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Folio Society: Three quote based illustrations- development.

For some reason when I was messing around with roughs I liked most and drawing them up more accurately I did them in green and purple. They were contrasting colours that I had in my pencil case at the time and I think I just thought I’d go with it and that it could be easier to differentiate between the two colours when scanned into photoshop and I could play with them more from there.

In a way this kind of worked out and I had a lot of fun just going a bit mad editing on photoshop and playing around with different colours using pen work.

I played around with the line work with light and shadow in mind; wanting to create a mysterious and ‘Sherlock’(y) tone of voice. I don’t do much line work anymore so I’m not sure what drove this, perhaps I was trying to find a combination between my analogue line work and my digital shape work.


Needed to make the mans face (Sherlock in disguise) look more worn and mysterious so played around with that. Also used layers on photoshop to experiment with shadow.

Final 3. I am happy with them in a way but also not because I don’t feel they really fit with some of my other work. Perhaps this is because I was trying to work towards a more adult audience which haven’t done as much of. In the future I would like to try and develop my adult work, perhaps working with shape more though so it still works with the rest of my work. I think my cover design for this submission (shape driven) is stronger than these three (line driven pieces).

Folio 3 page development 2nd  
Folio 3 page development 2nd