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SunwithďźšHow to Choose High Performance Mobile Power Bank? Best online seller for power bank: With Apple, Samsung, Millet and other smart phones and tablet PC being popular in the electronics market, people can connect the wireless network at anytime, and anywhere. You can listen to music, play games, video chat all the time! But the "charge overdraft" has become the most concern for consumers. Which kind of power bank is better? How to select power bank? The following article will tell you some tips about it. 1. Energy storage medium selection According to reports, consumers must first consider the security of mobile power at the time of purchase, which is determined by the batteries it uses! The main batteries used in mobile power are NiMH batteries, iron phosphate lithium batteries, the liquid lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries. The latter two batteries are the mainly on the market, we cannot choose products using the first two batteries, because the output efficiency of these two batteries is very low, and there is no advantage. Liquid lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries output efficiency is relatively stable, especially lithium-ion batteries have light weight, safe and efficient characteristics compared to the liquid lithium polymer batteries.

2. Determine conversion rate. Mobile power conversion rate is very important; the conversion efficiency of a qualified mobile power should reach at least 80%, if the conversion rate is too low, it means that mobile power line loss will be

great, it may heat, and even has an explosion hazard. For conversion rate, you can look at the various power bank external battery model evaluation, if the advertising claims that the conversion rate is more than 90%, it may be false. In general, the products whose conversion rate is about 85% are very good. Finally, we should concern about its internal resistance. The smaller internal resistance is better. Try to control less than 100. These are some basic knowledge of mobile power, which should be considered by the majority of consumers at the purchase of mobile power. In addition, the mobile power brand also worth our further study. According to a recent market survey, the price of mobile power on the electronics market varies, ranging from tens of RMB, to hundreds of thousands RMB, but the quality is uneven. Therefore, the professionals advise that consumers should choose some reputable brands. Digital products occupy an increasingly important role in our lives, while the mobile power used together with it is also becoming increasingly indispensable, so consumers should pay more attention to knowledge about mobile power. Make sure to buy a high security, high quality, high performance mobile power, in order to avoid inconvenience to our lives, and even danger.

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Sunwith:how to choose high performance mobile power bank  
Sunwith:how to choose high performance mobile power bank  

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