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Plan ahead and save money on your flights to Pakistan Often people are looking for the best flight deals to Pakistan with many booking late or at the last minute which can lead to customers booking premium class fares and potentially paying hundreds of pounds in excess. By taking a moment and searching for cheap flights to Pakistan in plenty of time can prove to be a big benefit for those looking for a bargain flight deal. It can be a good idea to plan for your holiday around 6 months prior to your preferred travel dates this will greatly increase your chances of getting the best price for your tickets to Pakistan. Prices vary significantly depending on your intended travel dates, most peak season dates are around summer, easter and during the Christmas new year periods. The Easter season is normally the cheapest when purchased in advance during this time the airlines don’t apply peak season fares. When searching for tickets to Pakistan its definitely worth considering a few important facts, there is currently only one airline flying directly into Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi from the UK, this being the countries national flag carrier – Pakistan International Airlines commonly known as PIA. Although there are several airlines flying into Pakistan indirectly such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Saudi, Gulf, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and various others they don’t currently offer a direct route in the country. PIA currently flies direct to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi from Manchester International airport and London Heathrow. It also flies direct from Birmingham and Leeds Bradford airports to Islamabad with an option to fly into any domestic airport from the capital city Islamabad. Advance purchase tickets can sometimes be more restrictive and changes are not always permitted although most airlines do offer changes at a cost this can become very costly as charges can run into hundreds for date changes. Most airlines don’t offer refunds either and you could potentially lose all your money if you don’t travel for whatever reason. The average flight cost into Pakistan is around £500.00 during the off peak seasons and around £700.00 during the peak seasons with fares in economy class at the last minute creeping to over £1000. It is highly recommended for those looking to save money by booking their flight tickets to Pakistan in advance to purchase a suitable travel insurance policy to minimise any losses should the need arise. Travelling to Pakistan has been made easier over the years with specialist travel agencies such as Mushtaq Travel specialising in flight to Pakistan and having firsthand knowledge about the country in general with expert advice given at no extra cost for holiday makers. When booking or searching for cheap flights to Pakistan it is always recommended you seek some professional travel advice from an expert just to make sure you are aware of some key facts such as health and visa requirements. Booking Pakistan flights can become a very time consuming task therefore let Mushtaq Travel take care of your travel needs from bookings flights, hotels, car hire, money transfer, visa’s and airport parking. Mushtaq Travel are able to assist all types of customers from professionals, companies, corporations and individuals from all walks of life. With expert travel consultants able to arrange your travel tickets 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For more information visit them at

Plan ahead and save money on your flights to pakistan  

Often people are looking for the best flight deals to Pakistan with many booking late or at the last minute which can lead to customers book...

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