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What Are the Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements? Amino acid supplements are becoming more popular today as athletes and other people participating in fitness regimens and physical activity want to improve their abilities and improve their bodies. The supplements provide many health benefits. What Are Amino Acids? • Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and of muscle. When your body ingests protein, each protein is broken down into its individual amino acids. These individual amino acids can be used for a variety of purposes. Essential Amino Acids • Your body cannot make many of the amino acids that it needs. These essential amino acids are one of the key benefits to amino acid supplements. Muscle Building • The primary benefit of many amino acid supplements is the facilitation of quicker and more active muscle building. Muscles require a great deal of protein to grow. Taking amino acid supplements can help meet these requirements, providing the fuel that every muscle in the human body craves in order to be strengthened and enlarged. Recovery • Amino acid supplements can also help with muscle and total body recovery in between workouts. Specific amino acids such as L-Glutamine are known to boost recovery, limiting the soreness your body feels after intense workouts and quickly delivering more energy to your body as a whole. Immune System • Another benefit to amino acid supplements is a boost to the immune system. Amino acids facilitate the creation of important immune system cells such as T-Cells while also helping to create various necessary enzymes and coenzymes used in a variety of reactions related to the immune system. Digestion and Metabolism • Amino acids also aid in the digestive and metabolic processes that your body is constantly undergoing. Through the creation of enzymes, amino acids can help to regulate and quicken both processes. Visit:

What Are the Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements?  

Are you thinking of consuming any amino acids or BCAA’s in your supplement regime? If you do not, you can be hurting your body far more than...

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