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Minimalist Generation Our life is linked by a deep desire to be happy, but in this our system based on the growth of desires, where there is always a desire that is unattainable for us all a bit unhappy. Our happiness should not depend on external factors, delegating our happiness to other people or to be happy if we possess only one thing must be successful to generate it from within us. The gratitude is a good attitude; you have to be grateful for our life is it is, for the things that we have already looking at things from a positive perspective. The joy is the characterizing part of the life and happiness comes when you decide to be a happy person. To be happy we must make an effort to improve the quality of our lives and helping other people will bring us much happiness and life will give us the equivalent points for our actions. Find our own inner peace and express our feeling friendship, the affections and passion to people around us. Laugh heartily every day, as they also say “The laughter is the best medicine". Try to live in a manner more natural, simple and minimalist managing our time and giving us of the objectives to achieve. And in the words of Henry David Thoreau "Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! We are happy in proportion to the things we can do without".

Before to choose a minimalist lifestyle starts an internal process with many questions to which it begins to give shape and answers in which can be glimpsed in many objects as they were superfluous and how we must work to possess them, to space and time us occupy, the thought has begun its process and soon you begin to apply it to reality. The environment around us can affect our way of thinking and seeing the reality. In negative situation with attitude and negative thoughts close our mental horizons increasing the perception of fear brake the thrust that bring us to the improvement and change. Tackling the life with positive thinking

leads us to see the things in a constructive way and to make choice more creative that can focus the positive energy in our world. Is our inner world that creates the outside and we create our whole world by our way of thinking. If you want a better life you need to try to do happy thoughts and focus on the good and positive things in life. With the awareness of this our positive thought must be addressed to create a better reality for our lives and that of the others.

Minimalist generation  

Minimalist Generation is a website on minimalist lifestyle, with articles to reawaken a sober lifestyle to live happy with less things for a...

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