first page build up: realisation to go forward with Adobe Illustrator.

Display on Illustrator-always comparing pages.

Cover development

Text development


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Major Project: Product Development

When creating the badges I knew I wanted to do a Fox because he crops up in the book, the Badger doesn’t appear in the book but there is a lot of Badger awareness going on socially at the minute. I felt if I could create a badger badge it could support as well as current social issues which could potentially give it an extra selling point. I worked the designs up on Illustrator and after a few colour adaptations I was confident with the designs. I looked around online at potentially getting them printed in enamel but they were way out of my budget. I did however play around with more linear versions of them so that if they ever were to be made into enamel pins the design would still work. Up on printing the stickers I realised I should have left more bleed space between the crop lines and the sticker border. This is easily rectified and something I will bare in mind in the future to ensure the products are user friendly. I created a ‘Phases of the Moon’ poster as an educational more practical spin off from my book, using the backgronud design of that to create a consistency between teh product range I created the packaging designs for the stickers and badges. I wanted to keep them simple and liked the idea of using a dark back ground to contrast the bright colours of the stickers and badges (ensuring they stand out). I mocked up the bags on Photoshop to get an idea of what they might look like if I went through with getting them printed. Becuase of the type of image I want to apply, screen printing (the only fabric process I have used before) was not an option. I felt paper transfers would be the msot cost effective method, however if I had a big budget on this I would potentially print straight onto the fabric to ensure product longevity. Particularl given that I would intend for them to have a very practical and active use so they would need to be resilient.- I would also look at making the product water proof so that it could survive different weather conditions. The bags were successfull however when making them I ironed onto a bumpy tea towel (so silly), obliviously damaging the first few attempts. The moon transder was also a little too dark and I fonud did’t stand out as I had hoped. The darker image instead got lost with flatened colours- perhaps something that could be avoided again with a better method of printing. The VR scene was a challenge at first, it took a lot of googling to figure out but when I had all of the information it was suprisingly quick.I used the 3D mode in Photoshop (which you can paint directly into) to ensure my landscape fit the 2:1 format and looped.

Badges build up on Adobe Illustrator

VR Mock Up

Packaging Designs

Bag designs and mock ups.


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Major Project:Final Outcomes, Book & Products

I’m very happy with how this project has tuned out. I feel it has really given me the opportunity to come into my own and understand my pracice more. Going forward I know I want to conitune using Adobe Illustrator as a base to build up colour and shape as I find its flexibility works well with my process. I also love the crispness and clarity of the outcomes on made using Illustrator. I find it suprising that it’s taken so long for me to come back around to it after enjoying it so much at the end of L4 and start of L5 but I wasn’t ready to stop exploring Photoshop and Wacom brushes in particular. I do still like Photoshop but mroe for adding details as opposed to actually building up illustrations on there.

Final Book

I’m proud of myself for creating the VR scene. It was more straightforward than I initially anticipated but still a challenge and an area of Photoshop I have never before experience (3D). I found it diffiuclt to navigate in particular but I’m intrigued to see what else I could do using that technology in photoshop so would like to look into that in more detail in the future. I created three prints which I felt would best convey the book and its contents. Two of the prints are taken from the book- though both slightly adapted without text and to suit a different context. The third I took a more educational appraoch with. Because the book is encoruaging nature appreciation I felt making a ‘Phases of the Moon’ poster could bridge the gap between the moral of the book and applying it to real-life through my illustration. When I created this I could see quite a clear market for it in the industry too, reminding me of children’s educational sections in book stores. I was unsure if my work fit with products before though have since had interest from a local wildlife shop about selling the products I have made. I was actually very happy with the badges and stickers in particular and felt that they could be used both educationally and recreatinoally. I did however forget when printing the packaging to print onto recycled stock. I feel I let myself down there! I plan on reprinting some of the packaging after deadlines to ammend this.The bags are cotton and feel they would serve well as picnic or gym bags- also encouraging active play-. I do find with products the more money you invest the better the outcomes, its difficult to work cost effectivly if you are just starting out.

Final VR 360 Scene

Final x3 Poster Prints

Final stickers, badges and bags/ final product photography


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Secret 7

Research, Development & Outcome

Album covers are completely new ground for me, I don’t think any of my work really comes close! It was important to me that I selected a song that I enjoyed and connected with on a more personal level. I chose Damaged by Primal Scream. The song title makes my previous statement sound very teenage, but by this all I mean is that I was already familiar with the song and it reminded me of my childhood.

