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PuffNuggs Offers the Newest Vaporizer Pen on the Market July 8, 2013 — The latest in vaporizer pen technology, the 2013 Skyda 8, provides a pocketsized punch for aroma therapy and respiratory relief. The pen reaches 210° C (close to 400° Fahrenheit) in 15 seconds, burning dry herbs, waxes and oils in a sweet aroma that makes for a smoother and healthier smoking experience. By eliminating smoke, the vaporizer negates many of the unhealthy effects of smoking. PuffNuggs ( proudly offers the battery-charged 2013 Skyda 8 vaporizer pen kit, an ensemble of tools to ensure a satisfying experience for smokers everywhere. The kit includes the Skyda 8 Vaporizer Pen, a rechargeable battery with a USB charger and wall adaptor, oil cartridges, two mouthpieces, various tools and an instruction manual, packaged in an elegant gift box for the below-market deal of $41.95 – with free same-day shipping! While other pens can cost hundreds of dollars, the Skyda 8 maximizes functionality with affordability. called the Skyda 8 “2013’s best vaporizer pen for the money.” Plus, investing in a vaporizer is an investment in one’s health: multiple reports have shown that inhaling vapor rather than smoke eliminates many of the drawbacks of smoking. The Skyda 8 offers a portable, handheld option for aromatherapy and treating respiratory symptoms. PuffNuggs also offers an instructional video to get new users started quickly. About Us is committed to building lasting relationships with its customers and providing the best options in pen kit vaporizer technology. The company sells vaporizer pen kits and many other products. PuffNuggs’s number one rule is to provide excellent customer service. With that in mind, the company promises to seek out feedback, provide open dialogue and assist customers in a timely fashion. For more information, read about the PuffNuggs customer service promises.

Puffnuggs offers the newest vaporizer pen on the market  

July 8, 2013 — The latest in vaporizer pen technology, the 2013 Skyda 8, provides a pocket-sized punch for aroma therapy and respiratory rel...

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