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Couple commissions

A friend asked for a quick portrait of her and her boyfriend for their anniversary to go on the front of a card. I did this quick for them in the evening taking an analogue, casual approach.

She shared it on Instagram and one of her follows got in touch after seeing it asking for a similar one. This continued to escalate so I ended up doing quite a few little couple commissions and it ended up earning me a bit of money I otherwise wouldn’t have had.


Left to right: Katie and Ross. Meg, Morph and their dog Storm.


Left to right: Skye and Nicky. Ryan and Sarah.

Conclusion •

For a while I found it as a little bit of character practice. Studying different peoples faces a bit closer helped develop facial expressions and other details in particular.

I got a bit sick of it after a while and found it was taking up more time than I had originally intended. It was giving off the wrong impression about the direction in which I want to take my work also.

I found it a bit cutesy? But not in a good way, in a cheesy way. I never really saw myself as that kind of artist. I also wanted to spend time focussing on digital skills as opposed to skills I was already familiar with and confident using.

I know that I like my work to have meaning, I think that is coming through a lot in an educational way and I didn’t feel these commissions were allowing me to do that. This means as well that I wouldn’t want to put them in my portfolio because it’s just not what I want my work to become.

In the end I said to anyone who I asked that I was unavailable for couple portraits for the time being because I was too busy with other projects. While yes the money was nice, I have a budgeted to the end of the year and earning right now isn’t on my agenda for these last few months I just really want to put everything into 603 and 602 and figure out where my practice lies as best I can before we leave and I spent enough time on these to know it definitely wasn't here!

Couple commissions2  
Couple commissions2