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Movavi Video Converter is a Best Video Converter Movavi Video Converter is an indispensable addition to any media library. You can transcode video and audio to more than 180 media formats and encoding for playback on more than 200 mobile devices. There is more than one video conversion: Movavi Video Converter gives you the basic video editing tools and filters enhance the video. This is true video conversion software all-in- one. What can you do with Movavi Video Converter? Almost anything. Choose the best settings - size and quality, and dimensions your video.

Convert videos to your old 2D to 3D for most types of glasses. Results Preview conversion. You want to download the movie to your iPad, but you do not have a lot of space? Changing the size of the file before conversion. Crop, rotate videos, and add watermarks, and enhance the quality of the video, and adjust brightness, contrast, and extract audio effects and the use of technical, professional and apply filters, and add subtitles to converted files. Want more? OK. Access to HTML pages with video: convert video to FLV and get an HTML page with embedded video is already in it. Upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 storage or Facebook using the free application online co -Online. Use this feature to share photos on Facebook, too. Try to convert DVD chapter - Movavi Converter lets you select individual DVDs. You can even select individual audio tracks for conversion. Use this feature if you have multiple audio tracks in the original video and I do not need them all in the converted file. Automation of the conversion process with Movavi Watch program folder. It watches a specific folder for files and new media, transforms everything it finds to the selected format, and saves the converted files to set the output folder. Enjoy great usability with an improved interface, and set new records with Intel Speed optimum support HD graphics.

Movavi video converter is a best video converter