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Collection SS14

DYNO is a Swedish brand that offer clothes for both adults and children, vintage style with cool and iconic prints. All Clothes and prints are desinged by Eva Fadeel and manufactured in Turkey. Our clothes are GOTScertified. The company was formed during Eva´s maternity leave in 2008. January 2011 the first clothes hit the stores. Her three children are a great inspiration. The brand is named after the two oldest children Dylan and Norton. “It provoked me that it was difficult to find clothes for children that are both ecological and at the same time rough and personal. Our vision is unique clothes to unique people. DYNO offers unisex fashion for adults and children who value quality and clothes with an attitude. We work actively to find suppliers who share our vision in ethical positions, good work enviroment and fair wages. We offer sustainable fashion for the future. Styles and color of itemsdelivered by Fadeel Design may differ slightly from the images herein and/or samples.

Rock Collection Age 0-2 year

Bruce SS Body Art. No. 1207 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Lemon Yellow

Cash SS Body Art. No. 1208 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Red

Amy LS Body Art. No. 1304 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Orange/pink

Alice Jumpsuit Art. No. 3010 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Red

Kurt SS Body Art. No. 1209 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Turquoise

Jimi LS Body Art. No. 1302 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Green/turquoise

Blondie Jumpsuit Art. No. 3004 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Green

KISS Jumpsuit Art. No. 3011 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Turquoise

Elvis SS Body Art. No. 1203 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Green

Madonna LS Body Art. No. 1309 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Lemon Yellow

Marley Jumpsuit Art. No. 3003 Size: 50/56-86/92 Color: Lemon Yellow







Cash T-shirt Art. No. 1005 Size: 62/68-143/152 Color: Turquoise


Madonna T-shirt Art. No. 1011 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Lemon Yellow

Amy SS Dress Art. No. 2510 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Lemon Yellow





Jimi T-shirt Art. No. 1020 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Green


Amy T-shirt Art. No. 1012 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Red

KISS T-shirt Art. No. 1019 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage Black

Jimi SS Dress Art. No. 2502 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: White

KISS SS Dress Art. No. 2511 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Red

Alice Baseball shirt Art. No. 1107 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Tuquoise

Amy Baseball shirt Art. No. 1106 Size: 62/68-143/152 Color: Green

Cash Baseball shirt Art. No. 1104 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Red

Jimi Baseball shirt Art. No. 1102 Size: 62/68-143/152 Color: Lemon Yellow

Jimi College shirt Art. No. 2102 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Green

Jimi Undershirt Art. No. 4002 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Turquoise

Basics Collection Age 4 monthes - 12 year

D SS Baseball shirt Art. No. 141101 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Green/ White

Trousers Art. No. 2303 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Lemon yellow, details: petrol

Trousers Art. No. 2302 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage black, details: petrol

Baseball jacket Art. No. 6001 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage black/ green

Zipped Hood Art. No. 2605 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Lemon yellow, detials: Petrol

Zipped Hood Art. No. 2604 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage black, details: petrol

Basics Collection Age 4 monthes - 12 year

Art. No. 3708 Color: Red

Art. No. 3709 Color: Turquoise

Art. No. 3710 Color: Lemon yellow

Skirt Art. No. 2401 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage black

Leggings Art. No. 3703 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage black

Shorts Art. No. 5001 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Turquoise

Skirt Art. No. 2404 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Lemon yellow

Shorts Art. No. 5002 Size: 62/68-146/152 Color: Vintage black

Art. No. 3707 Color: Green

ROCK Collection


ROCK Collection

Amy Winehouse

ROCK Collection

Alice Cooper

Contact Head Office

Lindeväg 3 SE- 621 43 Visby Sweden Phone: +46 (0)708 323 345 Email: Twitter: Dyno_eva





Phone: 0032(0)478 433 478 Email:

Phone: +46(0)762 393 399 Email:

Phone: +81-80-4419-9320 Email:

Phone: Email:

Fashion Night 4 Kids Aygline Ben Mohamed

Olivias agentur Pernilla Ikonen

Sung ju LTD/ Ku Kid´s style Jun Kinoshita


Junior Style Sales Romaine Coonghe Phone: +07956 580285 Email:

Sustainable fashion for the futute

Test-No. D05-0212

FI Hohenstein

LTD Verbana Vera Dmitrieva

Collection SS14 DYNO  

Cool organic clothes from Sweden. DYNO. SS14. Fadeel Design.

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