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How to Choose Fire Emergency Lights? When there is a fire in a building, when the normal power supply is cut off and if there is no emergency lighting and evacuation signs and other emergency lighting, trapped personnel often fail to find safe exit, which causes congestion, collisions, falls, etc., especially when there is a fire in high-rise buildings, theaters, auditorium, dance halls and other public gathering places, because people are crowded and not familiar with the situation, it is easy to cause greater casualties. In addition, the lack of qualified emergency lighting and evacuation signs is not conducive for firefighters to put out the fire and rescue trapped people, evacuating supplies. Therefore, the choice of compliant emergency lighting products is very important. So, how to correctly select emergency lighting? Integrated a number of factors, we believe that in the purchase of emergency lighting, we should consider the following factors: 1. Make a reasonable selection of emergency lighting type Now the international generic fire emergency lighting can generally be divided into the following seven types in accordance with the power supply and the control mode: 1. independently controlled type comes with power; 2. centralized control type with power; 3. centralized power independently controlled; 4. centralized power centralized control; 5. PIP power independently controlled; 6. PIP power centralized control type; 7. PIP power supply PIP control type. When buying emergency lights, we should conduct a reasonable selection according to the characteristics of the building and fire power. For new construction, especially engineering with the fire control room, it should be unified in the wiring at the time of construction, use the centralized control type. For scattered arranged small buildings or emergency lighting added for the late rectification, we generally choose independent control type with power supply.

2. Pay attention to the quality of products, distinguish the civil emergency lighting and fire emergency lighting Conducting quality control, the first thing is to inspect the appearance. Qualified lamps should have clearly and complete text, symbols and signs, the appearance has no corrosion, coating flaking and blistering, no scratches, cracks, burrs and other mechanical damage, no loose fastening parts, and complete use instructions. Secondly, conduct the performance testing, mainly detect the battery performance and lamp voltage conversion work. The battery capacity of qualified fire emergency lights should continuously discharge more than 90 minutes, when transferring from the main power state into emergency mode, the main power voltage should within 132 to 187 volts range. Then look whether the business production and management procedures are complete. Emergency lighting is a highly specialized fixture, requiring a high standard, production and sales companies are required to have sound operating procedures and qualifications, product certification, product registration card and then the product test reports, because operating without a license is illegal, its product quality is not guaranteed. In the purchase, we should pay attention to distinguish the fire emergency lighting and ordinary civilian emergency lighting, choose genuine fire emergency lighting. More details click below: Contact: cheney-wang E-mail:

How to choose fire emergency lights  
How to choose fire emergency lights  

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