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Top 10 Yacht Job Search Websites We now truly live in a fast-paced world where everything is made easier for us. With technological advancement, especially when the use of internet skyrocketed not less than two decades ago, it entirely changed how we live our everyday lives. Smartphones and tablets even took it one step further by giving people access to the internet wherever they are. Before internet, job applications were done personally as they had to go to different companies one by one and hand out their resumes. In the yachting industry, "dock walking" is the most popular practice in finding work. Now, online job search engines have made it possible for people to efficiently find work, even in the comforts of their own homes. Today, there are a lot of job search engine websites that are specifically for the yachting industry. These are the top ten websites based on the number of jobs and CVs on their database, the layout and ease of use of their websites, privacy, security, and the best value for your money (in terms of ad placement and job posting).

1. Job on Yachts ( Job on Yachts tops our list. It is by far is the best job search engine website in the yachting industry with the largest number of job positions in different job categories and the largest It has the largest number of CVs. Jobseekers and crew members can view the job posts for free without having to register or log in. What makes it different from other websites out there is that jobseekers can view the contact details for these job posts even without logging in or signing up, although doing so would make it easier for the jobseekers. When jobseekers choose to sign up with Job on Yachts, they can be assured that their CVs are secured and can only be viewed by legitimate employers and crew agencies who are registered with Job on Yachts, too. Crew agency and employers can view CVs at certain time frames (1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year) for reasonable prices ($99 to $599). They can also post jobs (1 ad, 3 ads, 5 ads) at affordable rates ($199 - $599). There is also an unlimited CV browsing and job posting plan for 1 year for $999. The website's layout is very clean, simple, and easy to look at. You won't have difficulty in navigating their site as it is very user-friendly. They have added categories in their advanced search option to make job browsing easier. If you want to keep connected to Job on Yachts, they have Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts to see their latest updates. It is currently enhancing the functions of their website to give better service to its users. To maximize the use of the latest technology, Job on Yachts now has an app (both available on iTunes and Google Play) that would let people check the latest job posts or candidates easily at the palm of their hands.

2. yaCrew ( yaCrew is the second on our list with their clean website layout that's easy to navigate, plenty of jobs and CVs on their database with security of their users in mind. Compared to Job on Yachts, yaCrew only has a little over a hundred jobs for 6 job categories. Jobseekers can view the job posts but unlike Job on Yachts, they cannot view the contact details for the job posts unless they have signed up on yaCrew. Jobseekers can feel safe though in signing up with the website as their CVs and identities can only be viewed by the employers who are also registered with yaCrew. Their rates are more expensive than Job on Yachts. Employers can view more than 4,000 CVs on their website by purchasing credits. They can also post jobs for free (with limited options) or for a fee ($22/job for Premium Job and $115/job for Premium Plus Job) depending on the services they want to avail. They can also buy job credits which are valid for 12 months. These can be used anytime to post Premium jobs on yaCrew. They do get plus points for having a Career Advice section on their website and a Recruiters section where they list down all the recruiters signed up with them. They also have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3. Yachtloop ( Yachtloop provides users with plenty of jobs and CVs. All their job posts can be seen, whether these are already filled or are still available. They currently have more than 100 filled positions and less than 80 unfilled positions on their database, far less than the almost 3,000 job posts on Job on Yachts. Jobseekers can view the summaries of the job posts but must register/sign in for them to see the complete post. The website has a little over 5,900 CVs on their database. The jobseekers can be assured that their CVs can only be seen by employers who have a Yachtloop pass. Unregistered employers can get a glimpse of the jobseekers through their profile pictures and cover letters only. The Yachtloop pass is free for now and it will continue to be for a limited time only. They have a clean layout but the fonts are in a lighter color so it might be harder for the users to read the texts. They also have a section where you could see the users who have recently logged into the website. Users can also check them out on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

4. Dockjob ( Dock job offers basic services needed by employers and jobseekers. Their website is simple and easy to navigate with. The jobseekers are able to browse available jobs by location and category, although unlike Job on Yachts, their list of jobs in their categories is limited. Jobseekers can view job posts by employers for free but they would need to register in order to see the contact information for the job post and submit their resume to the employer. Employers, on the other hand, can view the profile picture, name, current location and last check-in date of the jobseekers but they must register in order to see the complete profiles. The registration is for free.

