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Laser Treatment Advice: Acne, Face Lifts, Hair Removal

Laser Treatments: So Many Options The laser beams of light from science fiction are now being used to improve lives everywhere we turn. In the health and beauty fields alone, laser treatments are becoming more common and affordable everyday! Procedures range all the way from laser skin resurfacing, stretch mark removal and face lifts, to fat reduction and hair removal, to eye surgery, tatoo removal and tooth whitening!

Have you ever asked yourself: 1. "Are the "Fast and Painless" claims for laser procedures for real?" 2. "Do laser treatments really work?" AND, most importantly, 3. "Are they safe?" 4. Expense, for example, the cost of laser hair removal.

The Many Benefits of Laser Treatment for Acne

Practically everyone suffers from an acne attack some time or the other in their lives. This is an inevitable skin condition that is triggered by various factors like hormonal imbalances in the body, stress and the accumulation of dirt and oil on the skin. There are various treatment options available for treating acne like over the counter medication, creams and lotions. Though all of this is effective in treating the skin condition, there are also various cosmetic surgical procedures that give faster results. One of them is laser treatment for acne, which offers a great acne treatment option. This is because of the many benefits associated with using lasers to treat your acne problem. The first and most obvious benefit is the fact that laser treatment is very fast and effective in treating acne with minimal discomfort. In fact, the amount of pain you can expect from this acne treatment option depends on the laser therapy you plan to use. There is not much pain associated with blue light therapy. However there have been complaints of there being some slight discomfort in the patient for a few days after the treatment. On the contrary, a diode laser treatment is rather painful as it affects a deeper layer of skin. Your cosmetic surgeon will require anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour or more to treat the acne depending on the degree of acne you have and if there is visible scarring.

All it takes is a few laser treatments to experience a major difference in the look and feel of your skin. In fact, you will find an improvement in your skin and less acne within 2-3 sessions of your laser acne treatment. If you suffer from a severe acne condition, you may need more sessions to actually find an improvement in your skin. Laser treatments are usually spaced out with 3-4 weeks in between sessions so that your skin gets sufficient time to heal properly. Pulsating light therapy used for treating acne is effective in shrinking your skin oil glands. If these glands are too large, they produce too much oil that can clog your pores and lead to a more severe acne breakout. With this laser therapy, it offers the benefit of shrinking the size of these glands so that your skin's oil production is reduced significantly. Laser acne treatment helps control inflammations that occur with an acne breakout. This inflammation is triggered by bacteria on the skin and excessive oil from the glands, and makes your skin red, bumpy and blotchy. As a laser session addresses both the bacteria and excess oil production, it helps control the infection and is another benefit of laser treatment for acne. Laser acne treatment is better at treating acne than any topical application or product as it reaches much deeper into the skin. The benefit of this is that it thus easily reaches the bacteria that cause acne, which is found deep within the skin layers. Topical applications cannot reach this acne; it is only the laser lights that can reach these hidden areas and destroy any bacteria found here. Another reason and benefit for the increased popularity in laser acne treatment is that it helps to permanently reduce the amount of oil on your skin by damaging your oil glands. With this damage, the glands produce less oil, and these effects can be permanent. This is much different from shrinking of the glands as if required, it is possible to damage and not shrink glands using a laser. This however should be done carefully as if the damage to the oil glands is too bad, it could result in much drier skin, which can become another cause for acne. It has been proven that blue light acne therapy helps reduce the amount of bacteria that causes acne on your face. The chances of an acne breakout occurring is much higher when too much of this bacteria causes inflammation, and consequent clogging of pores. By removing most of these bacteria, it is possible to reduce and perhaps even completely get rid of your acne problem and breakouts. It is because of these many benefits associated with laser therapy for acne that it is today one of the more popular acne treatment options used for treating acne problems. Article resources: American Society of Plastic Surgeons Laser skin rejuvenation. American Academy of Dermatology Read more at by clicking here

Laser Face lifts

Women worldwide love to pamper their faces since it is the first to create an impression when meeting people, having a job interview or socializing with friends. In fact, women are so concerned when they there is a reunion or get-together since they worry about what friends or acquaintances would say about their looks, primarily their face. At a young age, girls are already buying facial products such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers to have blemish-free skin. However, the skin suffers from many damages as people grow old like constant exposure to the sun or using cosmetics with chemical preparations that harm the face. Another issue in aging is elasticity since the skin sags as people grow older which is a big concern for most women. Once women reach their 30s, they begin to notice some fine lines around the corners of the mouth as well as the eye are. As years pass by, these line s become more defined since the facial skin loses elasticity. One of the best options to arrest this problem is to avail of laser face lifts. Laser face lifts are not as invasive as going under the knife since there is no incision involved in the procedure. There is even no need of anesthetic procedure since it is not painful. Laser facelift from the term itself uses laser technology that can help improve facial skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As the skin is resurfaced by the laser, newer skin shows up which brings improved appearance. Many women who have undergone this procedure show a dramatic change in the reduction of lines and wrinkles in the face. In fact, some looked years younger as the elasticity of the skin is repaired by using laser. Before deciding to have a laser facelift it is important to have an appointment with a certified plastic

surgeon. This doctor can give a good assessment of the facial skin's condition and determine whether it would benefit from a laser facelift. There are certain skin conditions that must be met before undergoing a laser lift. Also, the possible risks can be discussed by the plastic surgeon so the patient can prepare well. Having a younger-looking face can be made possible by laser face lifts. Consult a certified plastic surgeon for a new you. Article resources: Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing: Beauty for life. American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Laser Teeth Whitening: An Overview Laser Teeth Whitening Laser teeth whitening is a fairly new approach to teeth whitening. Laser whitening, when compared with other methods, is far and away the most effective. In fact only the bleaching tray presents any competition, the method most often used by dentists. If it's affordable, the laser whitening process is the fastest way to whiter teeth. You might wonder about the laser teeth whitening procedure Stained and discolored teeth are generally not improved by regular brushing - these are discolorations deep in the enamel. Using a laser to whiten teeth penetrates deep into tooth enamel to remove stains. Often the laser light is used as a heat catalyst in combination with a whitening gel. You can expect excellent results from Laser teeth whitening - often 10 or more shades whiter. Any disadvantages? There are disadvantages however, if treatments are done too often, the laser may damage teeth. Laser treatment may also increase teeth sensitivity - though this is also true of bleaching. Laser whitening is

also quite costly when you compare it to more common teeth whitening procedures. You can expect to pay $250 to $350 dollars per treatment. Benefits you can expect from having a laser whitening treatment You may find that having whiter teeth boost your self-confidence. Who doesn't want to flash a brilliant smile? White teeth are often associated with youth and good health. Particularly for those who smoke, the difference in teeth color can be remarkable. Remember to continue with your normal preventative routine teeth care - regular brushing and flossing and regular dentist check-ups - regardless of whitening procedures.

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Laser Treatment Advice: Acne, Face Lifts, Hair Removal  

The laser beams of light from science fiction are now being used to improve lives everywhere we turn. In the health and beauty fields alone,...

Laser Treatment Advice: Acne, Face Lifts, Hair Removal  

The laser beams of light from science fiction are now being used to improve lives everywhere we turn. In the health and beauty fields alone,...