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5 List Building Tips, Techniques and Strategies Looking for list building tips techniques or strategies? Have you seen "how to build a list" mentioned in a few articles and are unsure to move forward because you don't know if list building is the right choice. . . Well if you're already here then you probably already know how important email list building can be for your business. The fact is whether you run a home based business, affiliate marketing, or an offline store like a donut shop, you need a low cost way to stay in touch with visitors, right? Email list building is the way to do that! You may have heard that "List Building" is dead or that "List Building" doesn't work. Let me tell you whoever said that wasn't building an email list that is for sure because if they were they would know that each subscriber on your list is worth approximately $1 per month. So if you have only 5,000 subscribers on your list then you will be netting around $5,000 per month simply from mailing the email list. Pretty awesome considering you can open an autorespodner account for $1. I use a service called aweber. Now, in this post I will detail 5 list building tips, techniques and strategies that you can deploy immediately to EXPLODE your list building results.

1- List Building Basics In order to successfully build your email list database you have to be sure you're attracting the right people. A common misconception is that the marketer with the biggest list makes the biggest profits, but that isn't exactly true. My first list building tip is that the quality of your email list is much more important than the quantity. But, why not go for both quality and quantity? Why not build the biggest list you can packed with only your most ideal prospects and customers? Forget to leave out one or the other and you're hosed. Also, as I mentioned earlier you need to have an autoresponder service in place to be able to store and communicate with your email list. I use aweber because it's a great bargain and they provide a reliable service. I have been using aweber since 2010 for list building, and without this list building software I'd probably still be working at my old chemical waste job. Seriously. I cannot overstate the importance of these techniques: attract only ideal prospects and customers on to your list, and use an

autoresponder service like aweber that gives you the flexibility to store, communicate, and automate your email marketing.

2 - Email List Building Components Now, you really only need a few things setup to start building your email list. One of my favorite list building strategies is to use a "squeeze page" or an opt-in page. This is a web page devoted solely to trading the visitor's information for some sort of freebie. It could be a book, report, video, or training course that you give away to build your email list. As long as the lead magnet is relevant, and your prospects will walk over broken glass to get it, you have the strategy for a highly desirable lead magnet that will blow your competitors list building results out of the water. The first list building strategy is to use a squeeze page to capture your visitors information. The second component is a little more simple: have a free giveaway your prospects will jump on! Will they walk over broken glass to get your freebie? It could be some sort of coupon, bargain, white paper, software, etc. A new list building strategy is to use a survey as an opt-in bribe. I have been seeing this type of lead magnet more and more because the fact is people who associate with a certain industry like having their finger on the pulse, they like having a say in things so a survey can be a great way to build a list. If you're all sizzle and no steak then you won't get very far with list building. Maybe my best list building tip is to DELIVER what you offer. If you promise something, be sure to deliver it and if you can over-deliver. The fact is that someone giving you their email is a transaction. It's not a monetary transaction, but make no mistake they are engaging in a small transaction with you that pushes them one rung up the ladder to purchasing from you.

3- How to build a list Okay so the pieces are in place. Your squeeze page, lead magnet (or opt-in bribe offer), and your autoresponder are all set up. Your list building foundation is in place so what is left to do? How to build a list now that the foundation is in place? Now, list building is a topic that cannot be covered in one blog post, but with that said here are a few of my best tips, techniques and strategies to build a list.

Firstly, publish create relevant and informative content on the Internet. You can publish YouTube videos, an Amazon book, or start a blog. The important thing for list building is that you have the right hooks in place to attract the right people in your niche. In order to build a list you need to drive traffic to your squeeze page. There are both free ways and paid ways to do drive traffic, but whatever you do your traffic should always be sent to your squeeze page. The biggest mistake I see with aspiring Internet marketers is they drive all this traffic straight through their affiliate link to the sales page, but then they have no control of what people do after. So marketers spend all this money and don't create any kind of asset out of it. This is the quickest and surest way to go broke, which is why I suggest using list building as a way to break even on ad spend and start growing your database using these list building strategies.

4- Building a list Building a list is super important. We know that to be the truth because people like Frank Kern and John Reese refer to their list as their atm. But how do you actually make money from this list you're building? Simply put, you have to send emails to your list. There are a few different types of emails you should be sending out to your list. Some are meant to build a relationship, to relate to your audience, others are sent to help out your tribe such as a content filled email. And the last type of email you are going to be sending are promotions. If I've learned anything in the last 4 years list building it's that the promotion emails are how you monetize your list, but these promotion emails really only work if you are sending out the first two types of emails as well. Think about it, how would you like it if someone sent you an ad every single day? It shows they do not really care about your well being. So be different, and take care of the people who join your email list. After all, these are real people with a pulse and if you treat them right they can set you free.

