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Online Sale Of Cigarettes In 2013 Most everyone has been hit in the pocketbook in this “depressed” economy. Fuel costs are rising, food prices are going up and cigarette prices are sky-rocketing. So, we are not surprised that you are looking for cheap cigarettes online. A carton of Marlboro cigarettes in California can cost as much as $80.00+. Online, the same carton of Marlboro cigarettes can cost as little as $20.00 (and in some cases as low as $10.00). Those are prices like in the pre-2000 era. Now, like we said earlier, we are not surprised that you are looking for cheap cigarettes online. Most online retailers are able to sell Marlboro cigarettes and other popular brands for less because they are not located in a high sin-tax state. These sin-taxes are used to pad the state budgets (and their deficits). Therefore, those indulging in “sin” activities such as gambling and smoking are penalized. Basically, the state identified you as their “patsies” and is charging you because they can. Online retailers can sell cigarettes for less because they are not selling from states that are currently allowed to charge sin taxes. Of course, they still have to pay state taxes (at least the reputable, safe retailers do) and these costs will have to be transferred to you. Some retailers actually report their sales to the state and could, in effect, cost you more when taxes come in; however, most online retailers do not do this.

FDA Trying To Ban Electronic Cigarettes From Being Purchased Online Another reason why you can find cheap cigarettes online like Marlboro cigarettes is because the FDA is trying to crack down hard on electronic cigarettes. Just recently, the FDA put out a proposal that would completely ban the online sale of any, and all, electronic cigarettes. What you are not seeing is the FDA trying to stop traditional cigarettes from being sold online. In fact, they are not trying to stop the sale of them at all. Primarily, they are just trying to warn everyone that traditional smoking is unsafe and potentially life threatening. So, instead of making the switch to electronic cigarettes because they are “cheaper” than traditional cigarettes, you should stick to what you know works.

Where To Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online Now, here is the million dollar question. Where can you find cigarettes for less like Marlboro cigarettes and other popular brands? Well for starters, you can find them at They have low cost, high quality brands such as Marlboro cigarettes, Camel cigarettes, Winston cigarettes and more at prices almost unbelievable. Now, you can go to other online retailers that offer “cheap” cigarettes and that is what you will get … CHEAP cigarettes. Most other online retailers still have Marlboro cigarettes but they have been stored for ever, in a humidity filled warehouse that costs them next to nothing. Now, since when does a cigarette that has been stored where it can get wet work well for you? With Best Cigarette Store, your cigarettes have been properly care for, stored in a climate controlled environment and are not near their expiration date. They are not cheap knock-offs like other online retailers might offer.

Brands Carried By Best Cigarettes Online As with any reputable cigarette retailer, we offer plenty of cigarette brands to choose from, including:           

Marlboro Camel Winston L&M Parliament Davidoff Dunhill Chesterfield Sobranie Esse And More …

How Fast Will My Cheap Online Cigarettes Be Delivered? The delivery time is exceptional with most all orders being completely fulfilled in less than 14 days from the moment of your order completion. In most cases, the orders are actually filled in less than 7 days. Other online retailers might be shipping from overseas; this generally costs a lot and the orders have to pass through customs as well. Do you really want to have to deal with customs over your orders?

Cheap Cigarettes Or Low Priced, Quality Cigarettes? Now inevitably, there will be someone who has a “lower” price than us. This happens from time-to-time. When this happens, there are a few reasons for the “lower” price. 1. The product has reached, or is about to reach, its expiration date. You don’t like food that is about to expire so why settle for nearly expired cigarettes (even if the price is cheaper)? 2. The have been modified in some way. Would you buy a car that was flooded in the hopes that it would work perfect … nope! So, why would you buy cigarettes that haven’t been properly stored and cared for? 3. They are manufacturer rejects. Yes, this does happen (think Big Lots and Dirt Cheap). There is a reason why they online retailer can still make a profit. Always be wary. 4. They are not reputable and the product isn’t really what they are “branded” as. Have you ever heard of “Fokleys”? They are the FAKE version of Oakley’s. Needless to say, the off-brand is not nearly as good as the real brand. So, there you have it. Four reasons why you MIGHT find a lower price than at In the end, it really comes down to one thing … can you trust them. With us, you can rest comfortably knowing that we are safe, provide quality products and won’t leave you hanging. In fact, we have a 100 website reputation rating with!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to and find all the major brands of cigarettes at insanely low prices; brands such as Marlboro, Camel, Winston and more.

Online sale of cigarettes in 2013  
Online sale of cigarettes in 2013  

Do you want to enjoy smoking your favorite brand of cigarettes at a lower price? Next time you’ll need a carton of cigarettes do yourself a...