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Cheese on Coast Development and Outcomes

Cheese on Coast is a small cheese shop in St.Ives, Cornwall. It’s not cool to admit these things but my mum owns it so she asked if I would want to do a couple of mouse and cheese themed cards that she could display in store.

Brief: 3 A6 designs, requested a hand-drawn approach. I can see where people are coming from when they want hand drawn work, I think it feels more personal and more people can understand it- they understand what a pencil or a paintbrush is but people have no clue how digital work is made. It was an appropriate route for what my mum had in mind but another commission that didn't really allow me to push my practice forward in the way I would have liked.

Hand drawn maybe appeals to smaller brands perhaps and digital to bigger? I would like to start getting a few more commissions for digital work, I just need to keep developing in that area. I haven’t explored digital work in a more commercial environment like this, perhaps this could be something worth exploring- taking a more digital approach to greetings cards and seeing how they turn out.

The theme was “loving cheese” but I wanted to try and incorporate little hints of the shops location too. I tried the moon-cheese one with sea but the piece felt overcrowded. They are only A6 so I wanted to keep them fairly simple.

St.Ives is known for having a big art scene so I thought I would make one of the mice an artist painting his love (cheese).

Artist mouse was the most successful. Moon cheese was a specific request from my mum that wouldn’t have been my choice- but I’m just terrified of “twee” and “cheesy” it seems. Over all though I think theres a good variety of angles and three work well together.


Tweaked them a little in Photoshop (when I think of the seaside and coast I think blue so I changed the mouses hat).


I applied them to the card templates and sought out a printer who would print on recycled stock (I used SixPrint- shop paid separately for work and printing because originally they were going to get the designs printed themselves). It was all really straightforward and quite a nice little way to get some exposure down south.

Mock Ups:

Happy with the outcomes, enjoyed translating my character design to a mouse. I found it easier than expected and didn’t really even think about it- I don’t know if thats a good or a bad thing?

I may potentially be doing some more work for them in the future with a more digital approach which I feel could better benefit my portfolio and the future types of work I aim to get- recipe book discussed which I would enjoy.


Final Outcomes: Photos emailed over from the shop.

Cheese on coast2  
Cheese on coast2