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How To Treat ibs Pain? After being diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome the first question is how can it be treated. Those with this condition are looking for some relief of the symptoms it brings. When you ask your doctor how to treat IBS pain you will discover that there are several options available. These medications have helped many with IBS and continue to do so today. Here is how to treat IBS pain. One method of treating IBS pain is with antidepressants. When I heard this option my immediate response was, “Do you have my file mixed up with someone else?” I wasn’t depressed, I was in pain. Although skeptical and fed up with the abdominal pain, I gave it a try and it is actually very effective. Antidepressants in low doses help to improve pain tolerance by reducing the intensity of pain signals traveling from the bowels to the brain. Side effects of this treatment include dry mouth, problems sleeping, constipation, dizziness and drowsiness. When asked how to treat IBS pain doctors may prescribe Lubiprostone (Amitiza). This medication may help reduce the overall symptoms of the condition. Lubiprostone has especially been effective in women with severe constipation which can really put a damper on your day. Side effects of this medication are signs of an allergic reaction including hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat along with nausea, sore throat, loss of appetite and headache. Alosetron (Lotronex) is also prescribed to treat IBS pain especially when diarrhea is one of the major problems. Diaherra caused by IBS can be a cause of concern and get a bit messy. This medication works by helping to control the contractions of abdominal muscles, regulating bowels and reduce the action of pain causing serotonin. Alosetron is only prescribed to those with severe symptoms that have not responded well to other treatments. Although rare, those prescribed Alosetron are at a higher risk of ischemic colitis, constipation, bloody diarrhea and indigestion. All in all, everyone with this condition wants to know how to treat IBS pain. Fortunately, there are quite a few medications out there that can treat irritable bowel syndrome and improve quality of life. No no wants to face pain on a daily basis and luckily there are medications that help immensely.

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