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The Kratom Dosage Guide: Measuring Out the Right Amount

Every day, thousands of new people are trying Kratom powder as a herbal remedy that can cure a whole host of ailments. People credit Kratom with helping them to live life to the fullest, defeat pain, overcome depression and anxiety and even to gain new energy and enjoyment of life. One question that often comes up among new users is how much Kratom powder should you take in a day? What is the maximum safe amount and what is the minimum dose needed to see the benefits for yourself? In addition to this, a lot of users will tell you that Kratom is interesting because different doses can result in almost entirely unrelated experiences. In small amounts, this plant seems to imbibe the user with boundless stimulation, mental clarity and motivation. But in larger dosages, it will cause sedation and make you relax and release stress and negative thoughts.

What is the right Kratom dosage to use and does the strain affect the amount you should take? Are there side effects that can occur when using too much? And what is the strongest strain available? I will answer all of these questions and more in this guide to help you learn the right – and safe – way to consume Kratom leaf. Of course, if you do not want to expend all of the effort it takes to measure your Kratom powder every day before you take it, there is an easier solution. A lot of new users prefer to buy Kratom capsules online so that they do not need to purchase measuring equipment. The capsules come in standard doses and will already be measured. That means all you need to do is take the right number of caps in order to get your desired results. Let’s explore this idea more in the article below.

Kratom Dosages

The dose you use will need to be personalized based on a lot of different factors, but I can provide you with a rough approximation of what would be considered a safe dose. For example, some people will naturally have a higher sensitivity level while others may have a very high tolerance. This is particularly true for anyone who has used similar opiate receptor agonists before. Kratom doses will also depend on factors like the type of product you are buying, the potency of the individual strain and the quality of the leaf used.

For a basic guideline, if you are using a standard Kratom powder – something like Red Thai or Red Bali – you will need a minimum of 2 grams in order to feel anything at all. This is sometimes

called the threshold dosage. Most beginners should start with 2 grams to judge their comfort level. Then, between 2-4 grams will be your stimulating range. If you take this amount you can expect to see your energy levels pick up and feel a mental surge of attention. This is an excellent amount to take when studying or preparing to take on particularly grueling work.

If you start to increase this dosages, between 4 – 7 grams, Kratom completely changes. It becomes very anxiety-reducing and causes you to slow down. People who take this amount say that they lose all thoughts of stress or tension in their muscles. They become highly content with life and may even feel a general sense of optimism take over. This dosage is useful as a sleeping aid or if you just want to unwind after a hard day.

Once you go past this 7 gram threshold, you get into some of the much stronger effects. For example, at 8-10 grams, Kratom causes a cessation of feelings of pain. It can even make you feel slightly euphoric. Most people will find this dose to be too intense and may just fall asleep or feel like doing nothing after taking too much. You should not be using a dose like this on a regular basis, especially if you do not have any supervision from a medical expert. Most people find that if they take this much, they start to develop a tolerance pretty quickly.

Can you Overdose? This is a question that a lot of people have been asking about Kratom. If you take too much, is there a chance of getting into some serious problems? Well… we certainly do not think it is worth testing. Stick to 7 grams as your maximum dosage for most purposes and you should never run into problems. Research suggests that overdose is not really possible, but taking too much will generally make you feel nauseous or sick and unpleasant. It’s just not worth it.

Are some strains stronger? Yes. There are some strains that you will need a smaller dosage with in order to see the same results. In general, all strains are fairly close to each other in terms of potency. But the Maeng Da leaves are said to have a higher content of active compounds which means that they will likely require a smaller dosage. Some say that 2 grams of Maeng Da feels like 4 grams of another strain like Indo Kratom. You should see instructions from the manufacturer that will give you a good idea of a dose range for the particular product you buy. Stay cautious and never exceed these dose recommendations.

What Dosages for Extracts? Lots of people have been trying Kratom extracts since these products say they give you more effects with a smaller dosage. The problem with determining the dose is that each extract will have its own concentration level. There is no such thing as a

standard extract, but mostly you will see them identified as being 15x or 20x stronger than the normal strength stuff. Follow these guidelines as well as any instructions on the products to determine how much to use. It is best to be extra cautious with Kratom extract dosing because these high-powered goods are more likely to cause side effects as well as tolerance or even addiction over a long period of time.

What are the side effects?If you stick to these directions, you should not run into any serious side effects. Most people find that Kratom is very mild and only causes good effects as opposed to bad ones. But some people will feel some adverse reactions like the ones listed below. Again, your best defense is to control your dosages responsibly so make sure you do not over-use Kratom and that you are never exceeding the safe range.

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Headaches Nausea Diarrhea Constipation Fatigue Irritability Anxiety Restlessness Hangover Increases Alcohol Sensitivity Lethargy

The kratom dosage guide  

Kratom is the latest herb to take the medicinal plant world by storm. But how are you supposed to know what dosage to use? Follow this guide...

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