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Eva Carrascal Casares Curious, observant and careful. I am Eva, interior designer, always trying to discover and learn new things to add them to my projects and make them more special. Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.


02 hotel natural The project is based on the creation of a hotel in a natural environment. In the area where the hotel is located is humid and cold climate with which the project must provide a warmth for the user to feel comfortable inside and feel that it is inside a shelter in the mountain. The hotel is intended for a type of adult user who is looking for rest and relaxation, usually as a couple.

Attending the idea of rest, we find in the leisure floor, a gym, a multipurpose room dedicated to classes, pool and jacuzzi areas and a small bar. The intention of these areas is to provide users with a space dedicated to the physical well-being, that is why the multipurpose room is dedicated to different functions such as yoga or pilates classes, this space extends to the outside through an extension to the area of the hotel's interior patio, to avoid contact with the rest of the users, this area is slightly elevated to eliminate vision.

1. Restaurant 2. Gym 3. Multipurpose 4. Pool 5. Jacuzzi 6. Bar 7. Chill out

1. Suit exterior 2. Suit junior 3. Exterior room 4. Doble room 5. Suit senior

The room floor is on a higher level than the leisure floor. The accesses to the rooms are made through corridors that maintain the polished cement pavement of the leisure floor, creating a continuity in this way. The highlights are sunken in the doors of the rooms, this element is illuminated by a system of led light that in addition to providing lighting, lets us see the number of the room placed on the surface of this lighting.


02 antalia The project developed part of the main idea of a new attitude increasingly known as slow life movement. A serene, careful, receptive, silent lifestyle, quality over quantity. This concept does not refer literally to the concept of slowness, but refers to the fact that each activity needs a certain time, appreciate the details and enjoy day to day, thus achieving a state of tranquility that separates us from the hustle and bustle.

The type of user which we will dedicate the design is a couple, so that the following needs are observed, the distribution must connect all the spaces of the house, it is not necessary a wide system of storage, meal time is understood as a quick moment, not a moment of meeting with the whole family and quick organization, being a small residence all objects must have an assigned space.

1. Hall 2. Living room 3. Kitchen 4. Office 5. Bathroom 6. Bedroom 7. Exterior eating space 8. Exterior meeting area

A change is made in the distribution of the entrance, continuing the space taking apart from the sleeping area, this decision was made based on two ideas, the first one, understanding this entrance space as a place of storage in the house, this space gives us the possibility of adding a large storage system and easy access, which does not interfere with other uses, can in turn adapt to uses of a couple living in a city, creating a space near the entrance where you can place bicycles and coats, and the second idea, make the most of the lighting that comes from the window that is located on the side of the bedroom.

After explaining the access, we continue with the bathroom space. This room in turn is divided into two spaces by a wall that partially avoids eye contact with the back of the bathroom where the bathtub and shower are, thus this space intended only for the tenants of the house is protected creating a more private environment, avoiding that the guests see it, we obtain in this way in the same room a toilet area and a bathroom.

We underline the part of the toilet that has been given to the washbasin space, which has a faucet system attached to the mirror and this set is attached to a Formica-designed wall. The toilet is integrated in a closet, which corrects the inclination of the wall and provides us with a storage area of great capacity, this closet also helps us to create the separation of environments of which we have spoken previously.

graphic DESIGN

03 Paul renner, futura In this section we find works of magazine layout, informative posters and self-identity works, all related to graphic design. The first work is part of an exhibition of informative posters about different typographers.My chosen typographer was Paul Renner, author of FUTURA typography.

The poster has the idea of transmit the symmetry and organization characteristic of this typography, the basic geometric forms. The information contained in the poster is divided into two paragraphs of different themes, which is why the colors of each one changes. The most striking graphic element is the letter f that we find in the left part of the composition, this letter was chosen because it is the most characteristic of this typography. In this letter we can find a photograph of Paul Renner in the form of points so that it did not have much impact on the whole.

graphic DESIGN

03 RESTAURANT MENU The work done is a research in Poland based on a Spanish restaurant in that country. The job was to create a menu using the InDesign program. We sought to convey the essence of this type of restaurant, we also did a print job creating this menu in real version.

graphic DESIGN



The practice was to create a logo for a brand of our own, as the bases of this work we had to take into account three words that describe the personality of onurself and about these personal characteristics design the logo.

The final result was the three initials of the name united in a logo with a geometric form wich represented the three characteristics chosen; organized, meticulous and curiosity. This corporate image designed should be able to be used in various examples, including a T-shirt. Also printed in 3d, you can see the final result in the models section.




Nature, strength and passion are the characteristic elements of this stage play. Different plastic materials create the costumes of the play, simulating textures that could be found on an island, such as nets or natural elements. A set of lights changes the appearance of the set and the costumes.


04 RESEARCH WORK, THEATER PARTS Research work done to know the different basic parts of the theater and how to create basic scenographies based on modules of fixed dimensions. Theater of the Academy, Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Gdansku.


05 OTHELLO Abstract character model of Shakespeare's play, Othello. By means of this model it is tried to represent the two faces of this personage, on the one hand him force and on the other, the love that he gives. These two faces are represented by the textures, smooth and rough. The model has a triangular shape because it represents war, force, which can hurt anyone who he wants.

The technique used was mixed, we first created a structure, which we then filled with foam. The structure was made with different materials to create the different textures. At the end I painted the piece of white to create a connection of the two parts and with the wooden cube where the piece was located.


05 3D PRINT We can see a 3D impression from a previous work of graphic design for a corporate brand. The print was made for a job at the academy Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Gdansku, in Gdansk, Poland.



Eva Carrascal Casares


2010 - 2013

Symphonic orchestra of Arroyo de la Encomienda, Arroyo de la encomienda (Valladolid), Spain.

C/ El Olivo nÂş2 Simancas (Valladolid) 47130, Spain

+34 695 926 541

EDUCATION 2014 - 2017

Interior Design degree Escuela de Arte y Superior de DiseĂąo de Zamora, Spain.

2008 - 2015

Superior music studies Castilla II, music center, Valladolid, Spain. Specialty transverse flute.

Transverse flute player

2012 - 2013

Voluntary service Volunteer at a homeless NGO(Valladolid), Spain.


Spanish Native language

COMPUTER SKILLS Photoshop Illustrator

English B2 writing and reading C1 speaking and listening




B1 writing, reading, speaking and listening.


Polish A1 writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Revit IRender

COURSES Revit, 3D modeling course English immersion course, Toronto (Canada). Polish course, Gdansk (Poland).

Photographs, Cristina Aguado

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Design portfolio_Eva Carrascal Casares