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Sunny International PowerďźšDoes Solar Power Impact Environment? Best online seller for solar power system:Â Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Sunlight can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaics, or indirectly with concentrated solar power, which normally focuses the sun's energy to boil water which is then used to provide power. Other technologies also exist, such as stirling engine dishes which use a stirling cycle engine to power a generator. Photovoltaics were initially, and still are, used to power small and medium-sized applications, from the calculator powered by a single solar cell to off-grid homes powered by a photovoltaic array. They are an important and relatively inexpensive source of electrical energy where grid power is inconvenient, unreasonably expensive to connect, or simply unavailable. You may often use 140w solar panel at home, but do you know solar power would impact our environment?

Unlike fossil fuel based technologies, solar power does not lead to any harmful emissions during operation, but the production of the panels leads to some amount of pollution. Solar module manufacturer would pay attention to the energy payback time, because the less time it uses, the more energy it saves. The energy payback time of a power generating system is the time required to generate as much energy as was consumed during production of the system. In 2000 the energy payback time of PV systems was estimated as 8 to 11 year

sand in 2006 this was estimated to be 1.5 to 3.5 years for crystalline silicon PV systems and 1-1.5 years for thin film technologies (S. Europe). nother economic measure, closely related to the energy payback time, is the energy returned on energy invested (EROEI) or energy return on investment (EROI), which is the ratio of electricity generated divided by the energy required to build and maintain the equipment. Similar to all energy sources were their total life cycle emissions primarily lay in the construction and transportation phase, the switch to low carbon power in the manufacturing and transportation of solar devices would further reduce carbon emissions. BP Solar owns two factories built by Solarex (one in Maryland, the other in Virginia) in which all of the energy used to manufacture solar panels is produced by solar panels. A 1-kilowatt system eliminates the burning of approximately 170 pounds of coal, 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, and saves up to 105 gallons of water consumption monthly. was founded in 2006, which is a high-tech photovoltaic company. It specializes in the solar module, PV system project research, produce, sales and after sales service. Products get VDE, SGS, CE, CSA, MCS international certificates. From 10w~300w monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels pass test standard of IEC61215, IEC61730 & UL1703.

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