5 - List Building Techniques Would you like a solid list building technique that you can deploy immediately? I thought you might. If you want to build a list faster than ever before then the surest thing you can do is start positioning yourself as a celebrity/authority in your market. One of the best ways I know to become a celebrity authority is to publish a series of posts (usually videos) that answer frequently asked questions in your niche and also "should ask questions". Should ask questions are those things that people don't know they don't know. See, when you start something new you don't know what you don't know.

Which means you don't even know what questions you should be asking. So by figuring out these types of questions, and creating content focused around answering that question you will be seen as an authority. You will instantly position yourself at the top of the market and as someone who can help. To sum up here if you decide today to start email list building, here are the basic list building tips, techniques, and strategies to take in to account. I hope you've enjoyed this article. I tried my best to pack in as much helpful content as I could, but list building is such a deep topic. If you're wanting to get more great tips, techniques and strategies for list building I suggest joining the List Building Challenge. It's the #1 list building challenge on the Internet and I will guide you through from beginner to advanced list builder. This list building challenge is the most in depth and powerful thing to build a list. In fact, our growing community of dedicated list builders is alive and thriving, and I hope to see you in there soon. This article was excerpted from:

How to build a list: My story building a list In September of this year it will be four years since I started building a list. No matter how you want to look at it, I’ve been doing this for a long time, at least in terms of Internet years. See, Internet years are actually longer than real years, it’s like dog years. For every year you work on the Internet you actually age 7 years in online time. Meaning, I’m approaching 28 in list building years! Jeez!

My Story Building a List Alright, now the whole Internet age thing was a bit of a joke, but in many ways it holds a lot of truth. See, the Internet changes so quickly that I can confidently say that no other invention in history has changed our world as much as the Internet has in just it’s infancy.

I remember when I first started trying to make money online and studying direct-response marketing specifically, there were people who had already been doing Internet marketing successfully for years. I looked up at them and tried to model what they were doing. Some things worked for me, some things didn’t. But these “old guys” to me also had mentors that came before them who they modeled. And when I sat down and really took a good look at their businesses, the similarities, the differences, I noticed that they all shared one fundamental characteristic: They are all using the SAME MARKETING MEDIUM. Let me explain: All of the thought leaders you see in virtually every single industry, are building a list. Now, over my lifetime (so far) I’ve studied marketing through a variety of media, including a University degree, courses, books, and read countless blogs on the topic. I’ve watched videos about Internet marketing and listened to podcasts, but everything comes back to list building. So on this blog I want to show you how to build a list because it’s the #1 most valuable skill and asset you can create for yourself. In fact, John Reese, one of the pioneers of Internet marketing was the first person to break the million dollar mark in one day using Internet marketing, and he calls his email list his own personal ATM. Because the truth is, when you build a relationship with people, and they know like and trust you they will buy from you over and over again. Now, building a list (rather than sending all your traffic straight to a sales page) may seem counterintuitive, and that’s because it is, but let me ask you this: If you click a link and go to a sales page, but don’t decide to buy because the product isn’t right for you at the moment, you leave that website and you NEVER hear from that person who’s link you clicked again. See, sending your traffic straight to a sales page is the fastest and surest way to go broke in this industry because you don't control what the users do. It took me almost 8 months to start building a list, so I strongly suggest avoiding my mistake like the plague and start building a list immediately, like now!

How to build a list Now, this information isn’t fluff, filler, or rehashed information I based on other people's theories. I know and understand the profit potential of list building because I learned the hard way, through my own trial and error. I know… because I almost spent my entire life trapped inside a chemical processing plant. This is me only a few years ago…

Looks pretty brutal right? Trust me, nothing can prepare for the inside of a place like that, the sounds, the toxic smell penetrating through your mask. I felt ten times worse inside than I looked on the outside. But, this was long before I began pulling down $421.00 per day using the autopilot list building system that I will share with you. When I worked that job I came home each night exhausted and sick to my stomach from the fumes I inhaled throughout the day. The plant workers shuffled in and out dropping like flies because the work was too brutal and dangerous for a human being to do for more than a month. List Building Saved My Life! I know that sounds cliché… but it’s 100% the truth. If it wasn’t for that long and hard struggle I went through to learn how to build a list, a solid, revenue generating list… I would either be 10 feet under from those toxic fumes I inhaled… or begging for change on the side of the street with no shoes because I had left my only job. Now, I’m not telling you my story so you feel sorry for me. The opposite is true. I am telling you this because I want you to grasp HOW powerful this list building system is that I will share with you. Using list building, I was able to completely ditch that job which almost cost me my life. If list building can work for me, it can definitely work for you! So if you want to get started raking in solid income that is so reliable you can set your watch to the deposits hitting your bank account each day, I highly suggest joining the list building challenge by clicking below. But if you want to keep wasting time and money trying to figure it all out on your own then I wish you good luck. But opportunity is knocking here, and the time to act is now!

How to build a list  
How to build a list  

List Building is a marketing system whereby one can engage in email list building and follow up marketing. The list building challenge is th...