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How to Succeed as a Rap Artist So, you are an aspiring rap artist. You have your delivery style, a distinct flow and you can follow a beat. Most importantly, you have something to say about the world we live in, and you want to say it through rap poetry. You spend your days writing lyrics, practicing your delivery and sharpening your skills. When you go to bed, you dream about fame, fortune and recognition, and think about all those rap artists who started with next to nothing and ended up millionaires with albums that inspired whole generations of new musicians. This is all well and good, but what should you do next? In this article read about some ideas that could help you start to build a recognizable name in the hip hop universe. Write About Things You Know. Your lyrical expression is extremely important. Just look at your favorite rap songs and see in how many you know every word; it is likely you could perform most of them yourself. This just shows the huge impact that these words have had on you. They succeeded because they came from the heart, which is a reason that makes any poetry great. So, write songs about things that are close to you and your life experience. Not all rap and hip-hop music has to be in a gangsta or a party style, but through some of these songs artist help to provide an different view on some of the harsh living of the streets. Making sure to put your heart in every song also attracts others with similar experiences or stories. This shows true for Albuquerque rap artists Kappa, Force, and Gravvy from BANG, who has been able to work with Game. Chingo Bling, Lucky Luciano to name a few. BANG has also had a song featured on a nation wide mixtape The Presidentz, with names such as Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, and Nikki Minaj, and have wrote music for various male and female artists around the country. Miguel Pinero, a great New York street poet once said that every soul holds many fantastic stories, and this is definitely true. Even if you feel that your everyday life is completely uninteresting or even boring, make music about the things that matter to you and the experiences you had in your local community. Even if your listeners don’t know anything about that way of life, they shall be drawn to all those raw emotions you implanted by being true. These kinds of songs always seem strong and honest, no matter who listens.

Beats and Sounds. You may see yourself as a rapper or a hip-hop artist, but the fact is that you also need good beats for your raps. Rap songs need great tracks, and great tracks need good beats and melodies. There are several places to buy rap beats online, but the key is to get beats that match with your style and sound different then everybody else. Its good to sound current, but not good to sound like someone else. Record labels sign the new best sound, not a duplicate copy of somebody on the radio already. Art of Recording. The science of sound recording isn’t a trivial thing. It’s no coincidence that the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives away Oscars for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. While you learn to compose music, you should also learn how to record it and edit it properly if possible. If you don’t know how to record your music, make sure you go to a studio that uses Pro Tools to record, since it is the industry standard. Go Online When you finish making your songs, don’t be shy about promoting them. Make yourself a Facebook Fan page and upload your tunes. Use YouTube to make simple music videos, even if it means you have to use your mobile phones, and upload them too. Use Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and whatever else you think might help you reach your future audience. Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid of getting feedback. Instead of focusing on the negative, become a part of the community and find out what the audience likes. Join ( and other forums and discussion groups about rap and hip hop. As an experience rapper, try to help those who are just starting out by listening to their demos and giving your opinions. Maintaining a solid online presence is necessary for any up and coming rap artist. Perform, Perform and Then Perform Some More. Don’t try to sell your music too quickly. If you’re good, the opportunities for financial gain shall present themselves soon enough. In the beginning, your first mission is to have your music heard and get your listeners interested in

those tunes. Instead of desperately trying to find a record deal or get signed, get into live performances, and do as many as you can. Record these performances and upload them to on your social network profiles. It is relatively easy to rap in your bedroom. Rapping and performing in front of real people demands courage and determination, and this shall certainly help your future career as a rap artist. Believe In Your Dreams. This is the most important advice for any rap artist looking to make it big online and offline. Times might get tough, and you might doubt your talent. This is normal and natural, so don’t fight these feelings, but instead just let them pass right through you. You have to believe that you have much to give to people with your lyrics, music and performances. With enough drive for yourself, you shall see your views on YouTube videos getting larger, and the crowds at your shows slowly go into three digits, and then continue to grow. You are a rap artist. You just have the task to show that to the world.

How to succeed as a rap artist  

So, you are an aspiring rap artist. You have your delivery style, a distinct flow and you can follow a beat. Most importantly, you have some...

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