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Take rooftop gardening to new heights with: The Biotop System Introducing a brand new gardening system, created especially for all plant and flower enthusiasts, and all rooftop garden designers: The Biotop System. The BIOTOP system reflects a brand new and revolutionary approach to container horticulture and greenroofing: gardening modules that can be joined together to create a network of self-watering gardening containers. It also becomes possible to create a dual culture and irrigation system. The size of this network can be increased or decreased by the addition or removal of individual culture units. The joining of individual BIOTOP units is rapid and easy, and garden hose connections allow waterings to be done effortlessly. Dual complementary technologies of both high pressure surface irrigation and common water reserve allow gradual and automatic inputs of water and nutrients directly at the base of the plants. As with many other innovations, the story of the BIOTOP system goes back a long time, and represents many years of sciewntific research. This contemporary concept in container bioagriculture is intended for both residential and commercial environments. The BIOTOP individual element is a gardening container that can be used alone, or with other units to construct a beautiful, low-maintenance, high yield system. An easy-view level indicator window tells you exactly when to water, and this process can easily be automated to create a reliable water supply delivered directly to trhe roots of your plants. This entire concept is based on many technological features, such as the precise geometry and function of the removable inserts placed in the BIOTOP module. Called a Rootforming Interface Support Element, or RISE, this technology fosters the perfect balance between the soil, air and water surrounding the ever expanding root system of any given plant. In fact, any indoor or outdoor plant will quickly find its optimal growing conditions, and will effortlessly reach its full maturity without repotting. It can also be used as a very efficient hydroponics culture system for home use. Called bioponics, our exclusive hydro-organic approach to plant growth allows maximum results through the combined use of compost and beneficial micro-organisms. It is a major breakthrough in the field of microbial agribiotechnology. It finds numerous useful applications in the areas of environmental science, water management and urban agriculture. Experiments with the BIOTOP system proved its efficiency for plant culture. It offers the possibility to grow a wide variety of horticultural plants, vegetables, shrubs, perennials and annuals in residential or community rooftop gardens.

Take rooftop gardening to new heights with the biotop system  

Introducing a brand new gardening system, created especially for all plant and flower enthusiasts, and all rooftop garden designers: The Bio...

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