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When I release my BIG Emperor Social Bonus Package you will be the f irst to know about it. Don’t miss out!! ————–>

Facebook Gives 100 optins a day and Martin Crumlish a Genius and an expert at “optin getting” have just released a set of videos that will show you how to get 100 optins to your email list in the niche of your choice. It is that simple and no joke. He also show you Step-By-Step How To Create an “Opt-In-Getting” Facebook Fan App!!

Emperor Social Bonus Videos.

Over the last 8 months, Martin Crumlish has developed a software that with a few clicks of the mouse will have you running a highly profitable “Facebook Pages” business that will bring you two distinct streams of Income… The first income stream is what they call The Emperors’ Way (the quick way). If you just want “quick and easy income” The Emperor’s Way is a simple technique that Martin has been teaching where he teaches you to… Use Emperor Social to put up a FB Fanpage in a hot NICHE. Use the Emperors Way to get over 1000 free Likes per day with zero cost. Promote targeted and highly profitable Affiliate offers to this Fan Page. Funnel the Likes into his Auto-Responder so he can send followup promo’s at his will. Using Emperor Social and The Emperor’s Way, Some people earn an extra $1800 per day or approx $56,000 extra per month PLUS getting over 28,000 new leads into their Autoresponder. Sounds pretty cool to me!! OK, and that is only the f irst way you can create income with Emperor Social. The second way Emperor Social will earn you money is those in the local marketing industry. There is a case study done where they contacted 5 local businesses about providing them with Facebook Fan Page services and within 24 hours they had 2 orders f or $800 each. So a total of $1600 in 2 days selling to local businesses. Competition Sof twares Sells f or $200-$400 Per Month.

High Quality Sof tware Suite Automates The Entire Process. Emperor Social is a Proprietary Sof tware Suite that is 10X more powerf ul and f eature rich than anything else on the market. It has taken 8 month and cost over $86,000 to create the Emperor Social Suite of automated sof tware tools.

In-Depth Business Building Blueprint + Training Guarantees Quick Success. Not only are you getting a powerf ul sof tware suite but you also get the exact step-by-step process to make big bucks.

Not One, But Two Easy and Consistent ways to Make BIG Money The f irst is “The Emperor’s Way” which is Martin’s and Greg’s sure-f ire method to drive traf f ic and sales to prof itable af f iliate of f ers on autopilot. The second is “Royal Consulting” where you can sell local businesses uniqe and customized f acebook pages that actually help them make money.

The Page Commander Builders Package – $1997 Value – Drag and Drop are you Serious? With your ES360 License you will get access to the most intuitive Drag and Drop Builder Facebook Builder ever created. With one click editing, one click upload and inline design correction elements the pages you will be creating will look like the work of a f ull time prof essional. Included are 26 integration drag and click integration elements such as connections with your Autoresponder, Linkedin, Vimeo and 23 other unique elements. The only way to Access the Page Commanders Builders Package is via your Exclusive Emperor Social 360 License

FB Tech Gate – $497 Value Do you really want to purchase and conf igure SSL Certs? How badly do you want to assign unique IP’s and wrangle with FTP settings. What about staying up to date with all of the Facebook Developer Guidelines (which seem to change ever f ew weeks) or botched “App Privileges”? Im sure that your time is better spent doing what you do best. The reality is that putting up and managing Facebook Pages and Apps is a complex technical process. With FB Tech Gate (bundled into your ES360 License) conf iguring, uploading and maintaining your Facebook Pages and Apps is as simple as clicking a button, leaving you f ree to do what you do best. (make money)

Royal Consulting - $997 Value – Are you an Of f line Marketer? (or want to be>) Maybe you sell “websites”, “mobile apps” or implement various sorts of loyalty coupon and rewards systems. Of f line Marketers are saying the Emperor Social is the best thing that has happened to their business since HTML. With allowing you TRUE UNLIMITED apps, and total control over your clients dashboard Emperor Social. By Implementing Royal Consulting included with your ES360 License, you will be able to charge twice as much to your existing clients and be able to attract new clients because of the value added services you will be stacking.

The Emperors Way - $997 Value – Not interested in dealing with “clients”? Just want to sit in your bedroom and “click buttons and make money” well the Emperors Way is probably the path you want to take. Not only will the Emperor’s Way teach you how to get thousands of “likes” to your page per day, but it will also give the EXACT tools to transf orm these “likes” into both optins f or your email list and cold-hard monetization. (some of the Emperor’s Way users are earning $127 on average per “like” af ter all is said and done)

Unf air App Attack – $497 Value x 4 – If you are only using “FB Pages” and have not gotten into the world of “FB Apps” You are missing out on Something Special. All 4 Apps of the UAA -are included with your Emperor Social 360 License (plus more that we will add shortly) These are (summarized) Coupon Hack App Attack, Sweepstakes Runner App Ataack. Viral Replication Optin App Attack and LikeGate Squared (not your average LikeGate). Just implementing one of these App Attacks included in the ES360 License will instantly open previously unseen horizons f or your Of f line or Af f iliate Marketing Business.

Design Goblins – $797 Value – Every Fortress has its Goblins which work quietly in the dark of night doing all of the Hard Work and the Key to YOUR success, if to have these Goblins work FOR YOU (not you f or them) Now when it comes to visual design f or your Facebook Properties, you can either 1 – Spend months learning Photoshop and hours designing each graphic you need 2 – hire some guy on the internet and spend days waiting, going back and f orth and generally not being happy with the work 3 – Use Design Goblins to Drag and drag your Graphics and have them done in just two minutes Your choice is apparent. Included with your Emperor Social 360 License are 3 unique “Design Goblins” that will let you drag and drop create, FB Fanpage covers, FB Coupons (f or Coupon Hack App Attack) and Group Icons (an important part of originality) By having these Goblins work FOR YOU, you will be saving your most valuable resource

having these Goblins work FOR YOU, you will be saving your most valuable resource (Your time) so you can apply that to direct money making activities. Only included in your complete ES360 License

Template Flurries – $297 Value – We start you with 12 UNIQUE Facebook templates. These are whittled down f rom over 50 that we have tested, with these 12 being the highest converting across the Land. In addition your will be able to save and make your own templates so that you can re-purpose your work across multiple income projects. We will be adding more templates every month and this is only available as part of your Exclusive ES360 License. Check out my Emperor Social Review when I get it.

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Emperor Social Bonus Review  

Facebook Gives 100 optins a day and Martin Crumlish a Genius and an expert at “optin getting” have just released a set of videos that will s...

Emperor Social Bonus Review  

Facebook Gives 100 optins a day and Martin Crumlish a Genius and an expert at “optin getting” have just released a set of videos that will s...