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JUNHUA: How to Choose Indoor Lighting? Best online seller for interior LED lighting:Â Lighting is an important component of modern home decoration, which can express different room atmosphere through the lamp's light color, shape and multi-lamp combination, adding luster for the room. Therefore, choosing a suitable light is an integral part to create the perfect living space. Lamps commonly used in the family can be divided into chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lamps, spotlights and other types according to function and the layout. In the selection of interior lighting, we can proceed from the following aspects: 1. Purchase according to your demand The living room is a place to meet guest, it requires to create a warm and lively atmosphere, so the living room is appropriate to use solemn, bright chandelier or ceiling light; the study room lighting should be bright, soft as a principle, the choice of incandescent lamps is more appropriate; bedroom can use the combination of several lights, soft and decorative lamps can more heighten warm and elegant atmosphere of bedroom. The bedroom should be equipped with several lamps, led ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., which should be able to adjust, mixed use, in order to create a warm and atmosphere. kitchen, bathroom and hallway generally use ceiling light, which are easy to clean, and also helps protect the bulb.

2. Safety first Look at the quality at the choice of lamps, check whether the warranty, and

certificate are complete. You should first inspect identification when buy lighting fixtures, such as brand, model, rated voltage, rated power and so on. Safety logo is the basic requirement of lamp security performance, among which the rated power is particularly important. If the selected lamp power is over standards, it may cause deformation of the casing, insulating layer damage and other problems. Pay attention to protection against electric shock, the cause of electric shock is generally because the lamps use lamp holder not meets the requirements or lamp live parts are not equipped with cover and other measures of protection against electric shock. Pay attention to the wire cross-sectional area used in the lamps, you can look at the mark printed on wire insulation layer at the time of purchase, it is required that the smallest cross-sectional area of the wire used in the lamps is 0.5mm/square meter. 3. Pay attention to the overall situation That is the choice of lighting should pay attention to be consistent with the style of the residence. Lighting color, shape, and style must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, echoing each other. The lamp size, type, and amount should be coordinated with the room space, the total area of interior height and other conditions. Media Contact Website:Â Email:

Junhua how to choose indoor lighting  
Junhua how to choose indoor lighting  

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