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OKES Lighting: What should be Considered for the Selection of Light Fixtures? Best online seller for light fixtures: Light is the most attractive flirting division in living room, different shape, color, texture, and size can create different lighting effects for a bedroom, living room, showing different expressions. Today, there are numerous on a variety of lamps on the market, do you feel kind of dazzling? Actually, you should primarily consider from the following three aspects at the purchase of light fixtures: First of all, choose lighting styles according to their actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you focus on the practicality of light fixtures, then you should choose black, dark red and other dark colors chromed ceiling or floor lamp, and if you not only focus on decoration and also pursue for modern style, then you should choose lively lighting; if you love national characteristic shape lamps, you can select sculpture craft floor lamp. Secondly, the color of lamps should be coordinated with home environment decor. Bedroom lighting layout must take into account the style of living room furniture, wall color, the color of household appliances, if the lighting is inconsistent with the overall tone of the room, it will be self-defeating. For example, if the indoor wall color is light-colored, you should use warm incandescent as light source, so you can create a bright and soft light environment.

Finally, the size of the lamp should be configured combining the room area, furniture number and the corresponding size. For example, the small living room below 12 square meters should adopt the ceiling or wall lamp which is 200 mm below in diameter, lamp number, and size should match, so as not to appear to be over crowded. Living room of 15 square meters should use about ceiling lamps or cross floral chandeliers 30 mm in diameter, lamps diameter should not be more than four millimeters at maximum. Installing spotlights or wall lights on both sides of the wall hanging with mural, the effect will be better. Principles need to pay attention when choosing light fixtures: 1. Energy-Saving Principles Energy saving bulbs are both energy saving and good illumination, don't distribute the heat, so they are applicable for multi head lamps. Energy-saving light bulbs mostly have standard screw, and chandeliers are available for two calibers, one is the standard, which can use energy saving lighting bulbs; and the other is non-standard, you cannot use energy-saving light bulbs. Pay attention that spotlights are mostly non energy-saving products. 2. Safety principles Be sure to choose lamps from the regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with the total load, you can determine to use how much wattage bulbs according to the total load, which is especially important for multi head chandeliers, that is head x each bulb wattage = total load. In addition, heavy moisture bathroom, kitchen should use waterproof lamps. 3. Function principle The room with different use function should install different styles, illumination lighting. Living room should be bright, rich and lamps; bedroom should choose the lamps that people don’t feel dazzling when lying in bed; children's room should be colorful, varied styles lamps; toilet should used in simple style water-proof lamps; kitchen should choose lamps which facilitate to wipe and clean; the place above the piano should use the spotlight which can shine tablature; The places requiring special performance also can choose spotlights. Media Contact Website: Email:

Okes lighting what should be considered for the selection of light fixtures  
Okes lighting what should be considered for the selection of light fixtures  

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