The Stone Project 2016

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THE STONE PROJECT 2016 SU-EN Butoh Company

SU-EN Butoh Company presents


work process all the way through the public events, where the spectator in one way was part of the work process.

Location Haglund Skola Köttinspektionen (Art space) Uppsala City

The work was presented in public space, Celciuspromenaden in Uppsala, which gave us a dynamic start, and was then presented in a white box art space, Köttinspektionen in Uppsala.

International body and art event

Date Lab: August 17–24, Public events: August 25–27 What is a stone? It is a smaller piece separated from the rock or mountain. In this body and art project the artistic process was in focus. Participants were from different backgrounds and genres. What united us was the theme and material stone. Through this we could naturally reach out from our points of view and find also common points of view. We made excursions to the forest around Haglund Skola, Kaplasse nature preservation and the spirit boat at Valsgärde for inspiration and starting point of our art works and performances. We also opened up to collaborations and group pieces. The process led to many exciting new works, and we also kept the open

We were together for two weeks, we were all very different from eachother, but the interest, love and respect in stones and art united us in this process and project. Many thanks to all participating artists and crew members that realized The Stone Project. Participating artists Dorothea Seror, art performance (Germany) Nobuyuki Sugihara, visual and art performance (Japan) Liv Hanne Haugen, dance and voice performance (Norway) Johannes Bergmark, sound art and improvisation music (Stockholm) Eva Björkman, visual and art performance (Uppsala) SU-EN, Butoh/art performance (Almunge)

The Stone Project crew Artistic direction: SU-EN and Eva Björkman Project coordinator: Sofia Breimo Technical coordinator: Hans Wärnsberg Technician: Filip Lindström Flyers and book table: Azda Reinhammar Stone carrier and café: Diaw Ndiaga Still photographer: Anders Rönnlund Videographer: Agustín Ortiz Herrera Photo for posterand cover: Sakiko Yamaoka Thanks to Uppsala City Library Fröjas sal (vegetarian restaurant) Volonteers: Erika Östman, Susanne Lundström Supported by Statens kulturråd Uppsala kommuns kulturnämnd Konstnärsnämnden Kulturkontakt Nord/Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme The Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation Landstinget i Uppsala län, Kultur och bildning Information and contact

Mon no Kai Production SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai

Lab 17—24.8 Forest walk — Haglund Forest

Kaplasse nature preservation

Valsgärde the spirit boat

Lab Haglund Skola

Public events August 25, Uppsala City

SU-EN Balance action with all artist

Liv Hanne Haugen Stone games

Johannes Bergmark Yoke For Stones

Eva Bjรถrkman Rolling and drawing with stone

SU-EN Crying Walk Stone version

Nobuyuki Sugihara Traveling Stone

Dorothea Seror Delivery (motherhood)

Liv Hanne Haugen Barrel group action with all artist

Kรถttinspektionen August 26 Nobuyuki Sugihara The Stone Ship Wreath Installation

Eva Bjรถrkman Relation I Installation

SU-EN Stone Cracks

Johannes Bergmark /Liv Hanne Haugen A Rock Concert (Plugged)

Dorothea Seror BOXES 4 – State of aggregation I

Johannes Bergmark Androgyne Stones

Liv Hanne Haugen A Stone-Stool – Game Of Stones Installation

Liv Hanne Haugen/ SU-EN Stone Contact I

Kรถttinspektionen August 27 Nobuyuki Sugihara The Stone Ship Wreath Installation

Dorothea Seror/ Eva Bjรถrkman Transformation

Liv Hanne Haugen/SU-EN Stone Contact II

Nobuyuki Sugihara The Stone Ship Dance

Johannes Bergmark/Liv Hanne Haugen A Rock Concert (Unplugged)

Eva Bjรถrkman The Bath Tub

SU-EN Stone Dreams

Liv Hanne Haugen Laying With Stones

Dorothea Seror Stained

Dorothea Seror State of Aggregation II (A ritual with all participants)

Johannes Bergmark is an experimental musical instrument, sound sculpture maker, improvising musician, writer and electroacoustic composer. He has developed his work over sound poetry and performance art into a surrealist musical object theatre with an evolutionary meta-instrument or amplified stage called the Platform. JB has been a touring free lance musician since he graduated as a piano builder in 1996. He also lectures, makes workshops, usually focusing on untraditional acoustics, including traditional crafts and sound technology. Liv Hanne Haugen is a danceartist that often uses text, sound, song in her work. Moved back to her hometown Tromsø (NO) in 2009 after more than 20 yrs. in Europe where she studied and then worked with different choreographers. Founded, with AK Haugen in 2003 Haugen Productions, and creates work both site-specific and for the black box, often in collaboration with other artists and expressions. Teaches improvisation and released her first CD with the band LIV in 2015. Dorothea Seror is a life art artist, she has been invited to international Biennials in Netherlands and Nigeria, to performance art festivals in Ireland, Israel, Sweden, Italy, France and China and to artist’s residences in Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel and many more. She is teaching, curating, lecturing and chairing in the field of professional performance art. Her artworks include performances, videos, installation, objects, direction and more. In her recent performances she makes her own life public and declares it as art. She always works with the current environment and the people in it.

Eva Björkman is an visual and performance artist, born and based in Uppsala, Sweden. She is working in the fields of painting, sculpture, installation, conceptual art and performance. SU-EN is artistic director of SU-EN Butoh Company, prize-winning choreographer, Butoh dancer and performance artist. The company was formed in Tokyo in 1992 under the supervision of Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo. Since 1994 the company is based in Sweden and performs internationally. SU-EN also holds a nattori licence from Yoh Izumo School of Jiuta-mai, traditional Japanese dance. Since 1997 SU-EN Butoh Company is based in the old village school Haglund Skola, 1 hour north of Stockholm in the middle of the forest. Since 2006 SU-EN is the curator for K.R.O.P.P platform for contemporary dance in Uppsala. In 2011 SU-EN recieved the Uchimura prize from Japan, and also the prize from the feministic art magazine Cora. In 2012 she recieved the medal of honour from Uppsala city. SUEN has recieved many other scholarships and awards for her work. She currently receives a 10-year working grant from Swedish Artist Grants Committe. Nobuyuki Sugihara I create a place for nature and humans of the boundary, and make a festival by the body. 1980 Born in Nagano Japan. 2000-07 The Master Course in Oil Painting of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. 2010- ”Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival”director in Nagano. 2011 ”Stone Circle Festival” created a modern stone circle in Aomori.

Edition: 300 Published: 2017 Photo: Anders Rรถnnlund and SU-EN Butoh Company (Lab) Texts: SU-EN and participating artists Graphic design: Eva Bjรถrkman