They have Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep users updated on their latest news.

5. JF Recruiting ( JF Recruiting is the first job search engine in the yachting industry. It’s also one of the most established. The interface of the website is neat and professional looking. The 150 plus job posts are seen by the public, though job seekers need to register in order to get the contact information for the job post. The security of the jobseekers is in check as employers need to register to access the website's CV database. The employers can post jobs for free. They have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

6. Five Star Crew ( This website is completely free. Database is updated daily. They currently have 219 job posts. The CVs or Jobseekers' bio profiles are available on their Facebook timeline. The number can't be counted as of the moment but they are working on exporting these to their website. Jobseekers and employers do not need to sign up to view the jobs and the jobseekers' profiles. Employers do not need to pay in order to post jobs on the website. Easy to navigate website. They started with a Facebook page where employers are able to post available jobs and job seekers are able to freely go through all the job post. The Facebook page that Five Star Crew has started was effective, that they have decided to make a website for the service that they provide. The website’s design is very simple and easy to navigate with. Links are readily available and easy to find. Employers and Jobseekers alike can register on their webpage as a user. Job seekers are able to freely browse through the job openings without having to log in. Job posts are categorized to make it easier for the user to search available jobs that he might be interested in.

7. Crew on Crew ( It's a relatively easy website to navigate with different sections for the employers and the jobseekers. It currently has 64 job posts, with the summaries viewable by jobseekers even without signing up/in. They must sign up/log in though in order to view the full job post. Employers can have access to their almost 23,000 profile summary of jobseekers excluding their names. To view them, employers need to purchase plans ranging from the shortest (7 day) at $325 to the longest (1 year) at $1,995. Other services include managed crew search where they will search the database for your, review the candidates' profiles according to your specifications, post the job and forward to you matching profiles. Reference checks $30/reference checked. Background checks with rates depending on candidates' prior countries of residence. They can also be check out on Facebook. If one gets confused by the website or the information there, it is also worth mentioning that their FAQ is very helpful and users can add questions in that section. There is also a pop-up feedback section in the FAQ page.

8. Neptune Group Yachting ( Neptune Group Yachting has been in the industry since 1982. Jobs being offered here can be a yacht job or a non yacht job. As a crew, you can view available jobs for free without having to register and log in.

The list of job post is shown in a chart which makes it hard to count how many jobs they have available on their website. Jobseekers can browse the jobs posted by date. Employers can view the list of registered crew and download their resumes for free. This might pose a problem for jobseekers who are keen on keeping their CVs secured as anyone can just download their CVs without signing in or signing up on the website. Job posting is also for free. Users might find it hard to navigate their job post database though. The Job list page of Neptune Group Yachting is somewhat unorganized and there’s no way for the user to search for a specific job that would suit him or her. The job posts are written on a chart format and are not categorized by industry. That’s one advantage of Job on Yacht’s advanced search option. It helps avoid confusion in searching for a job industry which can be very beneficial for the job seeker. One thing that might irk the users is the background music on their website. If anyone would like to see their updates, they can opt to see their Facebook account instead. 9. ( Dockwalk is a portal for the yachting industry that caters to both the jobseekers and the captains/employers. As they say on their website, "Dockwalk provides you with unique access to this vital and influential sector of the superyacht industry. Dockwalk comprises Dockwalk magazine, and Dockwalk events – crew parties and The Captains’ Hideout." They have almost 300 job posts and more than 13,800 CVs on their database. One doesn't need to register in order to view their job postings or the CVs they have on file. You can advertise with them and the rates depend on the duration of the ads and whether these are shown on their magazine or website, or mentioned during their Captains Hideout events.

10. Blue Ocean Yachting ( Blue Ocean Yachting is similar to Dockwalk but it is more geared towards the jobseekers. It aims to be the all-around portal for the yachting industry. It has up-to-date information, resources, training, and courses and promotions that are geared toward helping jobseekers and especially the newbies. It keeps its database updated daily with more than 1,600 active job postings that can be viewed even if you are not a registered user. It has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their website interface might take a while for you to get used to. They have a lot of information shown for such a small space but eventually, one will get the hang of it and appreciate what it offers to do.

Top 10 yacht job search websites  

Top 10 yacht job search websites for seafarers and crew members