Album covers I admire that are appropriate


I wanted to play on a 90’s psychadelic theme after doing some reserach about the band and their place on the music scene in the 90’s. I also looked into album covers I already admire, I went through my spotify playlists looking for album covers I had previously noticed. Father John Misty’s ‘Fear Fun’ album I thought was a great example of a successful psychadlic themes cover as well as Ponds ‘Man It Feels Like Space Again’. The colours seemed key to creating this scene, they needed to be more man-made and unnatural as opposed to earthier colours you would find in nature. Basically more acidic colours! Using Glaswegian architecture (the bands home town) as inspiration I began to build up my design. I wanted to distort what was ‘real’, so I played around with windows and sky scenes trying to warp what would be considered inside/outside, day /night.

Development stages

I built my ilustration up on Illustrator not paying too much attention to the colours and instead jsut wanting to get the shapes in place. Once I had dont that I started to develop the colours. I felt eh acidic green with the yello, contrasting the pinky-red really worked well in creating a more psycadelic theme. I would have liked for the final image to be more complicated and detailed but it wasn’t appropriate for 7x7 inch context. In the end I was very happy with this piece. It has definitley opened doors for future opportunities and helped broaded my portfolio of adult work. I think using themes I am familair with like landscapes and architecture/ buildings helped me not to become too over whelmed and the enjoy the process. I did try a more abstract appraoch that I have blooged about which was a chaotic disaster.

Final submitted image Final mock up


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Personal Investigation: Editorials x2 Research, Development & Outcomes

Last time that I did an editorial was at the start of Level 5 based on Oliver Sacks. I actually loved some of those outcomes and still do today so I took inspiration from their shape-driven aesthetic and their limited colour palettes. I also had a look on some of the big news sites such as The New Yorker to see what kinds of editorials they were featuring at the minute. I found a lot of them also had limited colours and varied in size. Some were square and others long so I decided to use two different formats. In selecting the articles i wanted to choose subjects I was passionate about and has similar themes to the rest of my work, My final two chosen articles were . ‘National Trust to focus on cities and towns in ’radical’ new urban appraoch’ and ‘Researchers create super sponge that mops up oil spills’. I used illustrator to build up the shapes and then correct colours in the National Trust.piece Once I felt I had a good base to work from I continued to push the outcomes by creating further detail using Illustrator. Usually at this point I would maybe have moved over to Photoshop however I waned to maintain that crisp quality throughout. I did still use Photoshop to add finer details but only a little bit. I took the same appraoch with the second oil spill article having found the first to be successful. I again focused on contrasting cand bright colours that would be eye catching. I found the sea the hardest to get right because it needed to look like sea while also allowing the oil part to stand out. This piece lacks the depth that I usually try to achieve in my work. I do like it but it just feels flatter so I wonder in relfection whether a more direct angle would have worked- by this I mean the boat almst coming out of the page towards you maybe, or the sea. This didn’t work so well in my roughs but I think I just needed to be mroe patient with them. I have to ensure now I am getting more confident in process that I push every stage of it.


Development of National Trust editorial

Development of Oil Spill editorial

Final mocked up outcomes


Eva Fearn Gould: Level 6: BA Illustration: LAUIL03

Personal Investigation: Greetings Cards

Research, Development & Outcomes I used a lot of reference iamgery to first develop ideas for these cards. I sourced the imagery from different places online including the national trust website and I intentionally depicted places I am familiar with. I felt my more personal outcomes have been mroe successful so to go with that. I also thought that working to a familiar audience would allow me to perhaps sell them later on.

Inspiration taken from photographs of areas i’m familiar with around the Uk

Original drawings

Colour development (above)

I had a stronger idea of process going ahead with this brief than I done others I completed earlier in the year. I knew I wanted to use Illustrator to create some bold and contrasting shapes but it was a challenge getting the colours right once on illustrator. I wanted them to bright so that they would stand out on a shelf but not so that they were over whelming and looked radioactive. This was particularly hard with the greener pieces as I found it difficult to find a balance between fun and different while still representing what it was-a plant. The braver my appraoch with colour was the better, so I just continued to go over the cards togther (to ensure they worked as a set) until I was happy. I would like to become mroe confident in my approach to colour in the future. I feel it brings out the best from my work, however I’m still not quite there as the process takes longer than I would like- and longer than I would really have in the ‘real world’! Over all I am happy with the outcomes. They turned out alot better than I initially tohught they would. I would like to revisit them after deadlines and push oclours a little further still maybe, but I felt the generally approach, processes and outcomes were far more efficient and effective than other work. Final Greetings cards:


Presentation boards2  
Presentation boards2